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Strange that domestic cats are carnivorous only. On my real life practic they eat everything if hungry

enough. But now I have Ice sheet biome start, I have survival meal, eggplants, mushrooms but my starting cat is going to die of hunger due to lack of meat.
Quote from: astrosoup on September 16, 2015, 10:19:30 AM
EDIT: Tried again on the ice sheet and everyone quickly died of Hypothermia before I could saw enough planks for the stonecutters bench. Perhaps this isn't super compatible with that biome?
Ice sheet needs a bit different approach but have some bonuses. You need to build walls quickly and there is ideal snow wall for it. So after the fall you should find good spot nearby (better with geothermal) that need not much walls to build. Better near the mountain. Then equip weapons to colonists and make one move there - with wood and food. There designate one colonist to collect snow, the other one to build sawmill, third can haul 1-2 times more. When there is enough snow - build snow walls for your room with 1 tile exit. When sawmill is ready make some kindling and then campfire. After that move all you colonist inside and build last wall on exit. Now you are "inside" and temp will go up. Next days you deconstruct one tile and send someone for hauling the rest nearby resources, others should work on developing colony. Before getting serious hypotermia seal the passage again. And so on until you aquire parts and build normal door.
Hmm... I don't get  electronics now. For "everything" I need Integrated circuits, but I don't know where to make it. First I thought it's "electronic components", but no: "Make electronic components" makes  "electronic components" which I see no use at a time. Is it  a bug or I need to research/build something?
Quote from: blub01 on September 15, 2015, 08:41:57 AM
how does the whole ductwork thing work? I can't place any of the in/outlets, or the vent, for that matter, and the normal vent is gone.
Now it require  to be put on wall, not free space.
Got a strange bug. Fresh installed game and mod. Created new world and new colony in forest biome, played a bit, then started a new colony on ice biome, played a bit. Then I go to work tab and see colonists there both from first and second colony (colonists from first already have priorities set), at day shedule is the same thing. I thought it's a visual bug, so saved and quit. After that second colony doesn't load at all giving bugs and black screen, bt the first seems like loading without questions.
Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 27, 2015, 05:00:20 PM
Quote from: Uglyr on August 27, 2015, 04:50:17 PM
About differences. Maybe this comparsion of modconfig can be helpful. Sure it's not 100% correct as some mods could be reshuffled, but for example I couldn't find bulk food maker in the 2.0a.

All mods that included, in first post. Yep, bulk food not updated yet. No source.
Hmm... I'm far from modding Rimworld, but what's the big difference between bulkfood and any other food making? Buildings and recipies are looks like in xml files. The only dll is BeanTekAlert_NeedMealSource.dll and it's name say it's just alert, so can be removed.
About differences. Maybe this comparsion of modconfig can be helpful. Sure it's not 100% correct as some mods could be reshuffled, but for example I couldn't find bulk food maker in the 2.0a.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Quote from: notfood on August 27, 2015, 10:10:04 AM
Can we get a list of the mods that didn't make it?
Double. Maybe it's better to stick with A11 for a while?
Quote from: isistoy on August 25, 2015, 02:37:03 PM
Your problem is probably coming from some job code/setup. Possibly mod related, but can't say much...
Any logs in debug log window?
Did you try and get the same problem without mods?
Sure I use Hardcore SK 1.12a with hotfix and Anti-Tools by skyarkhangel. If you mean any other mod - then no. No errors on loading.

As for playing without mods - I tried and couldn't play more than 15 minutes.
Quote from: zenfur on August 24, 2015, 09:10:37 PM
the only way I know is via restrictions. Create area around where he needs to mine and restrict him to that area till you need him. Probably it's a good idea to bring him some food and make bed there so he could stay there till he's finished.
Thanks for idea about zones! As for other - not my case. It's start of the game and very cold outside so he have time just to move, mine one tile and return with mined coal before getting too much hypotermia ("Mission Impossible 12"  ;D ). So coming back make him lose precious time and bodyheat.
Is there any way to make pawn to not reconsider players orders? I have desiganted two areas for mining: one in the base (ore) and other far away (coal). I right-click on far away base and pawn start to move there. At one third of the way it decide to mine near base and go back. I click again. After half a way it again desire to go back and I again have to order go to far. Not gamebreaking, but irritating.
Just tried a12 vanila after a long break (moreover not ice but swamp forest). OMG - it's a different game. I'm in panic - unknown techs, no usual buildings, others are available from the start, ... I forgot how to play that game, better stick with Hardcore SK.
Quote from: Wivex on August 21, 2015, 05:52:32 PM
You are not intended to use tools "manually". Pawns will use them automatically if necessary. Pawns will automatically drop or haul tools to storage if there are no designations for the corresponding job.
Ah thanks! But riht-click doesn't work if I want to order to collect snow or build snowy wall. I guess I'll have to use anti-tools.
Seems strage. Just landed (with hotfix) heandaxe equiped normaly, but when another pawn try to equip hammer or pickaxe it "falls" from hands several times and then colonist decide just to haul it without equiping. The other one can equip it without problems. But later still can't. Is there any restriction?
Quote from: skyarkhangel on August 21, 2015, 04:59:12 AM
nope... but snow blocks have 16-17 durability lol  :D
Thats enough to build first room after landing. And perhaps internal walls (but if they are destroyed collapsed roof can destroy everything).