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When a faction base has a mortar on its perimeter, the guy manning the mortar only fires one mortar shell. He loads a second one but stops his task short of aiming, he then leaves the mortar and wanders around.

In previous versions he would man the mortar until he couldn't find any shell left.

To reproduce: enter a base with a mortar, the behavior is always the same.

Edit: After investigation: we don't get this bug if we use the classic mortar in the custom difficulty.... weird if the new mortar only changes the radius.
Nervermind, i've jsut seen "adaptdaysmax" in the storyteller, which i think is relatively new.
Bugs / [1.1.2647] adaptation days cap out at 100
June 01, 2020, 02:21:27 PM
This one is rather technical but it seems adaptation days cap out at 100. If i understand the storyteller description there shouldn't be such a cap:

        <li>(-30.01, 6)</li>   <!-- under: 8.00 -->
        <li>(-30,    3)</li>   <!--   -30: 3.00 -->
        <li>(-0.01,  3)</li>
        <li>(0,      1)</li>   <!--     0: 1.00 -->
        <li>(59.99,  1)</li>
        <li>(60,     0.5)</li> <!--    60: 0.50 -->
        <li>(119.99, 0.5)</li>
        <li>(120,    0.25)</li> <!--  120: 0.25 -->
        <li>(-30, 0.40)</li>  <!-- recover in 10 days -->
        <li>(  0, 0.80)</li>  <!-- start at     0.80  -->
        <li>( 30, 1.00)</li>  <!-- 0.5 years to 1.00  -->
        <li>( 60, 1.20)</li>  <!-- 0.5 years to 1.20  -->
        <li>(120, 1.60)</li>  <!-- 2   years to 1.60  -->
        <li>(180, 2.00)</li>  <!-- 4   years to 2.00  -->

example of adaptation days flat for 30 days at 100 days in attachement pics

So i've had this mech cluster landing on top of overhead mountain tiles. It resulted in the cluster being crushed, leaving only one minislug turret.
No, he was going back to the restricted area (colony - 1 picture) then turned back to go on a meditation spot outside the allowed area (2nd picture).
So usually when a party is called i draft/undraft all colonists so they stop their activity to join the party immediately. For the last 2 parties it resulted in the party being called off without any other reason (no threat) :/
During a raid, all pawns were assigned to a restricted area, one of them went to medidate on a spot outside the allowed area.
I second that. Since 1.0 caravan ambushed has been so nerfed to a simple joke, and there is no way they can be dangerous unless you really mess up or are already messed up when ambushed.

Regarding mods, 'adaptive cassie' increased the threat from ambushes. But i really think vanilla went too far in the process of easing ambushes.
This one is not strictly a bug, and is old, but since we now have toxic spewers w/ area of effect, it feels all the more cheesy to be able to form a caravan to have your animals graze on the next tile when there's a toxic fallout.

I'd love to see a random patch of tiles affected by the toxic fallout around the colony or at least a minimal radius around the colony.
Bugs / [1.1 / Royalty] Party called off for minor threats
February 29, 2020, 09:01:19 AM
I've seen parties being called off for minor events like a lancer produced by the mech assembler or a social fight. I guess both events where linked since they prompted simultaneously in the log.
Yes, i get you, it feels like a dev mod info. It could be transmitted less directly to the player.
It's the mean time between prison break. It doesn't predict the number of days before escape.

So it's just a proxy for how well your prisoner is feeling.
Bugs / [1.1 / Royalty] Monument marker
February 25, 2020, 12:23:00 PM
Maybe i'm missing something obvious but it seems i can't complete the monument though everything is built. It mentions 2/4 sarcophagus while 4 sarcophagi are built (2 normal quality, 2 good quality):

Edit: i could built it using the monument maker menu, the issue may have appeared when i used the copy or architect menu to build the steel sarcophagus
Bugs / Re: [1.1 + Royalty] Mechanoids spawn in Base
February 25, 2020, 05:10:29 AM
I also got one relatively early, they landed on top of the dining room, crashing a wedding and crushing Sam. Brutal.
Sappers are deadly if you don't block them before they get in. And i thought they could destroy your ship.

It's always a bitter-sweet experience when you launch your ship, so much time invested in your pawns and hours micromanaging their work. But at some point your colony is mature and they can live their lives.

The threats on merciless won't be much different from what you've faced, the main difference will be mood management.