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Quote from: Grimandevil on December 18, 2015, 01:11:21 PM
SocialAnxiety:  have you tried manually ordering one of your colonists to do it?

Yes, obviously I have. So, messing around with DevMode to spawn in the resources and buildings, it's became apparent that I can only program/activate MAI if I have an AI Persona Core with me. But those are both expensive to buy (if you can even buy them) and hard to obtain considering the rare event of a ship part crash.
Hi, I've been having a problem with MAI and I dunno what's causing it or how to fix it but it's cost me a few Colonies since I had no Mobile AIs to help free the dust from stockpiled weapons during tough raids.

I can produce MAI normally with the Automatic AI Assembler but after she's created none of my Colonists will even touch the inactive AI. I've had the Plasteel and required Colonists with the needed Crafting level but they don't do anything and it's really annoying. Any suggestions or help?