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Mods / Re: Why so many redundant features added?
March 16, 2017, 06:29:59 AM
After 400-500 hours of gameplay mods are the reason I still play. Whilst I love the vanilla mechanics and features for the most part, variety is never bad.

Alot of mod makers work hard to balance against vanilla some modders are trying to make things easier, others are just learning and want to share the changes they think make the game better.

Difficulty is relative, challenge yourself not to use geothermal give yourself a reason to use a food mod, play with warm clothing mod but add extreme conditions to the map.

Outdated / Re: [A16] HaulPriority (1.0.5) (28.12.2016)
January 04, 2017, 02:37:20 PM
Hi just replied on steam looking at that log i think its failing to load my mod because there is an error happening before haulpriority trys to do its thing. Not a hundred percent but what joaonunes said sounds right, sucks but try disabling all mods leaving core, then enable haul priority load in to a game, check the buttons are in the orders menu if they are not there uninstall and reinstall the mod and try again if there are there continue to enable your mods until you get the error. I dont have any of the mods that you have installed but allow tool works fine.
Outdated / Re: [A14] HaulPriority (1.0.1) (19.07.2016)
August 31, 2016, 11:53:49 AM
Yeah It should work fine, assembly didnt need changing at all so shouldn't be any problems you may get some errors with the version of the game the mod targets but nothing too major, I'm just ironing out a couple bugs people have pointed out and then I'll upload an a15 version. Ive been a bit slack responding here lately sorry about that so thanks all for the support you guys.
Really liking the changes  my colony feels more fleshed out with another route to weigh pros and cons of is always welcome for me, the drugs are going to make some interesting colony breakdowns I had one already it was glorious.
I always found it a little odd that our colonists lose friends and now family members they make moral choices that affect their moods considerably they can do terrible things to prisoners to save their own but there wasn't much we could do to "try and forget", gameplay wise it was there with joy and beer and social interaction but for me it felt strange that committing war crimes and harvesting organs could be offset by talking to someone you dislike and watching tv. For me drugs make that a lot easier to deal with from a gameplay and story perspective I think If I play a colony of brutish crack addicts taking prisoners and selling them an ends justifying means kinda colony seems more fitting than just randomly slaving cuz bored or my lack of a focus.
I think tolerances and addiction rates might need some tweaking my colony had 5 addicts within a single trip to the stockpile but admittedly when I added a new one in the drug policy I left everything default and I think that may of been the problem it was fun just maybe an easy way for a newer player to wipe if a big pile of hard drugs appears somehow
A14 version is up on workshop. It was so busy here on the forum the last few days I couldn't stay logged in for long enough to post the update, once I'm home tonight I'll post it up here too. Glad you like it :-)
Hi guys, sorry I've not been active recently, personal stuff got hectic there for a while, around A14 release I should have a lot more free time to update.
Quote from: 1000101 on July 04, 2016, 12:57:24 PM
Yes, CCL has had designator injectors for quite some time to combat this exact issue.  The only caveat...modders need to use CCL and specify their designators to be injected instead of overriding the categories def.  Some modders are resistant to using CCL though, help them along by PMing them with your issues!  j/k, be polite and just ask in their threads for a little CCL love'n to resolve these minor things.  :)
Just before I uploaded I tried using CCL to inject them rather than overwriting the list, It's probably really easy to setup but I couldn't get it to work quite right, thought I would get the mod out and fix that later... and then forgot.. derp. So for A14 release I'll use CCL and work on adding some of the features you guys have suggested and the control of individual priorities I talked about ages ago. so take it easy guys and look for an update soon(ish) haha.
 chunks version will be up on saterday morning (uk time) all working fine Im just not at my pc to upload it until then sorry about that
Thank you Anvil I will have a look see when I have some time this evening, from just the screen it would definitely be cleaner and more intuitive than what I was going for. Cheers for all the input guys some very useful stuff, I will try my best to get all the things suggested rolling soon I must admit that the alpha is drawing me in tho so I don't want to give any timeline haha
Quote from: aalikane on April 09, 2016, 08:03:08 AM
Is it my imagination... or does both links for downloads lead you to HaulPriorityLite?
Yeah I must of messed up somewhere ill sort it out this evening think I renamed the wrong folder derp.
Quote from: Grogfeld on April 09, 2016, 05:17:50 AM
Oh, wait yesterday was your birthday? Oh man, best wishes to you!... and no hangover today :P

Back to mod topic. I think that the other version sounds really interesting even in vanilla. More control is always good. With modpacks, controlling prioritization of specific item groups would solve many issues like micromanaging.
I have two suggestions. Could you make that designators buttons would  also show when you click on item?
You said that the other version could be control via Xml, it's great idea but as an improvement I would suggest an in game tab where you could set prioritization. Fluffy made excellent mod, enhanced tabs, where there is option to adjust work priority. You could make your own for stuff categories. Fluffy is a Master in Prioritization you should both talk ;)
Thank you and yeah wish there was no hangover ha, that's a great idea I never even thought about it I will look into both when I get home
Quote from: Dr. Z on April 08, 2016, 03:42:51 AM
Can't you make it so that you can only raise the priority of stone chunks which are actually marked to be hauled and when you try to use it on a chunk you didn't marked it does nothing?
Hmm I had tried it that way before but gave up on it and forgot about that completely so thanks for the reminder ha, it sounds like the best route to go I'll have a look at adding it back in somehow, its my birthday today so there is much drinking to be done but this evening or tomorrow I will try to botch it in ha
Quote from: Grogfeld on April 08, 2016, 03:15:55 AM
I've tried this mod yesterday, and I must say it is great. Two priority options works fantastic. Maybe in vanilla game it isn't so much needed because there is not much to haul, but in modpack games it will be quite handy. Must have mod :)
I agree about vanilla it is kinda overkill right now, the modpacks and content heavy mods definitely make it more worthwhile, nice to see people are enjoying it.
Do you think the control now is enough considering the impact modpacks have on item count or would the other version be of any interest to you?
Hey Dr. Z thanks, glad you are enjoying it, yeah the change so chunks are compatible is ready but I don't like how it works right now I like being able to not have to zoom in after a raid and hoover things up is my favorite part but the change makes it a pain to have to be careful not to grab stone at the same time plus it might annoy mountain dwellers that don't need stone ever ha. Got an idea gonna sleep on it.

That actual update tho... yeah I think I'm gonna enjoy the alpha for a week or so and the updates to the other games I play and maybe carry on with it after that so it shouldn't be too long but no promises just yet ha.
Outdated / Re: New A13 Mods announcement thread
April 07, 2016, 02:41:47 PM
Haul Priority
Allows players to dictate the order things are hauled in.


-This mod adds two designators that allow players to have acute control over the order in which things are hauled.

How Does It Work?

-The increase haul priority designator will unforbid and set the selected items to be hauled before any other undesignated items regardless of distance (say you really want those 15 or so meals positioned at the edges of the map where the grizzly bears like to snooze, if you mark these meals and nothing else, all haulers will go for them before any other items)

-The Override haul priority designator works in a similar manner except it has an even higher priority and can remove and replace the previous designation.

-Both designators work with Chunks, they are also tagged to be hauled for convenience.

-Use the vanilla cancel designator to cancel them. 

-TLDR Want something hauled first? use increase priority designator. Want something hauled NOW? use override priority designator.

-16/01/17 Fixed an error that rendered one of the designations useless... derp.

About this mod

-No CCL needed
-There is an overlap in functionality between this mod and AllowTool, with both mods installed there will be two unforbid designations (AllowTool version is more useful)
-Works with other Designator mods without xml patches (vein miner allow tool etc.)
-I still need to change the designator icons to colors that don't clash with the vanilla icons I'm looking for suggestions or help here I am really bad/lazy at artwork

-Updated by Renzo471.
-Thanks to UnlimitedHugs for code that made things much easier :)
-Thanks to Haplo for code and pointing me in the right direction with map components 
-Original mod by: Gaesatae
-The original licence still applies Creative Commons License Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

- (Dropbox)-HaulPriorityLite
- (Dropbox)-HaulPriorityLite

- (Dropbox)-HaulPriorityLite
- (Dropbox)-HaulPriorityNoUnforbid

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

Outdated / Re: Alpha 9 Mod List
February 21, 2015, 01:45:51 PM
i just didnt want people to miss any :) or start a new thread no point in two lists haha
Outdated / Re: Alpha 9 Mod List
February 21, 2015, 12:21:21 PM
first post thought id be useful
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Glassworks IIX
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Miscellaneous w/o MAI
[MOD PACK] (Alpha 9) Epokalypse 0.6b
[Mod] (Alpha 9) Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Events from space
[MOD] (Alpha 9) A2B: conveyor belts & co.
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Less Incident Trolling
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Pawn State Icons
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Teleportation
[MOD] (Alpha 9) OmniCorp - New PODs, lots of stuff
[MOD] (Alpha 9) More Deco/ WaterBoarding - build on mud
[Mod] (Alpha 9) Weed!!(v.1.4) Brownies!
[MOD] (Alpha 9) Alien Ants Faction (Initial Release)