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Stories / RimWorld Succession Game B18 - World #2 Story Thread
« on: November 23, 2017, 11:51:22 AM »
This is the thread for which multiple players will share a save and their stories with said save, just like your typical succession game goes. This is the thread for the second of two different player pools.

If you want to join in on the fun:

General Discussion / Re: Rimworld Succession Game
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:09:26 PM »
I want to join but I registered a Discord account in May and never used it yet and I get a message saying that I need to "Claim" my account and after I type everything it says: e-mail already registered and it blocks me, I can see a chat window but cannot post any message.

Judging by the fact that you left a message in the discord I'm assuming you figured it out?

General Discussion / Re: Rimworld Succession Game
« on: November 19, 2017, 12:06:38 PM »
Is this ever worked? Joining anyways, i guess. Where saves are stored?

Saves will most likely be stored in google drive.

General Discussion / Rimworld Succession Game
« on: November 19, 2017, 11:56:48 AM »
Rimworld Succession Game(RSG) formerly Rimworld Round Robin(RRR) is now looking for players for B18. If you wish to join we do all communication through this discord:

If you don't know what a succession game is, it's where one person starts a save then plays for a set amount of time. After that it's passed onto the next person and the cycle repeats. In our case the save is passed onto the manager and they pass it onto the player. This makes sure that we can keep backups of the save and check it after each turn to make sure the rules were followed.

Who's running this?
RSG is run by two people. I handle community stuff such as this post and general moderation of the server. XeoNovaDan manages the event. He set's up the save, passes it on, and generally runs things.

Rules and Info
  • Difficulty, scenario, world-gen, and landing site will be decided via survey.
  • Each player will have 4 real life days to complete their turn. Extensions are available if a valid reason is provided.
  • Each turn will be 15 in-game days. If you end up going over/under by a day or two that's fine so long as you have a reason.
  • If you can't make a turn contact either me or Xeo and we can bump you back a few slots.
  • If you miss your turn without contacting us at all we will assume you lost interest and remove you from the list.
  • You may be put back onto the list if you contact me or Xeo and provide an explanation as to why you missed your turn.
  • You will be required to write up a history posts and submit them to this thread. That way it keeps all the story in one place. You can find the format here:
  • No kill boxes please. No one will mind if you create some efficient defenses but the game is no fun for anyone if all the raids are decimated.
  • Nobody can stop you from doing what you want with the save but please refrain from doing anything that would ruin the fun for people. Launching the colony into space would be one of those
  • We will NOT be using mods this run. We will use them in future runs.

How to join
  • Click the discord link
  • Leave a message in #participation_requests


Q: Can we add a mod?
A: Probably not in this run, but maybe later.

Q: Can we use a mod that isn't part of the pack?
A: Absolutely not. That has the potential to break everything.

Q: How can I get notified when it's my turn?
A: Through discord you can download the desktop or mobile app and turn on the appropriate notification settings.

Q: If the line gets too long will you create another group?
A: That is the plan yes. Though when that'll be is not known.

Outdated / Re: [A17] Dangerous Rim V1.3
« on: August 09, 2017, 08:28:02 AM »
I suppose that would depend on load order and how CE changed it. I think it should.

Outdated / Re: [A17] Dangerous Rim V1.3
« on: August 08, 2017, 06:34:55 PM »
That is worded badly. No idea why I said it that way since the smarter part is misleading.

The raids are harder because they come more frequently and with more people who have better items.
By smarter I mean that the smart raids have a higher chance to spawn.

Mods / Re: Idea: Alien/ Mutant Wildlife (HOSTILE PLANET)
« on: July 13, 2017, 08:23:31 PM »
It's not super difficult but I figure I'd show that I can at the very least add the creatures.

Even if it's my own special texture :p

Mods / Re: Idea: Alien/ Mutant Wildlife (HOSTILE PLANET)
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:33:38 PM »
Okay. Just wanted to make sure you didn't feel your effort ended up wastes. It looks really nice.

Mods / Re: Idea: Alien/ Mutant Wildlife (HOSTILE PLANET)
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:17:41 PM »
That's looking really good. Keep in mind that while it does look awesome it'll be down-scaled in the end. So a lot of the detail may not be noticed.

Mods / Re: Idea: Alien/ Mutant Wildlife (HOSTILE PLANET)
« on: July 13, 2017, 03:48:18 PM »
Sounds good. Incase you didnt know you'll need front, back, and right side.

Mods / Re: Idea: Alien/ Mutant Wildlife (HOSTILE PLANET)
« on: July 13, 2017, 01:28:34 PM »
I wouldn't mind giving you a hand. With patching you wouldn't even need to replace vanilla creatures they could just be removed.

Of course my ability to help depends on how indepth you want creature abilities to be. If you want plain headcrabs I can do that. If you want headcrabs that attach to people, I might be able to but probably not. IDK though I'd have to take a proper look.

Outdated / Re: [A17] Dangerous Rim V1.3
« on: July 13, 2017, 01:24:43 PM »
I look forward to your thoughts on what's been added so far. Unfortunately I haven't had as much feedback as I'd like.

Outdated / Re: [A17] Dangerous Rim V1.3
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:38:48 PM »
I've changed around some of the chances of them happening to spread the love around a bit. Some happen less but can be more sever. Like berserk happens less but can go on for almost a day longer.

Aside from changing around some chances for things to happen, I've also changed how long they last. None should trend longer or shorter to my immediate knowledge (I could be wrong as I haven't looked at the relevant code in a bit), but they should all have a chance top be longer or shorter.

I plan on adding a few more breaks to try and achieve different levels of breaks. They will be optional once I get the settings working.

If you do plan on downloading this keep your eye out because I plan on updating sometime this week.

Day 1
The colony I've been handed doesn't look a super nice place to be. It's cold and there's a large lack of food, but I figure I can make it work. It's and early day for Mal, she's out finishing up some construction. I have Draz go out and and grab some berries to eat instead of raw meat. Had him harvest some wood while he out, figure they might like having a butcher table. While he's out an escape pod lands nearby. A quick check from the aerial drones shows that he'd be decent to have around. I order Draz to bring him back, Mal get's to patching him up right away. We're low on food so I won't force him to join, but I'll take him if he offers. I got a screenshot of his information.

Day 2
Everyone's up early today. It gives us a head start on hauling in some wood and getting the furnace going. Now we have power and can produce nutrient paste. It tastes terrible but it get's the job done. Chad decided to join, he'll be doing menial labor such as mining. Mal took advantage of the wood Draz chopped to to light some torches in the bedrooms, that should keep people warm for a bit. I didn't notice in the initial screening but it looks like Chad has a love for smokeleaf and brought some with him. He must have still been in lots of pain because he fell unconscious after a single joint. Draz has gone berserk due to the lack of alcohol. I wish he wasn't the only decent shooter because he's swinging that charge rifle around like a madman. Here's a quick picture of Chad and his smokeleaf.

Day 3
We were out of meat and Draz was losing his mind so I couldn't have him go pick berries or do anything useful so I had to make Chad take on the mantle of butcher for a bit. While he was doing that Mal went into a daze because his room was too cold at night. While Mal was wandering around I started laying down blueprints for a dining room. Eating without a table day in and day out was beginning to take it's toll on these people. After that I rezoned their home area. It was a mistake to let them decide for themselves and it was a huge mess.

Day 4
I noticed that Chad was going to try and use up the smokeleaf so I decided it would be best to forbid it to everyone. It could be valuable trade material or useful in a situation where someone is going to break. I sent out some more berry picking designations to keep food stocked when the battery broke. Luckily it didn't have any charge

Day 5
The day started with Mal hauling some more wood back home in preparation for dining room furniture. It turned out nicely enough all the extra wood is going to flooring to make rooms nicer.

A new dining room wasn't good enough to keep Chad happy though. As Mal was going to get building materials Chad insulted her causing a fistfight.

They got over it before any serious injuries occurred. Mal even forgave Chad and immediately tended to his wounds. Draz is halfway through his withdrawls and not doing well. I had to cancel some tree cutting jobs because we needed him focused on berry harvesting.

Day 6
Draz went on a smokeleaf then passed out after the first joint. Chad had to take on plantcutting to pick up the slack.

Day 7
The indoor growing are is now complete and Draz is planting rice. I searched the area with the drone for wildlife but all seems to have migrated for warmer weather. I'm considering eating Orlene at this point. Bellerose joined today. He's pretty good at building and will allow Mal to focus on research if she has time. The only problem is he can't fight.

Day 8
Mal and Draz now have plant-cutting as their highest priority. We have no more food the only way they'll get to eat is if they harvest all they can quick before it dies. I asked Bellerose to close up the stockpile to help prevent leaking heat. It also looks nicer. After that he had nothing else to do and started cleaning, it actually made the place look kind of nice and did wonders on everyone's mood.

Draz went into a daze then passed out. Mal followed up and went berserk while Chad was carrying Draz to his room. Chad managed to put Draz into bed then turned around to see Mal in the doorway ready to kill. Chad valiantly defended the unconscious Draz with his life. He somehow managed to knock some sense into Mal.

Day 9
Chads gone into a daze from hunger, then passed out in the snow and started developing hypothermia. His parka must have broke while defending Draz. Mal brought him back in. A combat supplier from Enanerena has appeared.The some visitors from Union of Meacar. Hopefully one of them will trade for some warm cloths as it's gonna reach -31 Celsius or -24 Fahrenheit. Chad lost a toe to extreme hypothermia and another escape pod fell. I didn't bother with her name because we can't take her. I've sent Bellerose to take her cloths and leave her there.

Day 10
I sold our last smokeleaf joint for some pemmican and a pigskin t-shirt. It's not much but it'll have to do, we can't have people freezing to death. I want to give it to chad once he wakes up.
The woman in the escape pod died a few minutes after stripped, I don't think she would have made it even with our help. Chad developed Carcinoma in his left lung, he's not looking good and may be out till summer arrives. Or so I thought. Chad died of hypothermia before I could warm him up. If only he'd been conscious he might have been able to put cloths on. As much as the idea disturbs me we may have to eat Chads corpse. The colony is starving we don't have any other options.

Some tribes people from the Orange Plains Alliece have decided to attack. I'm afraid we only have two fighters. But we at least have technology. Luckily a few well placed shots from Draz killed one of the raiders and sent his buddy running. I've decided not to chase the second raider. We will continue to eat the dead.

Day 11
A refugee asked for assistance. Unfortunately I do not believe we could have helped him. I would rather he died quickly to a bullet then slowly to the cold. The first cannibal meal has been consumed. The mood hits are gonna hurt, but so does starvation.
Draz has gone berserk due to eating raw human meat. There wasn't enough left to make a meal out of.
Draz passed out from the cold ending his rampage but Bellerose went into  a daze.
Draz passed out again then went berserk when he woke up.
Draz started beating on Bellerose while he was dazed and wouldn't fight back

Day 12
Draz was in the rice farm when he went berserk. He didn't close the door while leaving. We lost a full harvest of rice. That could have fed everyone for a season or two.
Draz has been beaten back into bed. Mal is now berserk due to acute pain.
Bellerose has been clubbed from behind by Mal and is now lying in the snow. Luckily he has the best insulating gear so he should be fine.
Bellerose is down, Mal is berserk, and Draz is in bed starving to death

Day 13
Mal passed out from hypothermia. It's all up to Bellerose now.
Bellerose managed to fight through the pain to rescue Mal. Now we need to hope that Mal can recover from hypothermia
I was planning on eating Orlene when Draz starved to death. Orlene has gone berserk, it looks like we may eat both if we sruvive the warg.
I instructed Bellerose to tunnel his way to Draz's room to eat his corpse. We need to avoid someone getting mauled by Orlene.

Bellerose got food poisoning from Draz. Now everyone is unconscious again.
It didn't take Bellerose long to get back up
A physic smooth has swept across the lands making our female colonists much happier
What a shame Bellerose has gone berserk
Bellerose snuck up on Orlene and bashed her skull in. I'm actually impressed. For someone incapable of violence he did good.

Day 14
Bellerose has returned to his sense and fed Orlene to Mal. He works tirelessly to heal her frostbitten limbs.
I've given the order to cannibalize some internal walls for wood. We need something to burn.
Before that though Bellerose goes to tend Mal. With herbal meds though now. We can't waste the glitterworld meds
Bellerose was about to eat Orlene some more then went berserk with hunger
Mal has died of hypothermia. Bellerose did nothing to save her.
Bellerose has passed out from hunger. If only he'd spent less time berserking. I think at this point that everything may be lost.
A wanderer has joined. Bellerose may not survive but the colony will survive.
Her name is Ash

Ash has saved Bellrose's life and provided him with one of the fine meals she brought.

Day 15
As I'm preparing to say goodbye to the colony Ash has alerted me that we need more graves so I have designated those to be built
Ash has felled quite a few trees so whomever may take this burden next will have wood.

That ends my time with the colony. A second solar panel is almost built and the comms console almost has the materials. I regret that so many people died while I was in control. I'll admit I was in completely over my head. I have no excuses for the atrocities I had those people commit nor do I want any. I only hope that the poor soul who has to take over fares better than I have.

I now walk away with more money then I'll ever need, fame, and a life of shame. To whoever get's stuck doing this next I wish you luck.

So here I am minding my own business considering a post on blog talking about some rumors I've heard involving Alt-Freaking and alcohol and considering checking my email for the first time in a while (I've been in a dead-zone doing some dealings), when my screen starts flashing the call icon. Startled I don't even bother checking the call ID. As the call begins I quick flip off my camera. There are people out there I'd rather not know my location.

It takes my computer a moment to connect and load everything. When it does I'm surprised to see that I recognize the face and ID. They belong to CrackShotCleric, a relatively low popularity RTCE streamer. I'd seen a few of them before his stream got canceled. I can't say I wasn't impressed with his skill, I didn't agree with a lot of his choices but he got the job done.

I'm considering asking a few questions when he starts speaking.

"I assume I'm talking to MiniMurgle? Owner of the Cat&Serpent blog, and old RTCE streamer?" he asked. He didn't seem to have any foul intents towards me, but when you've pissed as many people off as me you've got to be careful.

"So what if I am?" It's not the best I could have retorted, but I was caught off guard by everything. Not to mention I still need to be careful not to give to much away. I may not have written anything bad about CrackShotCleric in particular but I've said plenty of clan.

"If you are I have something important for you. Of course you'll need to sign NDA before I can tell you anything, it should also work to prove your identity. Your signature is on public record, just like everyone else. There is monetary gain so please consider carefully." This was an offer I couldn't refuse. I was in desperate need of money at the moment. You can't shuttle into deep space for months with pocket change. So I take the document and attach my signature the send it back.

After that CrackShotCleric tells me all the details. Alt-Freaks big publicity stunt, keeping him alive, and getting him home. It sounds like fun. I turn on my camera to talk to him face to face.

"Well CrackShot this most certainly sounds interesting, but why choose me? Most people say I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, not to mention I haven't streamed a RTCE in years. Also why are you the one asking me this, not some official lawyer or something?" It was quite puzzling and it seemed important to know. I don't see why you would choose someone who hasn't touched an RTCE in years to to keep someone alive in an RTCE environment.

"Alt-Freaking's lawyer did try to contact you. He asked me to do it because you called him a government boot licker the blocked him. Since it seems that you were second on the list he asked me to give it a shot." This makes sense, I remember doing it too. I didn't bother to listen to the poor lawyer I just saw and traced his Legal-IDent# and didn't like what I saw.

"As for why you were chosen he didn't tell me everything but it would appear that you used to be quite a decent streamer. He must have liked what he saw." he said. This made me wonder something. How far back did Alt-Freaking go for that footage? I was in cryo for 20 years directly after I stopped streaming, then I've added another 50 years in cryo due to travel.

We chatted a little bit more and I learned some more details. I got a link to the site where this was all being streamed too and had a chance to check my email. It was appalling! I could have used this as a large boost for my blog. Not to mention the fact that Alt-Freaking was actually an alcoholic.

A lot happened in such a short time today. I guess I'm responsible for some lives now. I should be able to get them through but who knows? I just hope that I'm not the one who ends up responsible for killing them. I guess I'll get a quick nap then check in and see how the colony is doing.

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