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Support / Re: Didn't get your download email?
« on: February 26, 2014, 08:14:56 PM »
I just bought the game a while back and when I went to D/L the new version from the link in the email it indicated one fewer "download attempt". I assume that will be changed at some point or it resets to 6 after a certain timeout?

Ideas / Re: Traps, traps everywhere even in your underwear!
« on: February 26, 2014, 07:03:41 PM »
I used the blasting devices extensively. It seems when the AI decides you are going to be attacked and get hurt badly it will continually ramp up raider invasions until it happens. I am getting them like clockwork and was up to 12+ raiders every few days it seems. They are getting progressively nastier weaponry as well. Now I believe the basting devices are pulled from A2 until they are 'fixed', but I think the real concern is the dev wants us to get involved in man-to-man shooting to enjoy the AI. I delight at this idea, but we need a means (like the AWESOME new meeting room feature for idling colonists) to direct our characters to actually be able to train up their skills; even if at the reduced rate, etc.

Ideas / Re: Morgue Ship
« on: February 25, 2014, 01:58:20 AM »
Partially on topic, I have noted that if a fire sweeps through my cemetery of filled graves, I have shiny new unoccupied graves to make use of.

Ideas / Here are some of mine...
« on: February 25, 2014, 01:49:46 AM »
I have a few suggestions that I'd like to propose for various aspects. BTW, the game has excellent AI and the job handling seems to be very tight. I am impressed.

1. I have seen characters that either have firefighting disabled or are unable to fight fires due to character traits literally sit down in a chair to eat their dinner that was on fire. They proceed to light themselves on fire and run about unable to do anything. I think anyone would be aware of a chair blazing before trying to sit in it. ;-) I am not sure how feasible it is to have a character that cannot fight fires. That can pretty much be a flat out suicidal behaviour in some situations.

2. For expansions to the research, I humbly suggest that energy savings could be a good research branch. Motion detected lights, lower consumption turrets (so you are not always turning them off), etc.

3. Circuit switches and breakers. I have seen people propose Minecraft Redstone type traits that IMHO I don't think are terribly in line with this genre. I do, however, think that implementing simple switches to break or reconnect a specific line could be useful. It would require selecting a colonist and telling them to go "flip the switch". Perhaps a circuit breaker that requires manual reset could also be implemented. Those two items are pretty basic.

4. Fire just spreads way too aggressively. For one, it seems that those shiny new METAL walls I just built will go up in flames as quickly as potato plants. Hmm, perhaps a variable percentage "chance to be caught on fire from adjacent tile" could be tweaked. In a recent (well developed colony) I had two colonists left alive and both could not fight fires. I killed a boomrat attacking in the potato patch. The fire consumed the plants, spread across open dirt and infiltrated my steel walls, steel floors, etc. I lost the entire colony. Fire should be severely suppressed from spreading through a metal wall or a metal floor, dirt floor, etc.

5. New item - Fire Extinguisher station. :-) Anyone can run grab a consumable from the station to put out fires. Bigger station = more extinguishers.

6. New item - Fire Sprinkler System: Pipes, pump, water reservoir, power supply to controller unit, etc. Ties in with water resource thread which I think it incredibly valuable as an expansion of features (water tank, water well, water pump, water pipes, etc., damaged pipes drain water out of tanks until repaired)

7. Batteries should explode if suddenly discharged or caught on fire for a period of time. Right now, even with 50% efficiency, batteries are OP.

8. Any sort of solar event that stops power from working should also have a % chance of popping each battery. How about research tech to improve storage ability and resistance to explosive discharge of batteries?

9. Music!!!? - We need more means with which to pick up our ever depressed colonists. Television in a break area?

10. Scheduled breaks - Provide the ability to schedule some breaks so that everyone is on a rigid time frame (unless otherwise interrupted) to all meet in the break room. They can eat, enjoy some chatting, listen to music (or a speech from the overlord of those fear-driven colonies), enjoy the lovely green carpet and potted plants, exercise their stress from the trauma of seeing Wedge die horribly to those molotovs, etc.

11. Can we mine silver? How about silver being an additional required resource for anything that has electronics in it?

12. When do we get z-levels? :-)

13. Tons of research can easily be put in. How about we nerf solar panels and thermal generators a bit and give higher energy output after research? Perhaps research provides larger versions of generators. More material efficient walls and such? A standard stationary solar panel could have a sinusoidal charge curve since it isn't following the sun. An additional research item could be solar tracking motors that would allow for max solar output all day like we currently have. That would be a nice opportunity to put some animation in as well.

14. How about implementing a fog of war? You could then gain the visibility back by things like building a drone launcher to explore in a straight line away from the colony a certain distance? Would work better when maps (hopefully) get bigger. Maybe the next tier could be a low orbit satellite to provide elimination of fog of war in a radius so that you could see activity over the whole map (or a good portion) as you currently can. Maybe instead of a sat it could be a tethered balloon (that can be destroyed). Likewise, having observation posts for soldiers to look out from would be useful. Perhaps that would negative a majority of the cover bonus of a target.

15. How about clothing slots? Miners clothing with PPE and a flashlight to reduce negative mood traits from extensive mining? This could come after some more tech research. When fighting, you could have a bit of armor, etc. Again fog of war is kinda important. I would suggest this comes with a time penalty to change clothes and a run to a wardrobe furniture piece in the colonist's bedroom.

16. I personally think that the negative mood traits for the bedrooms are a bit severe. You need a 5 x 5 interior to avoid 'cramped'  and 3x3 to avoid 'very cramped' traits. It seems, in general, that most of my space, resources and time is spent trying to avoid the colonists flipping out from negative mood modifiers.

17. Obviously missile launchers, flame throwers and nuclear powered stuff is in the works so I'll skip any of that.

18. How about a furniture piece put in the prison room that could more rapidly lift their spirits or do a bit of 'social reprogramming'? :-)

19. Firing range for training?

20. Illness that can spread such as flu. Plagued animals or invaders that you should shoot from afar to avoid infection.

21. Medical bay seems pretty important to boost healing and contain illnesses.

22. I know you take some influence from Crack Fortr... ahem I mean DF, but I think it'd be nice to have the ability to stack metals and other resources on pallets or otherwise more compactly and efficiently store your resources. Maybe pallet racking or something such as that to clean up the front yard. :-)

Well, those are my humble submissions.

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