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Game crashing error tracked to this mod: colonist turned into cowmorph, but instead of fully morphing it just spawned another and left the colonist as a double instance. It may have been my attempts to dev mode the extra away that crashed it, but the map won't load now.
Whatever attempt this was, apparently it worked. I was downloading the wrong thing. The 'download' link on the first page links to the 'releases' page, which give you the DL for 2.1, not whatever master file is most recent. The github link is the correct one. Swear I tried that too though, but this time it worked. No more errors coming up from it, and the right recipes are appearing.
I've done that twice, with the same problem. I get a bunch of errors from it. The candelabra specifically seems to pop up errors all over, and I have no options at all to make that.

Moving it around in load order doesn't do anything.

It includes patches. I've not touched those. I honestly have no idea what to do with them. Perhaps the culprit? Obviously, I do have other mods at work.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Been having trouble with the bone mod. I've tried redownloading it and re installing. I haven't seen the issues anywhere else, so it's got to be user error, but I've done the exact things I've done every other mod. Anyways, maybe someone else can pinpoint the error.

It halfway works. I can craft the bone related stuff, but the images for some are missing (pink X boxes in their place, for the bone throne and any resource on the ground). Bonecrete spawns as walls, but I can't seem to craft it anywhere (the 'refinery' it is supposedly crafted at is the biofuel refinery?).

So... installation error? I don't use the steam version, so I install manually. In most, I just unzip, and move the files to the mods folder appropriately. It seems to be correct, but obviously isn't. I can make bone ash at the crematorium. Was I supposed to do something special for this install? Order error maybe? I hate tracking those down.
I don't know code at all, but it doesn't seem like it should be entirely impossible to set up this sort of thing based on other games with a multiplayer LAN setup. I seem to recall it being mentioned as impossible before though, so... *shrug* What would the issue be, in laymen's terms, keeping one from altering the game to run two independent colonies on one big map (other than the issue of hosting it, since LAN assumes one computer would physically host the game, or the specs such a computer would require).

I will say it would add a whole new level to the game, very possibly taking it out of it's niche market. Single player only really hurts a game these days.
Quote from: mumblemumble on May 28, 2016, 01:36:33 AM
I understand it completely, a bunch  of bureaucratic / legal gobbledygook, but I still found it hilarious how often  it was brought up, yet nobody could read between the lines. This situation brought me more laughs than I care to admit.

People can read between the lines, but may not implicitly trust an unknown developer. It wouldn't make much sense to push a steam release and shut down a portion of the established community just because they didn't sign on early enough, but that doesn't mean some developers haven't done exactly that. There's a lot of games out there just out to scam a buck any way they can.
I think better quality medicine helps combat the disease's progress as well, as opposed to the new diseases that just need to be treated with something. But keeping them in bed is still the most important thing.
General Discussion / Re: op turtles
May 18, 2016, 12:45:22 PM
Is there a mod for installing bionics in pets yet? Cause I really want bionic attack ninja turtles now.
General Discussion / Re: Is rimworld = earth ?
May 18, 2016, 03:22:25 AM
If it wasn't capitalized, it didn't mean the planet Earth. If it was capitalized... it was likely an error of one sort or another. Game is still in alpha, meaning there will be some of those kinds of errors.
It's also good to alternate the temperature your coolers (and/or possibly heaters) are set at. If you set one or two a few degrees below the others, the others will go to low power settings more often.

You can also build doors to act as manual vents to either capture the exhaust heat of your coolers or generators, or to vent it out. This makes it less effective to heat the area past that door, even if it's open, but it's much easier to manage (than building or dismantling a wall).
I rarely pay attention to exactly how many years have gone past, but I'd guess the average mentioned is pretty accurate. After a few winters nothing is really going to tank the colony, so I start wanting to try a different basebuild.

I keep hoping that (in some future build), previous colonies will get added to the map as possibly hostile groups, assuming you keep building colonies on the same seed planet. It would create a bit more end game content, because you could create your own enemies (if the 'npc' village was based off the wealth level you left the colony at, or directly used pawns from that game). Even if it was an alternative option to the ship, to permanently abdicate control of the colony and bake it into the seed as an NPC camp.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
May 11, 2016, 11:02:53 AM
I don't know if it's suggested, but being able to assign pet beds like people beds would be nice with the bonded animal thing, or even just in general to help keep certain animals places.
I'd want a larger room too if I had to live in a compound sharing everything else. I'd also want more than a bed in it.

Size in this game is weirdly skewed, It's just the nature of the system.
Quote from: bonafire on April 23, 2016, 06:09:39 PM
It's not all good though, there are quite a bit of UI annoyances, excessive micromanagement, bad pawn behavior and badly balanced stuff.

I really think the micromanagement is part of the charm of this game. It's sometimes annoying, and reading through this forum has shown me a variety of simple solutions relying exactly on that micromanagement I never would have thought of on my own. Which is why I think it's one key to what makes this game what it is. Requiring all the micromanagement gives it a flexibility not always seen in sims.

The UI needs work, but it works for the alpha build that it is. I'd guess that would get touched up closer to an official release.

The bad pawn behavior is debatable, because while it is a thing, much of it is just that you didn't amend the standing orders you've given them. Your pawns are running into firefights to clean the raider blood of the ground? You could have drafted them, or created a zone special for the non-combatants during battles, built a door that separated the battle zone from the rest of the base (and ordered it forbidden). It's micromanagement, but its *options*. The whole game is a balance between tactical and simulation. The pause button is my best friend.

That said, each new build seems to be getting closer to an acceptable 'autopilot'. The options all start when you dig into things a bit more. Making pawns automatically set to flee in the face of danger helps... the next step might be a way to designate where they flee to (a beacon or something), and an extended awareness. But still, really, who's fault is it if you didn't tell your people to stay inside during an active raid.

The game changes drastically when you start adding mods. It gets increasingly difficult to find a good balance. Especially because what one person thinks is balanced, another will entirely disagree, and the next will find some simple micromanagement solution to sidestep. I'm planning on being much pickier about mods for this build.
Quote from: Robovski on April 21, 2016, 06:12:32 AM
I don't think a vegetarian wants to eat a raw potato. A vegetarian getting a debuff for "ate a meat meal" makes sense but you"ll be sorry if you just start eating raw veg. You'd have to balance it with a "ate a vegetarian meal" buff instead.

Yeah, I was trying to cut down the middle of useful in play, realistic to the gameworld, and still fun. It wouldn't seem to make sense for a vegetarian to get a buff from eating a vegetarian meal, unless the omnivores got a buff for eating what they normally eat too. And everyone getting the buff for doing what they do, essentially means the buff doesn't need to exist... the end result would be the same if it did or did not (unless a buff across the board needs to be added to balance something else, another negative would need too be added to balance the buff).

Considering it isn't terribly realistic that the pawns eat raw food, while sitting in front of a fire or stove, simply because someone told them they aren't a good enough cook... It would make a bit of sense to say there are a few steps being glossed over in the process. Letting the vegetarians eat 'raw' food without a debuff, seems to be a fairly innocuous suspension of realistic mechanics, and would offer more flexibility of playstyle than the other suggestion. And considering they could never eat any of the meals that require meat (is that just lavish?), it would still have a cost no matter what. They'd never get the raw food debuff (easing the need for meals slightly, at the cost of the pawn eating subpar food quality), and never get the lavish meal buff, and always have the chance of catching the 'had to eat meat' debuff special to them if the player isn't watching.

It's kind of a minor thing anyways, but I really like to see a large variety of perks, and perks that are good or bad depending on the circumstances.

And I wanna see a neurotic cannibal vegetarian. :)