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In the year 5509, the people of Undershroom received terrifying news from their fellow fungist city of Mountainhome. Mechanoids led by three Diaboli assailed the subterranean fortress. While the dirtmoles and their allies fought valiantly and ultimately destroyed all of the machine invaders, the blazes started by the Diabolus hell cannons killed nearly everyone.

Knowing that it was only a matter of when, not if, the denizens of Undershroom prepared for the inevitable attack on their home. Flame retardant capsules were placed throughout the base and EMP grenades and mortar shells built. The ranks of defenders were bolstered by Luciferium-enhanced soldiers kept in cryosleep, allied insectoids enticed by the colony's bountiful fungus farms, and a pair of recently tamed thrumbos, Tiny and Majestica.

Five years later, a mechanoid force arrived even larger than the one that attacked Mountainhome. Yet again, three Diaboli led the vile machines, though this time they were met with a hail of explosive mortar shells that destroyed nearly a quarter of their number before reaching the gates. As they neared, the mortars were switched to EMP shells, while EMP grenadiers lay in wait. The moment of truth arrived as the Diaboli entered the darkness of Undershroom and were immediately beset by the combined forces of troops, insectoids, and thrumbos.

The fighting was fierce, but the defenders were able to surround the Diaboli and prevent their hell cannons from charging, Supported by EMP strikes and ranged troops, Tiny struck the lead Diabolus down and the other two soon followed. Undershroom won the day without a single casualty! After the battle, upon their meditations in the grand mycelareum, the fungists of Undershroom gave thanks to the fallen of Mountainhome, whose memory bolstered their spirits and led to the stunning victory.

Both colonies on Losing is Fun, Randy Random, Commitment mode, no mods.