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Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: February 12, 2020, 02:37:06 PM »
Funniest thing lately is my latest colony turning out to be a drug rehab clinic?

My colonist landed a bit south of a friendly colony that's apparently a drug farm, at least all the visitors and traders that are visiting seem to have multiple various addictions (go juice, yao yao, alcohol, wakeup, etc.) and generally wind up going through withdrawal during their stay.

This withdrawal more often than not winds up incapacitating them (which damages rep with their home colony) and they get to detox in my colony medbay instead. (Naturally their clothes/armor and weapons get added to the colony stockpiles as "payment" for their stay.) Once they're clean and able to walk, they get sent on their way to return home naked  and boost rep with them once they exit the map healthy.

So far after several seasons this is becoming an ongoing thing, (Either they have a lot   of chemical addicts or are running a drug farm) where they keep sending me their junkies for rehab and they get to detox in the "comfort" of my colony at the low low cost of everything they own.

Any chance of an update to the Rational Romance mod?

Tools / Re: [A17] Moddable (Tool for Modders)
« on: January 29, 2020, 08:43:37 PM »
Super thread neco, I know, but given I want to use this tool I was wondering if it was ever updated?

Releases / Re: [A17/A16] Stack XXL
« on: September 28, 2017, 06:28:41 AM »
Why this should be balanced? this is just a fix to Tynan's lack of care of adding storage solutions.

Or do you think that annoying the player, and having "space management" (most ridiculous made up phrase ever) is another game mechanic?

I just felt I had to chime in here with agreement that the storage limitations are quite frustrating in the vanilla game. We should be able to stack some things (such as hides) far higher than the vanilla amount, heck even meals should stack considerably higher. (in a 5'5 square assuming 8' high stack pallete/shelf with a ladder I could fit well over 150 tv dinner sized "meals", especially if packaged for storage space in mind.) Given the lack of vertical height in the game it seems as if most "stacks" are only able to reach 3' in height, leaving us with stockpiles that take up far too much space to be manageable on larger colonies.

(by vanilla, colonists being too dumb to cook meals in larger batches than a single serving size leads to a bloated freezer full of food too over time given the slow speed colonists cook at, but there's mods to fix that at least, letting you cook 4 or even 8 meals at once.)

So thanks, for making this mod and giving us the freedom to adjust stack sizes to our likes, it makes life so much better, the only small change I could see, would be allowing this to modify chunks as well. (so when mining out a large mountain base we don't have to turn the expanse outside our base into a giant boulder field.)

Ideas / Re: Auto undraft = bad
« on: September 28, 2017, 01:58:22 AM »

I actually don't think it happens enough. Character traits should reduce it further. Things like the lazy trait should cause Pawns to drop out of draft real fast if nothing is happening. As well as background traits as well.

You bring up a valid point, however the frustration with many of us is how long it takes to properly position pawns for an assault, (hours of in game time sometimes for them to get where you tell them or for the enemy to path to your base.) and the plain idiocy displayed by the pawns when they auto undraft. I can understand the pawn getting bored standing around waiting to shoot at the enemy, but undrafted and deciding to go for a walk outside my base and go cloud watching right in the wide open where the oncoming enemy will get free pot shots?  ::)

Unless they have some kind of "death wish" trait, they should at least show some level of common sense when it comes to drafting and then going back to their usual routine.

It would be a fun evolution however if some pawns had a "leadership/command" skill though, and could make the other pawns do their jobs more efficiently when in a radius of them, and thus would stay drafted much longer if in the presence of this commanding officer. (With suitable mood penalties if she/he is wounded or died in the fight.)

Ideas / Re: Auto undraft = bad
« on: September 25, 2017, 09:59:55 PM »
Just thought I'd post here and let people know CannibarRechter made a really sweet mod that lets you change the pawn auto undraft time.

You need to adjust the .xml files in it yourself (which is a deliberate choice by the creator) but it's easy to do and only takes a few seconds and ultimately resolves the problem with pawns auto undrafting. nicely.

Thanks a million for this, and nice job including documentation so those who are new to modding can adjust the file as desired.  8)

General Discussion / Re: Share your trick
« on: September 24, 2017, 10:34:53 AM »
Capsules are also handy to store organ bank prisoners in, since they tend to get somewhat mental after harvesting too many organs, and once they're immobile you need to feed them too, which can be a real resource drain over the years.

I find it helpful to store a couple mostly intact prisoners in cryo capsules for those emergency organ transplant needs then briefly unthaw them when needed. (Also keeps them from prison breaking and losing those precious organs.)


Another handy use is to stick your grazing animals inside them for safe storage in the event you ever run out of hay/food for them so they don't starve during long winters. Or use them to Store Warden Wargs* when you run low on corpses to feed them.

*Warden Warg - A Warg or pair of wargs set into a restricted area consisting of the prison and a near by freezer where corpses are stored. The Warg will feed off the corpses and make short work of any prisoners that go berserk or attempt prison breaks.

General Discussion / Re: Share your trick
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:55:22 AM »
To help offset the lengthy mood debuff of addicts when you're trying to break them of the addiction schedule joy activites for an hour every 3 hours of waking time, or alternatively schedule them to sleep 20 hours a day, the less they're conscious the less mental breaks they have.

General Discussion / Re: Share your trick
« on: September 24, 2017, 06:05:22 AM »
Scatter out various wood chairs or other cheap furniture in your killzones for enemy raiders to climb over and attempt to hide behind.

Often times they will either try to use the shoddy furniture as cover (which won't last long under gunfire) or focus their attention on attacking/setting it on fire making it easier to kill them.

A small pile of 100 silver surrounded by traps and/or a clear firing line for your snipers seems to work well too to distract incoming bandits.


Another trick is to place non violent pawns directly in front of your shooters, the gunner will automatically shoot over the pawns shoulder/past them and give the gunner additional cover and hopefully soak enough hits to let the fighter keep fighting long enough to turn back the raid.

(If you're using any mods that add gun emplacements you can have non violent pawns man those as well and they won't raise a fuss about it and happily shoot the enemy.)

Edit 2:

If you're having trouble recruiting one of your prisoners and are tired of waiting, sell them into slavery, exit the trade screen then re-enter and buy them back (wait for them to exit your prison first however if selling to a caravan) You'll still lose a bit of profit in the exchange but gain the new colonist instantly, which can be a fair bit cheaper than meal costs over the weeks it takes to recruit the stubborn prisoner. (Let alone the chance of further injury death during escape attempts.)

Ideas / Re: Auto undraft = bad
« on: September 24, 2017, 03:38:00 AM »
When assaulting enemy colonies I've found to be a huge problem as well since it can take a while you properly position your squad to attack and set up proper fields of fire while still having cover, and having someone get bored and undrafted mid way through is an amazing frustration.

I've also had this happen while setting up an attack on an enemy siege, my 2 best sniper undrafted and walked out from cover right into the enemy's machine gunners and got near instant killed.

A pop up notice like others have suggested sounds like the ideal solution, though I'd be happy with just having a way to turn it off in the options menu or see a mod that lets you set a configurable timer on how long they drafted for.

Outdated / Re: [A16/A17] Orbital Hubs United - Dropships 1.2 (20.06.2017)
« on: September 23, 2017, 08:39:44 PM »
Issue with parking spots.

I order the firefly to return, it takes off. At the same time the Biplane also takes off (with no crew!) and lands on the firefly's parking spot.

I noticed this with the default drop ships as well, it seems as if all the ships try to use the same parking spot that was set by whatever the last ship you chose "set parking spot" with?

Unfinished / Re: [A17][WIP] Industrial Revolution - v0.0.7 (September 2nd)
« on: September 22, 2017, 01:12:55 AM »
Is there an eta on the CE compatibility patch? Just curious since I plan to be starting a new play through next weekend and hoping it'll be done by then so I can check this mod out.

General Discussion / Re: Mods you concider "must have"?
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:26:58 AM »
Well Prepare Carefully is super usefull but it's also super cheesy.

It actually includes an option "use points" option you can toggle on off in the prepare carefully menu to restrict how much you can cheese your starting colony if you want something more aimed at a balanced load out btw.

As for myself, I use over 100 mods gives or take, so the list of what I find "essenital" would be pretty long, but here's a few that I consider "must haves" and hold off on checking out a new version of RW until they're available.

li>Hugslib</li> A Core file needed for most mods to function, (and runs invisibly in the background) so put it in before you start messing with mods or you'll just have to do it later.

li>Romance Diversified A17</li> Makes the romances much better than vanilla.

<li>EdBPrepareCarefully</li> No more sitting around clicking refresh on random colonists until you get some that aren't fail boats waiting to happen, and being able to customize your start is pretty epic when you want to mix things up.

<li>RW_ColonistBarKF-</li> So much better than the vanilla colonist bar in so many ways, makes the game UI far better.

Code: [Select]
    <li>Spoons Hair Mod -A17</li>
    <li>Xeva's Hair</li>

These hair mods aren't "essential" to me, however they are universally compatible, so can be used without needing to wait for the next version to be updated so worth listing here.

<li>Better Pawn Control</li> Like others have said, it's a huge QOL improvement

<li>Stack XXL</li> Yeah, being able to make meat and anything else you want stack higher than the default is nice, no more needing a insanely huge freezer or stockpile, being able to set the values to whatever you want from an ingame menu is a huge plus!

<li>StorageSearch-A17</li> Such a huge, time saver! Being able to just type the name of what you're trying to allow or forbid on stockpile lists to find it really makes life easier.

<li>Miniaturisation-0.17.2</li> It's nice not having to rebuild workbenches and everything else when you just want to relocate something a couple squares over.

<li>MadSkills-A17-2.0.1</li> It blows having your elite sniper lose most of their gunnery skill over several seasons because they don't get enough chances to kill stuff, and seeing your intellect skill dwindle down to nothing once you run out of research can make crafting items that require intellect impossible.

<li>A_Dog_Said-A17</li> Essential for animal surgery, otherwise most animals are good for combat maybe once, then they're too crippled to be good for anything but the stew pot. (which really isn't what someone bonded animal that gave their legs defending the colony deserves.)

<li>Mending</li> It's nice to be able to repair damaged armor and weapons instead of having to craft new sets all the time, especially for legendary power armor and other rare bits of gear.

<li>CombatExtended</li> Makes combat so much better, giving pawns inventory is a nice plus too so you can carry both melee and ranged weapons plus a side arm if you feel like it. (Still kind of divided on if I like its the ammo system, but there's an option to toggle that part off entirely so you can play it either way.)

<li>CombatExtended Guns</li> More guns for combat extended, always a good thing!

<li>RimFridge</li> Doesn't sound like a huge deal, but a fridge is a nice qol improvement when you don't want people running in and out of the freezer every ten minutes for meals.

<li>QualityBuilder</li> Hard to recommend this enough, having the builder with the best skill build stuff with quality ratings saves on so much wasted resources, and lets your wannabe constructors still help out smoothing floors, building power cables and other simple tasks.

<li>MiningCo. MiningHelmet</li> No more debuffs for mining in the dark, also has an option for turning the light on automatically, which is nice when trying to navigate a colony during a solar flare at night.

<li>M No Death Randomness A17</li> Nice not to have everyone but your colonists dying 60% of the time from any injury.

<li>Change Dresser</li> Didn't really think I'd fall in love with this one so hard, but being able to set up separate clothing sets for colonists to switch to when drafted is a huge asset, why wear power armor to cook breakfast and romance your significant other anyway and subject it to all that daily durability degradation?

<li>ReconAndDiscovery</li> More fun events to give you reasons to send caravans out into the world? Yes please.

<li>Rimfire 2.3</li> More guns, (with an option to turn off any weapons in game you dislike, even ones added by other mods) also Combat Extended compatible!

<li>OHU-Dropships-1.55</li> I can build a starship to fly off planet, but not a shuttle to visit the colony ten tiles over? Makes mid to late game raiding and trading much more fun and less of a giant time sink, the fuel req and weight restrictions also keep it balanced.

<li>Dubs Bad Hygiene</li> After having toilets and baths in the game it feels really weird without them, makes the bases feel much more "real" and the various buffs/debuffs keep it nicely balanced.

<li>AnimalsLogic</li> Being able to assign beds to animals so bonded animals will sleep in the same room as their master is handy, as is being able to designate animal beds for medical use. (Plus a bunch of other changes, also compatible with fluffy's animal tab)

<li>Much Better Pods</li> Removes the 300kg drop pod weight limit and improves the range (you can customize both to your liking) Makes drop pods useful without needing to build a dozen of them.

<li>Feed The Colonists</li> Because skill 15 chef should be able to cook food in larger batches than a single meals worth at a time. (With this they cook them in batches of 4 at a time.)

<li>DeadMansClothing</li> You're on a crashed alien world, barely surviving against all odds and your colonists whine about if the power armor keeping their insides from being on the outside, or the parka keeping them from freezing to death was worn by some dead guy? This reminds them to shut up and be grateful to have the clothing they need to see another sunrise than think too deeply on who wore it before them.

<li>No_Mood_Loss_Prisoner_Sold_or_Died</li> Because it's doubtful they'd care if the raider who just murdered their dog and wife gets sold into slavery or have their eyes harvested so the colony's only cook and gardener can see again.

There's a ton more mods I use, (nearly all of Fluffy's and RT's mods, EPOE, GlitterTech, The camping mods, etc, that there's just not room to list them all here without making the post a mile long. (If anyone wants a full list pm me.)

Outdated / Re: [A17] Enhanced Development - 2017-06-04
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:38:32 AM »
Does the ED-Shield mod work with modded weapons? Such as from rimsenal? RT's Weapons and SNS? Because i tested it and it appears it doesn't work...

Edit: Nvm it does work, needed to restart the game..

From my experience while it does work on modded weapons, anything using the combat extended mod won't, the projectiles just bypass the shield entirely.

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