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Thank you for the update to b19!
Ooo MAI is b19 now! Thanks for your amazing work!
Off-Topic / Re: Count to 9000 before Tynan posts!
September 12, 2018, 12:33:25 AM
For those of you who are still hanging around here, I've heard rumors that this mod may yet become a mod, seems that there's some work going on for a mod.
Dang looks like you've been looking deep, but it's pretty unlikely this is going to be finished at all :( Any code is probably also a bit outdated as well now :(
Very interesting! Will be looking to add this to a new game later on if it keeps getting worked on
From what I can see the art is pretty fitting for Rimworld, good job!
Yeah, I understand if they don't want to post but last time we bumped this, OP did update us a bit on the situation, but it is completely fair if they want to let this thread rest. Although I will still be mourning these incredible textures.
Wait a minute, OP logged on yesterday (yes I checked because it came up elsewhere), I play my necro card!
I've been banging my head against the wall for a while but I still can't figure out how to transport PRISONER vampires. Can't caravan them since they're not in a casket/coffin but I can't stuff them in there since they're a prisoner :\
Plz help...
Honestly I'm not sure OP even plays anymore
I know this is really really really really late, but I hope you're okay now? Unless someone knows what happened here
Lol, I'll just revive him once I figure out if I'm missing something or if the bug is fixed, I'm not gonna risk having to deal with this again :P

EDIT: In hindsight,  it could possibly some freak of nature weird mod conflicts but I doubt it.
I think i found a problem with the MAI's, it might've gotten patched but I haven't seen any mention of it. My normal MAI is fine but the advanced MAI I activated with my AI core it permanently stuck down. He took damage and got downed so I healed him but when I healed him, he got up and instantly downed again, this went on for 3 quadrums before I went into dev mode. I restored his torso which healed all the parts but he just got downed again. I tried deleting the injuries themselves but he just got hurt again, he's dead now because I got frustrated but when he was still up, he had a permanent pink tinge, as if he was stuck taking damage. It only fixed once I killed and revived him, but after that he took damage and got infinitely down again.
Yay! Let me be the first to congratulate you, been waiting for MAI to be updated for a while! Eternal thanks for your hard work! :D