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  • April 01, 2020, 03:46:49 AM
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So about a few hours into the game and i had a migration wave to come in and nothing came through so i thought it was a bug so whatever. then my game started to lag bad like one a few frames per second. so i went in game development mode to clear up some animals corpses from around the map. Then i noticed in the area of the previously mentioned migration wave there were literally 1000's of dogs so i did the 21x21 clear area and they are continuing to spawn no matter i do.

If it matters the type of dog is Samoyed.

Well i got it to work idk what was wrong but now im having a problem loading my old save files, to clarify im using version 3.0

Since when dont we need to turn on the mods?

So i stated a few days ago i have downloaded the mod pack and placed the mods in the proper folder along with the modconfig file. When i start the game up and go the mod selection tab i turn on the mods and it takes a min to return to the other screen but when i go back to the mod list the only one activated is Core nothing else. Is there a certain i need to turn them on or am i missing something else?

I just downloaded the mod pack and when i activate the mods none of them save is there a certain order i should be activating them?

I have the latest version of Rimworld and i downloaded the latest version of the mod pack but when i load the game up I get a black screen and nothing loads. Any fixes?

i have the same problem, i looked at my log it seems something along the lines with the Community Core library but no idea how to fix it

the ones that come to your settlement? you need to have someone with the negotiate skill activated and click on the tent and trade but you cant sell to them unless you have a trade beacon

you can make sand in the stone cutter

Im having an issue where im getting alot of errors in the log when i start the game and start a new colony and the game isnt saving properly. any idea of how to fix this?

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