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Quote from: Geroj on October 13, 2015, 05:15:57 PM

I am still in "how the hell I am supposed to create plastic" phase so I cant say
But seriously, I have machine that need crude oil to create basically everything I need to move on more advanced benches to mine crude oil? Even biofuel plant need synthetic materials(which need plastic, rubber and all that crap made from crude oil)  :D

nevermind, found out myself
BUT after creating large stock of polymers that petrochemical plant is doing nothing, all recipes have enough resources but it seems that plant is bugged and its "entry point" is inside of plant and colonists cant reach it

Yes the Petrochemical plant is broken, you can fix it by changing the interactionCellOffset to (0,0,-2) in Mods\Tech_SK\Defs\ThingDefs\Buildings_Production_Tech.xml for the Petrochemical plant.
For the lazy ppl i added the fixed file :)

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