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If anyone is interested (I still need some finishing touches) I have made all of the (currently downloadable) Enhanced defence mods (apart from vents) compatible with Superior Crafting, and tried to balance them in the tech tree based on how hard/easy each tech would make the game. For example, the stargates, I have made it so that with every new colony 1 stargate will spawn somewhere on the map and it is your duty to protect it, until you can power it up, and use it. IF it gets destroyed (I am considering lowering its hitpoints by a lot) then you will have to research Crafting, power and constructing IV THEN research the stargate tech in order to build subsequent stargates. I think I'm going to try and go more balancing with the other sections but for the most part, tech tree is out of the way (I added TemperatureI and II but for some reason temperature I is spamming errors at the moment so ill figure it out tomorrow night :) )
Hey, I just went through and made some compatibility edits for "Superior Crafting" to add things into the tech tree created by superior crafting. If anyone would like I can send them. I didn't go too overboard, mostly just adding them into where I believed would be the best place where they won't come too early :) The biggest change would be that the stargate functionality is pushed into being end game type stuff. You have to research POWER IV, CONSTRUCTION IV & CRAFTING IV aswell as the stargate tech. I am not sure whether this makes the stargate totally pointless and whether I should try and move it down to mid-game rather than late game...

On that subject I have a question for the dev, is it possible to write a .dll that makes a single stargate spawn with each new world, whilst the research to create additional stargates is still needed incase the first one gets destroyed, or you can't find it? I can do a little coding and have made a few little mods nothing complicated though :)

Well it took the better part of 2 hours and I DID NOT realise its 3am (just looked at the time when I was writing the beginning of this sentence ><) and lots of trial and error and confusion at the hierachy of stupid terrain generation and it took me a long time to realise that if I want to add something into the terrain generation, I had to copy ALL of the generation steps, rather than simply trying to insert an extra step on its own.. ANYWAY now on every map 1 and only 1 stargate will spawn when the colony is created, if that is destroyed Ill have to research and unlock it the loong hard way... Might even lower the stargate's hitpoints to make it a bit more fragile (even though I am a HUGE fan of stargate and know it's only really sensitive to energy rather than physical damage :) ) that way this system of having 1 spawn with every map doesn't make things too easy still... I could even go so far as to make it a priority for raiders to attack... but not tonight! anyway, I am having a little issue in the error log with one of my research steps for Superior crafting and enhanced defence (Getting an error for one research item and can't figure out why...) if anyone wants to emulate any of my own messings with mods, just message me and ill help where I can :)
Quote from: Tynan on July 09, 2014, 02:33:15 PM
Well, the colonists' reaction doesn't have to be realistic. Lots of stuff is unrealistic (e.g. nobody except a serial killer kills as many people as some of these colonists), so it's okay to tweak their reactions to whatever works best for the gameplay, as long as it doesn't completely break narrative coherency.

So yeah, I've been hearing this, I didn't think the effect was that bad but I guess if you pile it on with Wounded and Witnessed Death, it could be pretty bad.

For A6 I'll be looking at changing it so that rotten bodies create a much worse thought than normal bodies, which may make a lesser thought.

I completely agree with your idea for A6 :) It sounds perfect!
Quote from: BetaSpectre on July 09, 2014, 06:20:29 AM
-14 for seeing a dead body
-4~5 for killing the dude
-14 if the dude was a colonist.

Usually after a battle the entire map is littered with half a hundred bodies or more making doing anything outside of my colony a tantrum party.

Seeing as though killing an enemy lowers mood (which it shouldn't if you ask me) by just 4 then shouldn't a stranger's body do the same unless two weeks rotted? I mean you did just shoot/pulverize the guy and go meh so why freak out when you see that he's dead.

I think that killing pirates should give them a "buzz" like they are happy because they are defending against the depraved pirates trying to steal from them.... If your house was attacked and you managed to stop the attacker before they took everything, you would be happy wouldn't you? Then yeah you may be scared after the fact, but this would work in rimworld easily. You get a small happiness boost for killing or witnessing a pirate being killed, then after the body is left for a day or so then you start seeing negative effects because of the "rotting". The only exception to this would be witnessing a colonist killed being killed giving a bad fear and happiness debuffs and then seeing them rotting makes this EVEN worse!
General Discussion / Re: @Tynan RE a Twitter post
July 06, 2014, 12:44:18 PM
Quote from: Nocebo on June 27, 2014, 01:46:47 AM
I like the idea but isn't plant warfare on a completely different timescale than the rest of the game?

Well considering most plants grow in 1-3 odd rim days, if the average game lasts around 50 days, it doesn't really take too much, if a higher weight plant is growing next to a lower weight plant, and the lower plant is at 12% growth and the heigher weight plant is at say 50% growth, then there would be a chance the higher weight plant kills the lower, and plants a seed of its own, this could all happen in a matter of a few days over 50 days a large section of the map could be "overgrown"
General Discussion / @Tynan RE a Twitter post
June 25, 2014, 09:23:45 PM
RE: This post

It is easier to write what I wanted to reply here as twitter wouldn't let me haha!!

I was thinking that certain low-level plants could have a set "weight" based on what type of plant they are either based on real world plants, like plants that "strangle" others or perhaps based purely on height/sunlight. Plant types that are more robust can spread easier and need less sunlight, however can be "overtaken and eradicated" by other plant types that are more reliant on sunlight.

You could then tie this into Horticulture and perhaps add in being able to "capture" muffalos and designate zones for them to graze on. This way the player could choose to influence a certain area by moving grazing muffalo around. Also it would allow you freedom to add in a bit more "difficulty" by adding in more aggressive plants if a player chooses to over-hunt the local animals. Plants that could damage pawns, or perhaps damage the fertility of the land they are growing on based on how long said plant occupies the tile, eventually turning the tile into sand or "parched dirt" or something.

I know the coding could be complicated if you went down the route of plants effectively "fighting" eachother on a slow scale, however having an "ecosystem" to manage/ignore and potentially survive/die as a result would really really add to the feeling like you are deserted on a strange planet striving to survive long enough in a strange harsh environment to get home!

I have a few more ideas but I'd like to hear your thoughts before I carry on typing out an essay :)
General Discussion / Re: Call for Alpha 5 testers
June 25, 2014, 09:03:35 PM
I guess you have many testers already but if I can help I would like to! :) I enjoy playing Alpha/Beta games and bug-hunting. I have contributed to many early games and while I may not have a lot of spare time nowadays, I do like to play hard when I do get the chance :)

[Edit] To name a few alphas I have helped bug-hunt and support - Minecraft - Planet Explorers - AI War - 7 Days to Die - Hack 'n' Slash - Kerbal Space Program - Kinetic void - Space Engineers - Starforge

The list could literally keep on going. I have alpha tested/testing about 25 or so games, although many are finally coming into/out of beta testing now :) 
Mods / Re: [Request] Hauling robotics
June 20, 2014, 08:07:54 AM
Quote from: milon on June 20, 2014, 07:42:47 AM
I know this is a really simple problem, but it's got me rather stumped.  My colonists sit on chairs with their meals, only they face away from the table and put their food on the ground, then complain about eating off the floor.  I typically build long tables, but it happens with short tables too.  I normally use the chair as the stockpile, but I've also tried using the table itself and even the normal stockpile. It keeps happening.  I actually think it's been happening all along, but I didn't care about it until the penalty was introduced.  What am I doing wrong?

Just have your food stockpile near the table and chairs, they will take the food to the table and sit down, also you need to make sure you orientate the chair the right way round so it is facing the table, trust me it will work :) For example if you have a nutrient paste dispenser, they will pick up food, take it to the dispenser then walk to the nearest chair and sit down to eat, so if its facing a table they will eat off the table :)
Quote from: AwesumnisRawr188 on June 19, 2014, 09:19:54 PM
I like pewdiepie, but I don't think he'd play RimWorld as it's more of a long term game, rather than a 15 minute video.

My partners little sister is obsessed with  pewdiepie... I have NO idea why... She is 13 years old >.< Mind you when I was 13 the internet *barely* existed outside the workplace. Computers were for rich people and enthusiasts and my first computer was an old work computer of my dads... Had a 300mhz processor I believe lmao now most phones triple that! How times change and I am only 26 years old haha
Quote from: Untrustedlife on June 18, 2014, 01:38:57 PM
Quote from: Coenmcj on June 18, 2014, 01:24:41 PM
Quote from: vagineer1 on June 18, 2014, 01:15:36 PM
Quote from: Ramsis on June 18, 2014, 01:11:40 PM
Who now?

A youtuber who is part of a big internet business called the Yogcast and (In my opinion) a dying business (Mainly because of the lack of Shadow of Israphel)

Indeed, The network tends to appeal to a younger audience, and the parts of it that don't have become stale and stagnate.  Since it appeals mainly to a younger audience I think it would be best we play nice with the newbies, don't want any flame wars do we.

I hope they don't all want the game to become ridiculously easy.. (Like many children these days who havent played anything like dwarf fortress or a true roguelike)

But yes.. we must avoid flame wars at all costs....

Anyone have a newbie extinguisher handy?

Many games have been totally destroyed by this in my opinion. When the playerbase is made up of a majority of said age group it just destroys the true feeling of the multitude of other gamers that don't have as much time on their hands. I used to love WoW but when they started dumbing it down to appeal to the younger audiences rather than the "WoW niech" it just ruined it and the diversity of each classes build just collapsed. Yes it made the game a bit more of an even playing field but it ruined it. Let's not let that happen to Rimworld :)

As for "flame wars" and "newbies" the latter word is just a word that should be wiped from the internet. As for the former, if kids don't like the rep they have then they should act a bit more grown up when communcating online. If they continue with (For the large part) their behaviour towards other gamers then they will just continue to spread their stereotype of being immature, rude and whiney.

Mods / Re: Rimworld Prototype Feature - Oxygen
June 19, 2014, 08:06:31 AM
It would be nice but ty has replied to another thread suggesting the same thing. The amount of work it would require to add such a small amount of functionality just isn't worth it. He would rather spend the time adding something better. Which is totally the right call :)
General Discussion / Re: The ship discussion
June 16, 2014, 04:16:20 PM
I must admit, later down the line it would be amazing to be able to visit other colonies, but less of "choosing here there or everywhere" have a small map of a select few places you can go, choose a few colonists then go there and try and build up a base like you do in rimworld nowadays. Then once defeating the occupants, you can de-construct anything you want, or perhaps have resources ONLY found in these colonies that you need to further your research to travel longer distances on your planet. Then you have to upgrade the ship you landed in to haul all the crap you want back to your original colony.

Obviously for ty this creates big issues, but i think the difficulties of creating a whole new ai behavior doesnt outweigh the benefits of an extreme amount of added "content" or "gaming hours" in the game. Choosing to go to a new colony with a freshly generated map, befriend or kill or capture the locals then haul your stolen/traded/mined materials back to your home-base, do more research then travel further, all the while each colony you visit gets harder, it adds in another endgame-type-thingy without adding too much tedium.

Let us all know what you think tynan. Do you ever plan to add other generated maps with ai colonies? Or possibly travel?
I still agree with the OP that there needs to be some high-tech endgame content that makes dealing with them slightly easier. Would need a lot of balancing to ensure it didn't make the game too easy. Some people like to create elaborate automated defences and leave their pawns to live happy gun-free lives. BUUUUT saying that, ty already has an endgame in mind so I won't moan :p
Mods / Re: [Request] Turret Mounts
June 16, 2014, 04:03:48 PM
Quote from: minami26 on June 16, 2014, 07:57:47 AM
Quote from: Flebe on June 16, 2014, 05:40:16 AM
I meant as in just mount a stand alone gun that fires with out any human interaction not as in the people needed for them as in Literally Fixing say a pistol to a turret stand and have it fire automatically at people :)

I could do a stand alone mod for that you want it? ill make it! :D
let me just clarify.
so you mean. its like a turret. but it is interchangeable right?

so at first. make say a [Gun Stand] then whatever Gun you put in it It will turn into that kind of stand.

For Example:
In the [Gun Stand] you want to put a (ShotGun)
then the [GunStand] will turn into a Shotgun Stand.

is it like that?

I second this idea, seems like a very cool idea :) Though if possible add a chance that when removing a gun after installation it will destroy the gun.. All cool powerful features have to have a downside :p
Quote from: Manly on June 11, 2014, 11:24:46 AM
It's too bad this died...much thanks go to jamieg for trying to put the mods into an easy to use pack for knuckleheads like me who have a hard time finding and downloading mods that work and are good.  It was nice just grabbing this and then going to the game and picking the mods I wanted with an easy click.

If big bang iS dead ill probably make a similar pack when more of the more important mods have updated