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Help / Re: need help modding pawn body textures
May 18, 2017, 05:03:32 PM
yea, those condom lightbulbs look too pointy coz of my bad. haha.  :P
i drew geothermal plant (top view) beside fuel generator (side view/slightly isometric) in my power room sketch and got confused with the angles.

i was gonna lazy pass on it if people didn't notice. (nuuuu..)

@shinzy : yea. the black lines make it look too noisy. hoping to fix that up later after i mute out the line strokes and make it blend better, but if that fails, am gonna lessen up the details. (since the wall tile details look too small compared to floor tile details)

@jamaican : yep, it seems this way.

i was able to add pipes/wires in walls (horizontal mid, horizontal ends, vertical mid, vertical ends)
however, i needed to keep other walls (corners, t-shapes, cross) blank in the middle.

not the best solution i guess.. but iirc, there was a barbed wire fence mod that managed to display the mid part properly, gonna go check on that later.

thanks guys.
Help / help with wall atlas (weird middle part)
May 18, 2017, 02:00:38 PM
i sketched up a wall (WIP, tile clipping coz it's just a sketch)

here's what it looks like (the in-wall electric/pipes is barely distinguishable in vanilla, but can be easily seen with camera plus mod.)

however, as you can see here :

it creates a blackhole-like thingie in the middle.

here's the wall atlas i used :

i filled up all the places where the walls should be, but where should i place the texture that would display for the middle part? (the part that looked like a black hole)

can anyone point out the location where the texture for the middle part should be drawn in?
Help / Re: need help modding pawn body textures
May 18, 2017, 01:49:07 PM
@tiltos and shinzy : ooh yea. it looks like oxygen not included. i like the style of that. i actually bought that game as soon as i saw it and heard it was made by klei, who also created don't starve (which i also bought asap like rimworld). totally lurve the artstyle.

@fluffy : no worries about the clash with the trees and stuff since i plan to retexture the trees as well. (probably gonna retexture all except GUI)

here's a bit of progress.

there's a few things i realized after i made the powerplant retexture :

1) i used two-tone colors for the smaller furniture coz i thought i could get away with lazyness since items are too small.
2) i use camera plus mod, so zooming in is fun. problem was that large furniture and buildings like powerplant, long tables, etc.. look crappy with just two-tone colors, so i decided to make them look less potato.
3) i'm gonna have to recolor/redo the previous stuff i made and use this powerplant/metal floor as quality standard.
4) rimworld buildings/furniture have weird angles. some are completely topview, while some are a bit isometric, and some are completely flat side/front/back view. (just look at the wall and door..) maddening.. hahaha :o
Help / Re: need help modding pawn body textures
May 13, 2017, 07:26:13 PM
you can use mods like advance bodies (for bodies), change 12 faces (for faces), rimsenal hair (for hair) as references. they will give you the correct filenames/texture paths.

old texture paths are probably outdated.

when i was making my body mod, i just placed it in vanilla folder since i'm not sure about releasing it coz it would have conflict with many clothing/hair mods, and i'm not sure i want the hassle of users complaining to me about it.

but yea, those 3 mods i mentioned above would be good references for custom body/face/hair, apparello mod for the clothing reference.


edit : i'm also planning on modding body/clothes/hair again using the style i used for my war orphans mod. i'll do it after i release my furniture/building/wall/floor/terrain/trees/etc.. texture pack. so i can probably help you out more and provide better examples when i start working on that. (coz i lost my PSD files for the custom body with arms/legs when i accidentally deleted old copy of rimworld several months ago)

here's what i got so far for the furniture mod.

the royal bed looks kinda fugly (will probably redo that) and i think i'll turn the hobo bed (sleeping spot) into a sleeping bag instead. will probably be done in around a week. (unless i get lazy again), then i can start doing custom body/hair/clothing mod

Outdated / Re: [a16] war orphans
May 10, 2017, 03:35:58 AM
the war orphans are not for profit or utility.

they are your enemy. they come to your base and eat your food.

if you pet them and get bonded. they break your heart when they die.

that's it.

edit :

i could eventually try adding more features. like orphans cleaning floors.

but other than that, if you want a pet for profit/utility... get a chicken.

edit :

better yet, go get walking problem's awesome GOT slaves. that mod is badass.
woah, this is awesome.  ;D
Help / Re: need help modding pawn body textures
May 09, 2017, 08:36:04 PM
hmm.. it's been a long time since i abandoned this project. iirc, my last main snag was coz the weapons moved when shooting at different angles so the gun looks like it's floating rather than being held by the hands. <- this killed my enthusiasm.

as for the legs/pants/skirts/shorts thing, i just used shinzy's awesome apparelo mod as reference, so you should probably download his mod and use that as reference.
^title :

i know that there are refrigerator mods and i also know there is a small nutrient paste dispensor mod.

but i'm hoping someone could build a refrigerated hopper than can be connected to a small nutrient paste dispenser.

i think that the 1024 image is like "masked", and each floor tile (64x64) you build will slowly unmask the rest of the 1024 image. (total of 16x16 floor tiles)

you can use a repeating tile (64x64) and mix it up a bit if you like in the 1024 image. (to avoid obvious repetition) however, repetition is not entirely a bad thing if that's the effect you want (or if you're lazy like me).

it just means you need to create a 64x64 pattern (easy peasy) and then use it to fill up the entire 1024 image. then you can add variations in the 1024 image if you want. (just make sure it tiles properly too)
Help / how to change tint color settings?
May 06, 2017, 06:15:49 PM

how do i change the color of the tint? i want to turn the normal green tint to red or something, then for medical i wanna desaturate the blue a bit, for prisoners i wanna make it more brownish than yellowish.

can this be done in the xml or not?

i'm such a potato. help plez.
thanks. i'm mostly done with the beds, animal beds, chairs, and the tables. but i'm not content with what i have so far.

ie : there are designs that look good for wood (like logs). but look awkward with stone or metal.

so i wanted to be able to create a code that will change the texture path to point to different sets of graphics eventually. (ie : wood or metal or stone or leather or fabric furniture graphic set) <--- adding this to my to do list. (i'll try to finish doing the graphics first before learning to mod the code)

another one on my to do list would be able to change from poorly crafted to well crafted designs depending on construction skill. (ie : if builder's construction skill is 0-10 : builder will construct the "poverty aesthetic" version of the furniture. but if construction skill is 11-20 : then builder will construct the "well crafted" version. with the appropriate texture pack)

^which means at the completion of this project :

-poverty aesthetic : wood, metal, stone, leather, fabric texture packs
-well crafted : wood, metal, stone, leather, fabric texture packs

meaning, it's gonna be 10 texture packs all rolled into one, using the appropriate texture pack depending on material used and skill level of builder.


but for now, i'll finish just 1 assorted texture pack for the furniture/buildings/walls/floors/.

then overhaul humanoid pawns and apparel next.

Help / Re: RimWorld core art source
May 05, 2017, 07:30:11 PM
@dburgdorf : awesome. thanks for this.
nudist cannibal lesbians. everyone. need i say more?
ah.. i see.  thanks.  ;D