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My wishlist would look like that:
- Multiplayer, obviously. Playing with friends and raiding them would be awesome!
- More diplomacy options, more interactions with other factions
- Vehicles, ships. I would love to sail around the world! Maybe train lines as a addition to streets
- Maybe more features for lowtech, so playing tribal/medieval style would be even cooler

Oh, and more server capacities for the Ludeon homepage and forums, because at the moment, it's really slooooow :D
I'm playing on the german translation and when I'm switching to English in the main menu, nothing happens. Well, not really nothing, but in the console appears an error:

Exception filling window for Verse.FloatMenu: System.MissingMethodException: void Verse.Dialog_MessageBox..ctor(Verse.TaggedString,string,System.Action,string,System.Action,string,bool,System.Action,System.Action)
  at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.LanguageDatabase.Verse.LanguageDatabase.SelectLanguage_Patch1(Verse.LoadedLanguage)
  at RimWorld.MainMenuDrawer+<>c__DisplayClass17_0.<DoMainMenuControls>b__19 () [0x00000] in <8966b0b0221347438fe75aaedcaf8f33>:0
  at Verse.FloatMenuOption.Chosen (System.Boolean colonistOrdering, Verse.FloatMenu floatMenu) [0x00030] in <8966b0b0221347438fe75aaedcaf8f33>:0
  at Verse.FloatMenuOption.DoGUI (UnityEngine.Rect rect, System.Boolean colonistOrdering, Verse.FloatMenu floatMenu) [0x003b1] in <8966b0b0221347438fe75aaedcaf8f33>:0
  at Verse.FloatMenu.DoWindowContents (UnityEngine.Rect rect) [0x000fb] in <8966b0b0221347438fe75aaedcaf8f33>:0
  at Verse.Window.InnerWindowOnGUI (System.Int32 x) [0x001ce] in <8966b0b0221347438fe75aaedcaf8f33>:0
UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace ()
Verse.Log:Error (string)
Verse.Window:InnerWindowOnGUI (int)
UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI/WindowFunction,int,int,UnityEngine.GUISkin,int,single,single,UnityEngine.GUIStyle)

Anyone else having this issue using non-english localisation?
Bugs / Re: 1.3.3059 red error on loading on linux
July 14, 2021, 12:58:01 PM
Same issue on Win10.

Moderator note:

This has been fixed in the current builds of the game.  Thank you for the bug reports!
Same for me. Set pawns to carry 2 medicine. After a few seconds, the UI was gone and only my first colonist is shown in the bar. After reloading, it works for a few seconds, then breaks again. No mods installed.
General Discussion / Re: How to obtain special psycasts?
December 22, 2020, 12:43:12 PM
Okay, thank you.
General Discussion / How to obtain special psycasts?
December 22, 2020, 10:13:17 AM
How do I obtain special psycasts like word of trust?
I have a psylink level 1 pawn and in the past sometimes they got that word of trust psycast. Is it random, which psycast a pawn gets? Can I get the special psycasts by psytrainers?
Oh, it's a few days since then, I don't have a save. It was one person I had to take care of because of a quest. Don't know what that sickness is called, but it's one those rare dieseases that need constantly threatment.
General Discussion / Faction Leader unavailable
August 22, 2020, 04:09:40 PM
Had a tribal raid and now their faction leader is not available. In the faction oveview there is no leader named, so I don't know if he died in the raid.
Will they get a new leader, will he be available again or can I get a new one?
I had now a few downed, sick colonists who need to sleep in sickbeds for a few quadrums. When they have a need for joy and want to meditate, they get incapacitated next to their bed and need to be carried back to bed. I tried to solve this by giving them a meditation spot right next to the bed, but it didn't work out.
Bugs / Re: [1.1.2647]Trader caravan not leaving
June 01, 2020, 07:48:26 AM
Okay, thank you.
Bugs / [1.1.2647]Trader caravan not leaving
May 31, 2020, 09:01:53 PM
Since the update I got trader caravans that didn't leave my colony even after a week. The first one I could resolve, because it was a faction that comes with a mod that caused issues after updating, but I deactivated that mod.
But now I got another caravan sitting in my recreation room for days, sleeping on the floor. Some of them left, most of them stayed and their caravan animals are all over the map.
Any chance to get the Misc. Incidents updated? I really miss the mod :(
Not sure if this is a bug. I think it's really funny :D
I had the door of my stockpile hold open with 6 mortar shells in it, when I got sieged. I guess because of the open door, the game set my shells to forbidden and the besiegers thought it was their ammunition. The siege gunner walked all the way up, passed my colonists, waving, kindly saying "good evening, gentlemen", walked into my storage room, grabbed one shell and walked out all the way back to reload his mortar.
I love it :D

Now I closed the door. The gunners still are coming, knocking at the door 2 or 3 times and leaving without a shell.

Awesome, thank you :)
Mod bugs / Re: Today's patch broke my comms console
March 06, 2020, 02:30:22 PM
After I deconstructed and rebuild my console a few times, it does seem to work now. Hopefully, it won't break again, when a new trader arrives.
But thank you anyway :)