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I think my prepare carefully items are spawning in the new colony formed when I begin the second part of the archonexus quest in Ideology expansion.  Anyone else notice this?
Also, don't "overflow" unless there are no other options.  So:
1) Find ingredient with highest nutrition value
2) Add until there is some remainder
3) Search for lowest nutrition ingredient, add until complete

This isn't optimal, but should work pretty near to it for all the vanilla eggs and meats, especially in the survival meals recipes that are most prone to rounding error
This is especially noticeable with the higher nutrition eggs, like turkey eggs.

A related case is packaged survival meals 4x; the pawn will use 3 turkey eggs to supply the 1.1 nutrition of meat required, wasting 0.4 nutrition worth of egg.
If staggeringly ugly raiders attack and are then killed, the entire colony celebrates with the "rival dead" thought.  The game doesn't seem to be restricting this thought to within the same faction anymore.
Note that the modern way to do this trick is to use shelves next to the workbenches, which is much more reasonable and aesthetic.
Colonists will watch TV, relax socially, or eat using the Grand Meditation Throne.  This isn't too strange (even though they don't own it).

What's odd is that they will do this with any of the 6 tiles acting as the chair, and even still gain comfort from it that way.  I even had one pawn fall asleep on the edge of the throne (he didn't mind it so much).
It could be random chance, but I feel like I kept seeing the same techprints for sale until I bought and used them, then I'd see different ones (and not the original ones).  I've yet to see one I've already used.

Am I just lucky, or is the game being friendly?  Has anyone tested explicitly?
Bugs / [1.2] Imperial Bestower not wearing pants
October 06, 2020, 06:35:59 AM
His royal majesty's most honorable bestower often doesn't spawn with pants (he has his outer robe on, at least)
Bugs / [1.1] Raw fungus harvest decree
March 12, 2020, 02:37:28 AM
You can get a command from your lord to grow and harvest the unfarmable raw fungus.
You can get "inspired surgery" with medical skill as low as 4, even though all the interesting surgeries (eg install bionic) require skill 5 to even attempt.

There are other weird inspiration tags too, noted in an older suggestions thread
Quote from: YokoZar on October 25, 2018, 10:16:26 PM
You can get "inspired surgery" with medical skill 4, even though all the interesting surgeries (eg install bionic) require skill 5 to even attempt.  That one feels particularly bad.
This is still a thing in 1.1, and is probably more properly labelled a bug
Quote from: Canute on June 18, 2019, 06:14:42 AM
Did you ever tried the Replimat mod ?
It is basicly an adv. NPD, and comes with a Kibble dispenser too.
It accept Insect/human meat and produce non-cannibalistic food out of it.
I did not, it modifies way more than this simple vanilla thing.  It looks like the animals behave as desired with the Replimat Animal Feed dispenser at least.
Three years later, and I too want this.
Does it happen only in the first few moments after the restriction?  I believe if a pawn starts a "wander" action just before you rezone, it will finish walking to wherever it was going before it realizes it's not supposed to be there and hurries back inside.
Bugs / Insufficiently dressed raiders and caravans
June 17, 2019, 07:32:02 PM
I'm playing in a cold biome (-30F or so winter).  Most raiders and caravans show up properly dressed, but usually there will be one or two members of the group who aren't and have much worse temperature range than their peers.

For caravans, this triggers the "leaving due to dangerous temperature" warning before the first day is over.