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Where exactly is reinforced concrete made now?

I have construction II and a mixer but I don't have the option to make reinforced concrete, only normal concrete. I also checked Core_SK Recipe's and can't see one for reinforced concrete.

Is there something I'm missing?
Serious issue w/ Razor Rain event leaving a whole bunch of null references. Literally slows game to a crawl.

Haven't found a resolution yet.
I am experiencing a regular problem with
"Argument is out of range.
Parameter name: index
at System.collections.GenericList`1[RimWorld.Though_Situational].get_Item(Int32 index) [0x000000] in <filename-unknown>:0
at RimWorld.SituationalThoughHandler.CheckRecalculateSituationalThoughtsAffectingMoodState() [0x000000] in <filename-unknown>:0

The stacktrace goes on to complain about drawing Colonists on the GUI bar. This error will pop ~30 times a minute, causing the GUI to flicker something chronic. Does anyone have any idea what this is caused by? I am using the newest version and am fairly sure I overwrote everything.
There appears to be some severe bugs with the Abomination event. Firstly, of the 4 pod drops I've had all 4 have been Abomination events. Not sure if this is intentional but if it is then it is probably necessary to reconsider as it becomes nothing but an "annoyance" event.

Secondly, something goes drastically wrong with saving and loading at any stage when a pod drop has occurred. If you have a captured pod person and you save/load between their capture and abominization (?) you will duplicate the event. ATM I have 4 pod dropped abominations because of this. It seemed to lead to a unavoidable lockup of Rimworld as well after the first Abomination.

Thirdly, cryocasketing the dropee before they are abominized (?) will cause a lockup under almost all circumstances from what I can tell.

Finally the abomination is butcherable but drops no meat. I don't know whether people should eat space monster meat but it's worth a rework.

This is all from the github version.
1) I only play on Randy because I want more than 10 people. I like having a sprawling, efficient, sustainable colony. I too am DF in background and I enjoy that it is like DF but a friendly prioritization and military system. Also guns.

2) Nope. Rather use those resources for a solid wall to defend the town.

3) I called them colonists because the game calls them that.

4) I would personally enjoy if the game swapped scope to be more like DF with no end goal. With more crafting options and doodads to put in my colonists rooms. I build huge 7x7 spaces for bedrooms, plonk a bed an a light and am done. It's disappointingly bare. I'd enjoy some sort of empire system where you build up your village to the point of launching trade-ships etc but I feel like that is an unreasonable pipe-dream.
They no longer receive bleeding it seems for me. Always concussion and bruises that do not kill. Laying on the ground they seem to lose the concussion and get up. I had one fight a tribesman the other day. Ended up arresting both of them. 
Essential for me is armory mod. Can't live without a bazillion types of gun to collect. Mind you, some of the rifles would border on silly OP.

I like prepare carefully because I'm from DF background. Plus it's great for RP purposes. You can be a skilled by resourceless marine team, a bunch of aristocrats or a team of psychopaths. It also doesn't cause any "damage" to the core gameplay unlike armory or extended tech tree mods so it's a win in my book.
General Discussion / Re: Funeral Rules in your colony.
October 17, 2014, 11:56:03 PM
I never once even considered not butchering them once I found out it was possible. How could you waste all that leather?

It's like you don't even want to be efficient.
Stockpile in the prisoner area. Let them chow down. Mind you I tend to keep a lot of people in there so maybe that's why I don't run out.
General Discussion / Scope of the game
October 10, 2014, 11:26:25 PM
I'm loving Rimworld atm however I'm a touch confused on some things. I've read a bit of the lore and poked into these forums a lot. This has lead to numerous people saying the overall scope isn't something like DF where you'd be micromanaging 50+ individuals. Rather, the goal is to build and escape ASAP with ~10 colonists. Is this true? What's the general opinion of this?

I feel like the design of Rimworld just doesn't support that kind of gameplay. It feels to me to be a lot more like DF with no real "end", developing a great attachment to your little village/city. I would love to take the colony from a crash camp to sprawling city. While we are currently limited to 10 or so colonists by the Storyteller and couldn't do so, I feel like the game should be able to support large cities. Will this ever happen, or at the least will we have mod support for something like this?
General Discussion / Re: nervous breakdown
October 10, 2014, 09:21:27 PM
Maybe I'm just lucky but so long as your getting the wardens to "friendly chat" I have been able to keep the prisoners in a cramped dirty shack feeding them their comrades meat and none of them have freaked out. They often get the "raw cannibalism" modifier stacked twice without chimping out. I don't know how they adapt back to the normal population though...
I feel like it shouldn't really make human meat non-cannibal. If anything I'd find the idea of consuming pastified human meat worse than a slice of man-steak. Although I suppose the colonists don't necessarily need to know what's in the paste...

Love the idea of being able to drug your colonists though. Develop anti-depressants and put them in your nutrient dispenser until they act like robots. Then chop off their limbs and replace them with robotic limbs so you get real robots.