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Regarding this :  "Cart is not applied quality system and item capacity is not related to cart quality. I'll think about applying cart's quality to its item capacity like backpack's."

In my post, when I was talking about "quality", I was referring to picking the "industrial cart" over the "primitive cart" when available and within reasonable distance.
One complaint was the limited number of items in a cart.

Instead of adjusting this number again and again for balance - why not create two carts (I know, more work, artwork, etc) - and have a "simple cart" that can carry a smaller limit of items and an "industrial cart" that takes more (resources/tech) to make that can carry more.

That way, we have access to something useful early on, but then can upgrade to a more industrial cart once we have the resources/tech to use it (and most likely need to move a lot more stuff).

The reason for the "small" limit for the smaller item could simply be power efficiency - while the colonists could make a cart capable of hauling 20 bodies, no one is strong enough to move that load over uneven terrain without advanced tech/assisted hauling.

From a coding perspective - you'd want a way for the actors to find the highest "quality" cart within range for the task involved.

One thing I thought about for searching for an unused cart - you should see if you can treat the area closest to the user of the cart as well as the area near the first item to be hauled as equal values (if you don't do this already).  Bonus points if you can find any carts "on the way" to the first item hauled.  I imagine the "on the way" search would be too expensive CPU wise unless you were awesome at optimization and pattern graphing.
Anyone have a list of what mods this mod is/isn't compatible with?  I tried to patch an existing save file to the latest, and it blew up badly - but even without loading the save file, just loading rimworld resulted in many error messages.  There was a patched version that worked with the overhaul mod - but maybe those changes were made by the modpack maintainer. 

I really like the idea of this mod (backpacks, carts) - but the version I'm currently running is just so bugged I have to manually control the peeps to use the carts, and then lock the carts so they stop randomly displacing the artwork and other odd behaviors.

I'm thinking of building my own list of mods (small scale) until the new gentleman modpack is released - but would like to know what mods work with this one before I attempt it (superior crafting ?)

Thanks for any feedback!
Video / Re: Rimworld Alpha 12 let's play
September 18, 2015, 02:59:49 PM
My last episode ends with a physic drone landing and then a toxic fallout.

I didn't record it - but I advanced ahead to see if I could resolve the double whammy.

What I want to know if this is a situation people are interested in watching me struggle with.  I think I'm going to end the recording series and just play it without recordings.  I think in my last attempt, it took me over 2 hours to resolve the physic drone capsule.  I tried mortars for a long time, but it kept on missing. 
Video / Rimworld Alpha 12 let's play
September 13, 2015, 02:55:32 PM
long videos - no music, lots of rambling.
Currently playing with a modded colony on basebuilding with classic - so about as easy as it gets without removing all hostiles. (Don't worry, I can still get killed)

Only mod used is the moded starting colony - forgot the name of the mod.  May add in the character selection mod.