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A new version has been released (v0.14), it should some of the "hacks" that some people experience during the week. It also adds animal trading, thanks to thomotron.
Mod updated to A18 :)
The mod is updated for A17. :)

As always, check the OP for the download links.
v0.11 is out !
Not a lot of big feature, just some QoL improvements and some limitations to the nicknames & messages to avoid spamming & a unreadable chat.
Version v0.10 is out, making the mod A16 compatible !

You can download it through the link in the first page, or through Steam Workshops (which should happen automatically).

Quote from: Thyme on December 26, 2016, 02:50:53 PM
Thank you.

PS: You might want to remove the CCL requirement from post #1 ;)

Thanks, corrected !
CCL dependancy has been removed in the last update, in order to make the mod compatible for A15.

I'm currently trying to make the mod compatible for A16, I don't have any ETA for an update atm.
v0.9 is out !
Phi is compatible with Rimworld A15 and CCL is no longer required to use Phi.
v0.8 is out !
Sending things should be now easier, the interface for it has been remade and it looks more like the usual trade window. You can also send multiple items.
The "Enter" shortcut should now work correctly.

Full changelog is available here
Mods / Re: New code injection method
August 08, 2016, 08:39:23 AM
I believe you can use Mono.Cecil to do that but more easily.
Back when I was modding Planetbase, we did something similar to add event hooks to the game. I began to convert what I did for Planetbase to Rimworld, but since CCL already exists, I didn't continue.
The repo is available here. Basically, what it does is injecting MSIL code into the Assembly-CSharp.dll assembly to call the library that will load mods and offer them event hooks. It reads a XML file to know what kind of code to inject in the assembly. For example:

<Class Name="PlayDataLoader" Location="0">
    <Method Name="LoadAllPlayData">
      <Instruction OpCode="Call" Assembly="PhiScript" Type="PhiScript.Phi" Method="StaticLaunch" />

This configuration would inject a static call to a static method called "Phi" in a class called "PhiScript" in an assembly called "PhiScript" in the PlayDataLoader (one of the earliest called method in Rimworld), allowing me to catch this event and add behaviour for this.
The advantage of using Mono.Cecil is that it takes care of pretty much everything: calculating addresses, offsets, adding assemblies dependencies into the modified dependencies and such.
I believe someone sent you an offer while you were not in a game.
A new small update v0.7.2 that fixes yet another bug with transactions.

Edit: And, hopefully, a last one: v0.7.3.
It should be now fixed with v0.7.1 :)
Update v0.7 is live !
It is mainly an improvement of the transmission of colonists. They keeps a lot more characteristics (physics, backstory, skills, traits, gear and inventory). The only thing that isn't transmitted is the health state. The game now asks you to accept items or colonists before sending them to you.
Full changelog is available here

You can download the new version via the links in the first post or via the Steam Workshop.

A listing of servers handled by an other player is available for those who want to make their own server and "advertize" it. There's even an RP server for those who are interested.
A new version is available, it just adds a scroll bar for the user list.

Quote from: sefin_88 on July 30, 2016, 05:58:14 PM
anyone else having the problem with not being able to send chat in the server chat.  I can see several people chatting and even send items.  Just cant chat.

I tried to find a possible cause for the bug, but I can't figure it out what could cause this. Is there a message in Debug Log saying "A packet was sent ChatMessagePacket" when you try to send a message ?
Do you click on the button to send a message (and not hitting enter, for example) ?
After spending my evening on it, it should be now resolved.
If you still have any error, please try to reinstall the mod before posting a report. :)