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Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: August 09, 2016, 06:26:32 AM »
Got another funny story, and this one is slightly politically relevant.

So I did I tribal start. It wasn't long before all but one person, a mildly Hispanic looking woman named Viper, died due to raids and w/n.

Suddenly, a wanderer joins, a fat white dude with great hair. I decided to name him Trump, and designate him as my chief builder, as he had 13 construction with a double flame.

For two years, everything was great in my well run, albeit small village.

Suddenly, I see trump walk up to Viper out of the blue, and I get a nice little message that the two were in a social fight, due to Trump insulting Viper.

Next thing I know, Trump is laying in the hospital bed with Viper just watching him. I decide to thumb over to see his wounds. They were:

Right Arm - Broken
Left Leg - Broken
Right Leg - Broken
Neck - Bruised 3x
Sternum - Cracked

and the golden wound, Left arm, Torn completely off.

All I know is, Trump must have really insulted Viper...

Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:53:34 PM »
A doctor suffered a mental break while she was treating a patient and went from healing him to stabbing him.

Oh wow, I didn't realize that Tynan added surgeon simulator into Rimworld...

General Discussion / Re: RimWorld change log
« on: February 07, 2015, 03:50:08 PM »
Yup, each release is a very high standard of quality. That's very nice.

You can thank the dedication of your testing team for this hehe...
I know what you all mean though, Tynan's a great developer;  this is why he's reluctant to go to steam for distribution as it allows him more time to get each alpha release to a high standard and keep the reputation each time.

Yea, its rare that you see alpha development games have the same quality as full releases for every alpha version. Usually its a "I'm going to test this, here break it for me" mentality. Rimworld and its dev are so refreshing. Alpha development done right.


Why do I need medicine to remove bionics from a corpse?
Because you need to sanitize the parts.

I've cooked hundred of meals but don't seem to be getting better at cooking?
Burnt Spaghetti doesn't count.

Do visitors or hostiles ever try to steal from your stockpile or beat you to drop pods? Will they?
They used to. Then they brought their own meals.

What's up with the medieval weaponry? Guns seem plentiful. Is there going to be craftable armour at some point?
Because some societies have been completely cut off from the means to produce better items, therefore they make what they can.

Does the size of the room on the hot side of the refrigerator have any bearing on the cold side of the refrigerator? Can the hot side be 1 x 1 tile?
Not that I've noticed.

Does the size of the room on the cold side increase the power requirement of the refrigerator?
Yes/No. If the room is too big for it to actually attain that heat, then I believe so yes. Otherwise no.

 I noticed my freezer was always above 0 due to people opening and closing the door so much.. nice touch. The colder you set it, the hotter you make it?
Believe so.

How do positive temperatures work? Is that for the hot side then, ignoring the cold side.. i.e. it's now a heater unit?
Yes, therefore its great to have your cook room small and next door, because it's effectively free heating if the room is small enough.

Can the wind generators please be changed to rotate to face the wind automatically, like a normal modern wind generators.
Give em time to wind up. I've never had issues with "facing the right way."

Are there going to be rivers, fishing, and other ocean / water related stuff?
There are already lakes and such, so I would assume yes, but other things rank higher atm.

Why use anything other than wood for your structure and furniture? (flammability I guess being the obvious one)
Durability is also a huge reason. One explosion and your wood walls are done. Stone walls take 3-4.

Think friendly factions will ever betray and attack you if you amass enough wealth? (If they are not honourable I guess). Maybe your visitors will take note of what's in your stockpiles.. making it essential to have a stockpile in a vault for your valuables... instead of on the front lawn.
They used to. Then they brought their own meals. Also, you should always vault a separate supply of goods, not so much so people don't steal it, but more so that you can trade all of your stuff, and still ALWAYS have stuff to build, because if you don't have a beacon on it, you can't trade it. Also, there are occasional pirate raids where they drop directly on your beacon.

Mods / [Mod Request] Wall Vents
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:08:38 PM »
I'm requesting a mod that directly interacts with how the size of a room is processed for heating/cooling purposes. Ideally, what this mod would do is function as a place-able wall that has all of the traits that a normal wall has, EXCEPT for temperature purposes only, the wall doesn't exist. This means that your colonists can't shoot/walk through it, it would conduct power (if possible) and block bullets, etc etc etc. However, when calculating temperature, this block/wall would process as not there, automatically making it so the heat is shared between each room.

General Discussion / Re: Z-Index. Will it ever happen?
« on: December 09, 2014, 02:32:41 PM »
Z-Index is already in the game. Everything is just on Z level 0.

I think things need to be far more simple starting out, but perhaps if it were adjusted that way they could still drop down an emergency supply vault from the ship to jump-start the colony, similar to minecraft starting chests.

get the mod prepare carefully.

General Discussion / Re: Call for testers
« on: December 05, 2014, 07:34:04 PM »
I can give it a go.

I understand what Ty is saying but this prevented me from buying the game this weekend. I want to buy and support RimWorld because it looks wonderful.

But if I purchase now, I am not guaranteed a Steam key. Everyone who purchased before November 4th is. At some point in the future - for example, 6 months from now if/when the game is Greenlighted or released Early Access on Steam - everyone will get one then too. So there could be a very minor subset of players who are the only ones who don't have Steam keys. If that subset is small enough - and it is likely to be quite small - there could be major long-term hassles. Patches may not be tested on the non-Steam versions or come out later if the vast majority of the players are using the Steam version. Mods, especially if the game eventually uses Steam Workshop - may not be possible to even get on the non-Steam version. There may be other complications like dealing with activation keys in the long-term. It's not a good situation.

I understand Ty's hands are tied, but this opens up a host of potential issues for buyers. It's no longer about forking over the money for a product you may or may not like in alpha with no demo but now it's questionable whether such a buyer will be able to receive long-term support, mods and keys because that buyer will be out in left field.

When Steam keys can be guaranteed again, I'm looking forward to buying it.

With a game such as Rimworld, that has no multiplayer, no Hack detection, and is coded in a very open language, steam and non-steam updates are largely in sync because steam doesn't drastically alter how the game runs. Its mainly those 3 above things that do that, which in turn cause a nightmare for the syncing of the two. Thus, getting it via steam or not effectively will be the same thing because even if  *shudder* Ludeon goes bust, I'm sure there will still be cough *alternative* download links that will last long after the twinkle in our eye is gone. Therefore, there really is no reason to NOT buy it now, even though you aren't getting the steam key, because you can always just manually add it into steam anyways, which is what I have done.

General Discussion / Re: To fluff or not to fluff?
« on: November 30, 2014, 02:58:56 PM »
OK, unlike say standardising names of weaponry, a "proper" reloading system would require a change in mechanics; and while it would be cool to have such a system in place, (think different types of ammo etc) it would certainly require additional "balancing and adjustments" to say prevent raiders from running out of bullets or even making sure that such a system is not only a gimp for the player. (and let's face it, any design should be weighted on the economical/practical scale or you get a "Molyneux"  ::))

Also, consider that in RW people never need: water, free time -OR- even bathroom breaks. Clearly some high level tech involved in -that- :P

But seriously, there's nothing wrong with anyone "role-playing immersion" or how ever you wanna call it. But one should never cover for broken, or at least features that lack in some sense. Obviously, "devs gonna do: what devs gonna do;" but surely there's more harm from the whole "fan-boi angle" then in a more "grounded" approach?

Or in case of TL:DR
It is still Alpha and fluff is less important right now. But I have to agree that there is a danger of fluff taking a back seat for so long that it gets forgotten or becomes the status quo. If the guns are going to be place holders then maybe it would be best to just give them generic names: Long Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, SMG, HMG, GPMG, and so on and so on.

Well, in an alpha game, I would rather them call a gun that function idenctially to a m249 a m249, simply because I would rather have that easy handle for what the gun does/how it functions, seeing as how naming a gun something futuristic to appease people rates a hell of a lot lower than pushing a massive feature which ENTERTAINS people.

So, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to keep the very old names of stuff so that we as players can just look at the name and know exactly what it does and what its trade offs are, then come up with entirely new names for stuff and turn this into a spreadsheet simulator so we can understand the nuances of each gun.

some schematics may even be rare loot drop from enemies..

That would be a great idea, but have it based in some way that would make sense for the invasion. Like, if its a mechanoid, something like construction or ever, for humor, have them as the great artists. The Tribals? could be crafting, construction, growing, or something of the ilk. The raiders could be straight up medical, shooting, or melee, though I feel melee would fit better with the tribals.

On a side note: Meanwhile the Dev is reading this, going you know what, this would be awesome. All the while, his crying tears of rage at the fact that if he goes with this, complete re-write of research and how things unlock.

Ah, I was working on the assumption that once research is complete, the notes are whisked away to the colony god's archives (the player's past research tab in the research UI) and the bench is available for a new idea to be studied upon it. How big the room would need to be would depend on how often new ideas will spring up. If your typical colony (~10 colonists) is constantly full of ideas, yeah, you'd probably have to build an entire laboratory to compensate. But if the research trickles in, not accounting for minimum skills, then at most, you might need 2-4 benches to hold all the currently ongoing projects.

Alternatively, if the notes could be made into a tangible item, you could store them in an actual physical archive when incomplete which would allow you to prioritize different projects to take precedence on a limited number of benches. Take them off the bench and store them until later. My problem here is that you could just accrue all the projects in the game and we'd be back to the current system with a new coat of paint.

Research would probably also need to be bumped up in the prioritization to sit above at least hauling and cleaning. To me, I think that hauling and cleaning are more menial tasks than research and trying to get a colonist to do research at the moment basically entails stripping them of all other duties so they have absolutely nothing else to do. Then again, manual priorities. *shrugs*

Except for one key thing. A fire/decent invasion would wipe out all of your progress on research...

General Discussion / Re: Wooden Walls
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:00:30 PM »
It might just be because of stone materials requiring a manufacturing step beforehand so if I have pending constructions needing stony stuff, colonists will produce it and take it straight to constructions in progress. I don't get to see it touch the stockpile so it looks like if I don't have it on a stockpile, I can't use it at all. It's a common occurrence in TTM because even plain metal objects require metal be made into utility metal and that utility metal is used in metallic constructions.

What I meant was that when you have stone blocks (already made) just lying on the map, even though they aren't in a storage zone, you can still build with them. The option is there, but it doesn't keep track of how many are on the ground, therefore it will say you need more, even though they are already building the wall.

General Discussion / Re: montain Roofs, no roofs.
« on: November 29, 2014, 02:56:56 PM »
Towns' multistorey construction was incredibly clunky, though. I found the elevation mechanic in Towns to be clunky overall and hoped that iterations would improve. Unfortunately, the game has been abandoned. Walls were built waist high and required the Towns colonists to clamber up onto the wall to build the second layer, then scaffolding or a staircase of sorts to get to the third "floor" of the map and build the roof, which was basically just more flooring tiles. It was nightmarish to work with it. Colonists could easily strand themselves on the third "floor", unable to get down and thus can starve to death up there, unleashing the vengeful ghosts which then just proceed to tear your colony a new one. And yes, I've had that happen a couple times.

The clunkiness was my point.

The only problem that I see with your suggestion is that over time, the research bench room would get insanely massive. What I would recommend is making it so that a given table can have two projects on it, only one of which is actually being researched, and the other MUST be either unstarted or completed. Once they are complete, you can spend some time to say, make a book, or a digital copy at the upper tiers which would be faster, and then can store that material, opening up that slot again. This would maintain the idea of researchers, because say your main construction dude comes up with an idea while working, he then jots it down on the table, and the researcher actually fleshes it out.

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