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Releases / Re: [1.3.0] Hospitality
August 02, 2021, 11:27:45 AM
Hey guys. I'm no longer going to maintain this thread. It's extra work and I feel like not many people are still following it.

If you still want notifications about new versions, you can go to GitHub, click "Watch" in the upper right corner, then "Custom" and select "Releases". Or follow me on Patreon.

Also, there's a new version. Enjoy!
I've fixed it. You can download the latest version for the fix.
Here it is. One of the largest Hospitality updates in a long time. Enjoy.

1.3.00 - 20.07.2021
- Updated to 1.3
- New: Guests now eventually optimize their apparel, so they will wear what you gift them if appropriate
- New: Added debug action to remove broken groups (so you don't have to edit your savegame)
- New: Alert when guests have nothing to eat
- Fix: Guests walking outside of their area if not absolutely necessary
- Fix: Recruited guests still act like guests
- Fix: Guests won't claim player walls when smoothing them
- Fix: Guests now have dedicated food restrictions
- Fix: When recruiting a faction leader, a new one will be elected
- Fix: Guests won't hang around in bed all day anymore
- Fix: Recruited guests now get the default drug policy
- Fix: Another shot at fixing guests leaving failure when pawns were improperly removed from map
- Fix: Art is now properly preserved when creating guest beds
- Fix: Made spawning guest inventory more robust against broken objects from mods
- Tweak: Spread lord arrival check over multiple ticks, and caching arrived pawns to improve performance
- Tweak: Caching guest alerts
- Tweak: You can not toggle refusing guests until beds have been built in the map options
- Tweak: Guests afraid dialog now shows the name of the faction
- Tweak: There is a change that rejected groups don't stick around
- Tweak: Improved code for guests restocking their food
- Tweak: Guests now use vanilla gifting system, but with Hospitality score for chance
- Tweak: Guests will only leave during the day
- Performance improvements
Huh. Something went wrong with numbering here. 10b is the latest version.

1.2.11 - 10.06.2021
Fixes and optimization by simplyWiri:
- Performance optimizations
- Fix: Bug caused by real ruins spawning guest beds before world loads
- Fix: Incompatibility with WTH
- Fix: Dead guests no longer reserve beds

Note that this is a massive update and might cause issues. If you run into any of them, please post a CTRL-F12 log link.
If you've downloaded version 1.2.10 already, please download it again. There's a bug that makes your beds disappear. It's fixed now.

- Fix: Guests taking player's drugs for social relaxing
Note that there is a bug in this version, that without Gastronomy, guests will consume your drugs free of charge.

- Fix: Weapon gets dropped when pawn is put to bed, which breaks "Where Is My Weapon" behavior
- Fix: Guest beds listed in architect menu due to mod conflict
- Fix: Automated check for guest drug policies
- Fix: Guest beds can get borked and can't be removed
Missing method it says. Hm. Could be you're missing a required mod or something. I really can't tell, sorry.
Releases / Re: [1.2.06] Hospitality (updated 27.12.2020)
December 27, 2020, 10:12:17 AM

1.2.06 - 27.12.2020
- New: New banner
- New: Manhunters and mental breaks make guests afraid to come
- New: Option to disable friendlies dropping their inventory when downed
- Fix: Guests wouldn't equip apparel that they buy
- Fix: Don't interrupt eating guests
- Fix: Exclude bestower from spawning as guest
- Fix: Compatibility with Elder Things bed-likes
- Tweak: Patch optimization for beds by Wiri
- Tweak: Guests now find their exit point via flood fill; This hopefully lets us avoid danger and find the closest exit
Releases / Re: [1.2.05] Hospitality (updated 13.09.2020)
December 27, 2020, 03:35:51 AM
Uh... Merry Christmas to you too?
Releases / Re: [1.2.05] Hospitality (updated 13.09.2020)
December 05, 2020, 03:15:54 AM
I'm glad you could find the problem!
Releases / Re: [1.2.05] Hospitality (updated 13.09.2020)
December 04, 2020, 03:42:12 AM
My bet is on Prison Labor. Especially since it also crashes while initializing. iit dseems to clash with Adeptus Mechanicus.
I've put it on the list. Travel behavior is very hard to fix, because it easily breaks saves when changed.