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Support / Re: Black screen? Or, game won't run?
« on: August 23, 2019, 07:22:53 PM »
MSI Afterburner was the cause of my crashes. I changed the application detection level to none and now the game start and runs fine.

The game crashes a few seconds after startup. I've tried all the fixes suggested.

Win10 Latest

Thank you,

Ideas / Re: Turret targeting "Bill" on enemy health.
« on: May 26, 2016, 07:22:46 PM »
It could always be a turret that has been researched much later in the game, a more advanced turret, also isn't what the turret do now automated defense? They auto target your enemy and kill it, the only difference from what I'm suggesting is that if you have 10 turrets out they "all" attack the same target regardless if only 1 turret can kill that target.

What I suggest is to have half of those turrets attack another target with less or more health, nothing more. Automated defense is subjective as it already automates for you.

Ideas / Turret targeting "Bill" on enemy health.
« on: May 26, 2016, 06:55:22 PM »
I love Rimworld and the community mods, however,  I feel something needs to change with turrets. From watching one of my favorite youtubers play Rimworld and from seeing it myself when I play the game, turrets need a way to switch to a new target when fighting multiple pawns.

I think a bill on turrets would fix this. With a bill you can specify at how much health the turret should be attaching that enemy, unless its the last enemy then all turrets keep attacking.

Out of 6 turrets 2 of them could be attacking from 100% to 75% health, another 2 could go from 75-50 and the last 2 from 50-0% health. If there are 4 targets then the turrets that are told to attack pawns with the most health should attack the target with most health even if that target is below the "bill" rule.

I would like to see this because multiple times I've seen several turrets attack the very fist enemy they see when there is a raid, over killing that 1 target then going on a reload pried at which point your waiting for them to start attacking again. My suggestion is to allow us to specify at how much health each turret should be attaching that enemy, this would allow us to use them more efficiently and not have 10 turrets attack the same target, unless its the last target.

Thank you,

What an odd time to try the mod, when its most complete and when the mod author is leaving his mod. Well, here goes.

Outdated / Re: Pls re-pin New A13 Mods announcement thread
« on: May 12, 2016, 09:36:27 PM »
I didn't even know about the thread, it seems to helpful, why would something like this get unpined in the first place?

I get the specific forums for mods is one thing, but its so unorganized, the OP link should be pined, not just for convenience, but because its necessary.

That depends on the object, a 4x4 room if were talking about 1 square here would be able to fit 4 queen size beds (double RW beds). 4x4 could also fit 1 queen bed a table/chair and still have room for a TV and sofa chair. And if painting ever got added to the game that's another awesome way to populate some space, maybe not a square more like 1/4 the square but, a room that size is plenty.

Most of my pawns only have a double bed or single with a planter, that's it. I don't see the need for such huge space. I do like keeping my colonists happy so I do it anyways, I just feel it is totally unnecessary for a room that size.

Even with my own bedroom, which I mention in the OP is about 12 squares RW size, very spacious, while pawns want a 27 or so blocks to feel spacious, =P.

And the greedy people want to live like Donald Trump all while doing blue collar work!

Weeell, they do kind of have "Anything" and "Sleep" for their scheduled, I don't force them to do anything xD.

My point isn't that they should get less, but I guess in this case it seems like it, my point is that the room size is just way bigger then whats needed. Like I said in my OP, if you wore to take the objects and gave them the same size block by block, then the room size will start to get unrealistic.

If you think about it, a 2x2 room is just like a prisoners cell enough for a bed or bunk bed and room for walking, a 3x2 would have enough for a bed and maybe a drawing table with chair or toilet seat with sink.

My living room is 4x4 and that place has a 60" tv along with 2 couches and a Sofa Chairs, realistically 6x5 is huge for a bedroom.

When I play Rimworld or The Sims I try and visualize room/house size to try and get them as close to what I think is big enough without it looking like the hallway is a bedroom. I do this by looking at how much space an object in game uses to real life in this case the double bed, which is 2x2, to me this would be a queen or king size bed in real life, 1 square would be a hallway.

I did a paint comparison of my room and what it might look like in Rimworld. I also used 2 squares as the height of a human which would be the length of the queen size bed.

My point throughout this discussion is that 6x5 for a room in Rimworld is to much to keep your pawns happy, at least to me it is. The room I have linked the picture to is in squares, the squares are there to represent the size of real life objects to Rimworld. The yellow outline is my bed, red is the door and closet and the black/orange is my stand/tv.

To me, my room is quite large, big enough to have an extra queen bed if I wanted, however, its only a 3x4 room, yet its got enough room for everything I need, but the pawns in Rimworld are not satisfied with a room this size and want something more to a living room.

I remember reading about a mod that made it so pawns would be happy with a room of 3x3, however, I cannot seem to be able to find it, or if the mod author even updated it.

My request for anyone reading this post would be, if they have time or are willing, to create a mod that lowers the need for such a massive sized room and allow pawns to be happy with a 3x4 or 3x3 room size.

Link to the bedroom I think is ideal for a happy Rimworld pawn.

Some rooms in my game had snow even tho I've added flooring, which is why the room was loosing heat even tho it was several walls thick.

wait.. snow from footprints or snow from an "unroofed" section?

It might have been a bug do to mods, or maybe something funky was happening. I cannot show any examples as my colony died off and I've started a new game in a more desert area right now, however, it was a closed room with a door and roof. When I would floor the room there would still be snow there, at least it would look like it, even tho it looked like there was snow on the ground I don't think it was counting as snow.

There wore rooms that had heaters off as I did not need them to work without anyone being in it, those rooms had frost on them, it was clear but you can tell it was floored, the ones with the visual glitch still showed snow.

Maybe it was a visual bug.


@op : does each room have it's own vent?

can you post a screenshot?

iirc, temperature is distributed per room. there's a loss of temperature transfer per each new room beyond the room where the heater/cooler is attached. there's also a temperature loss the larger the total room space and the total connected rooms space.  (temperature is usually better transferred via open doors or vents. preferably vents)

I've changed the layout of my base since my post and have taken the advice of the few individuals here to better my rooms and a few other buildings which has made things much better.

As for the prison room, that room was special, the hope it gave the prisoners that it might be warm because it had a heater made it into a torture room... In all seriousness though, I've added flooring, which I though I already had. Some rooms in my game had snow even tho I've added flooring, which is why the room was loosing heat even tho it was several walls thick.

As for the colonist rooms they wore 1 wall thick and had flooring, however, they wore loosing heat anyways. I was more at fault here for thinking there might be something wrong with my heaters and that I was gonna lose my colonists, which is why I made this thread.

I guess if you want your colonists to live, create a room in a room and that will help quite a bit.

Thank you,

my 11 x 11 sun lamp farms needs 6 heaters to maintain 21C when the outside temp is-90 .
Also, have you considered that even when you have double walled the room, there is only a thin roof separating the room from the outside cold?Tynan has implemented this and it shows that deep mountain rooms are insulated a bit more due to the overhead mountain

Ya, the roofing is also the problem, without being able to really do nothing about it thickening the walls just uses more mats.

I've managed to use 6 heaters with 2 11x11 rooms connected to keep my place warm, however, the temp outside I think was -65. So not quite as cold as yours.

Code: [Select]

Wow, those are nothing short of amazing, I quite like the design, well thought out and tested. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me, I appreciate it very much.

I will definitely be using these designs.

Thank you,

Rough stone also seems to conduct heat really well. That and lots of heaters. Ice sheets I generally have a bank of heaters + vents + lumber for emergency campfires.

Also check your roof zone. Maybe it is unroofed.

Huh, never looked at the wall itself, I use granite/limestone for my walling and flooring. All the rooms are roofed as well, but this is 5x5 room with 3 walls, does the game not cound the wall thickness?

Self tamed Thrumbo just ate all my planted trees... I feel sorry for my colonists right now. Forgot to zone the animal area, lol.

I have a room that's 2 walls thick, its for prisoners, however, after seeing that the room (which is a 5x5) cannot be warmed up I checked my colonist rooms, same thing. Even though the room is not being used at all the heater cannot keep it warm.

The temp outside is -75, but the heater cannot keep a room of 5x5 2 walls thick warm? Build 2 heaters per room?

Thank you,

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