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Couldn't find a steam download for 2231 so I updated to 2272.. then couldn't see a convenient way to target a meteor on a specific spot on the map :( I could have tiled the whole map & set it to remove floor to test, I guess, but I'm sure someone with more familiarity with the dev tools can easily do a quick test to check..
Prolly reported previously, but just in case: a meteorite strike on a constructed floor tile marked to be deconstructed will destroy the floor (as expected), but the job marker remains (can be cancelled) even thru the unmined meteorite

Mostly visual IMO (no obvious way to see if pawns will try to complete that uncompletable job; I'll keep an eye on it), but irritating & unexpected..
Quote from: Yoshida Keiji on October 09, 2018, 11:19:57 PM
I tried that long ago but I think the slider method is deficient. [...] If I set the slider to 50%, pawns may wear their clothing off and remain with less gear, which means that if a raid happens, they will have more vulnerabilities. I pretty much prefer them walking with mood debuff than with weaker defense.
ATM it seems to me that pawns will always favour the most expensive (wealth) clothes, not necessarily the most useful (to them). Setting aside armour for the moment, watch how vanilla pawns with no restrictions react to heatwave/cold snap incidents: they'll prefer an expensive tuque over a cheap cowboy hat despite the temp difference, even if theyre already suffering from heatstroke (vice-versa applies ofc). With armour (or clothing that doubles as armour) the same applies: the pawn will prefer the most expensive item over the one that gives better protection :(

Adjusting the equipment slider helps to a degree (set to 58%+ to avoid 'tattered/tainted clothing' debuff & pawns constantly swapping 51% clothes), but still doesn't change their above basic behaviour :( It also doesn't affect their protection: if 45% power (sorry, marine) armour provides better protection than a 75% flak jacket, WEAR THE P ARMOUR!

I like the idea of wardrobes in bedrooms having some function other than being decorative; I fully endorse the idea of them being limited to 1 outfit (to prevent wealth spiral) & the necessity of the 'owning' pawn (prolly set to their bed status, altho this may be a headache if using barracks) being nearby
My basic ideal is this: a pawn goes to sleep in their bedroom. They wake up, & are directed as necessary as to which outfit they should wear for the day. This apparel status continues until <player> switches it for whatever reason, whereupon pawn returns to their bedroom's wardrobe & changes apparel (or changes to <player>-forced apparel as directed)

In addition to the above, environmental protection should be taken into account. So, if pawn is wandering around naturally (ie unforced apparel, job, etc) they should wear the best clothing appropriate to their environment: no more idiots dying from heatstroke 'cos they refused to replace a devilstrand tuque with a llama-wool cowboy hat, simply because the former is more expensive!
General Discussion / Re: Ungrateful Sod..
October 27, 2018, 11:56:38 AM
Tks Eldarin
General Discussion / Re: Ungrateful Sod..
October 26, 2018, 10:14:10 PM
Quote from: Kirby23590 on October 22, 2018, 09:32:47 AM
Quote from: Alenerel on October 22, 2018, 09:21:26 AM
Can someone from a faction join you if you rescue him?
No... They just go back to their faction... But if they are a friendly ones or the ones that can befriended like rough outlanders or savage tribes, they will give you goodwill if they leave the map, if you heal them up.
Another faction rescuee certainly joined my base in B19 (no hostile environment at the time); uncertain if that's possible with 1.0 or simply that the chance is really low..
Quote from: krampe on October 24, 2018, 10:32:38 AM
But you can always replace his lungs with harvested lungs. Every Illness will be gone!
Is this true with already diseased organs? Eg harvesting an asthmatic lung & placing it into a pawn removes the asthmatic trait?
General Discussion / Re: Inventory of Factions
October 26, 2018, 08:22:33 PM
IIRC the trade screen for each faction refreshes every couple of seasons or so; there was talk of reducing this time period, but I dunno if this is the reduced time or if it never happened..
General Discussion / Re: Worst 6 traits?
September 27, 2018, 01:36:40 PM
One thing ppl seem to have missed is Frail (or Bad Back for the lesser version)..
I suspect youuninstalled the lights/heaters without claiming them first. The outcome you experienced certainly sounds like a bug: either uninstalling should automatically claim, or items must be claimed before being uninstalled..
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
August 26, 2018, 07:55:14 AM
Is there a reason for 'harvest' & 'plant cut' to be 2 separate actions? Why not combine the two, so if a plant is designated to be cut, it's harvested if possible & cut if not. Keep the work screen as 2 separate jobs ('grow' & 'cut plants'), so blight clearance/mass deforestation can be done as high priority by anyone if necessary

Bill order at a workstation could be drag-&-drop, saving many clicks in the case of a workstation having many bills & needing to add a priority 1-off job

I find it odd that flak items, power armour & plate armour are unsmeltable, especially the latter. Since tainted apparel now cannot be sold, at least allow us to melt the things down!

General Discussion / Re: Multithreading
August 25, 2018, 07:58:38 PM
Quote from: Nafensoriel on August 24, 2018, 05:43:34 PMMultithread is kinda like DX12. Most people really just don't understand it well enough to know why it won't work the way the media releases claim it to work. For one most parallelism has to be baked in from the start. Trying to crib it in after the fact is often a full rewrite for something large scale. In many cases the applications of things like DX12 to overcome drawcall limits(the GPU version of multithreading) come at a huge manhour cost and unless you design exclusively around that one API/function you get next to zero benefits out of it.
Ummm.. My 'informed layman' understanding of MT programming thinks of some objections: Yes, MT will help with GFX & sound, but RW isn't media-oriented (ie AV content) for that to be any problem IMO (interrupts notwithstanding). Again, yes: MT programming architecture does generally require a complete rewrite of the core modules (hence Toady's reluctance to use it in DF), but it could be implemented as a project post-release, perhaps with limited contributors (outsource is /sometimes/ good practice!)

QuoteIf you want a weird mental image to describe how full parallelism works try to picture sending out 10 pizza deliveries to the same house but..
1] all of them must take different routes.
2] all of them must arrive exactly in the order they need to.
3] if one crashes all 10 cars crash.. No one gets pizza. Everyones sad.
Umm.. that's a little extreme I think. If an  individual  thread fails it shouldn't cause a cascade, even if the result of its doing so may ultimately result in a core crash: ie bad programming (altho this may be unavoidable in certain situations)

Galactic Civilization 3 is the type of full parallelism done right.. but it has its rather major drawbacks. One of them is resources. [..] the largest map size with a moderate to small amount of AI enemies could easily consume 64gb of memory. It also absolutely hammers the CPU when it does this.
GC3 is more AV-oriented, despite its turn-based strategy, so I'm not that surprised that it takes up loadsa RAM (whether CPU or GFX) for a few seconds while turns ar processing One of the advantages of RW for this kind of thinking is that sprites are extremely light on GFX use, & the audio, as mentioned, is easily farmed off to another thread
Quote from: Norseman on August 20, 2018, 04:43:49 AM

So the seasons are pretty much events and not just interpolated temperature levels with a season based event pool that the RNG draws from?

Seasons now (as of A17 or B18, I forget) depend upon latitude (planetary axial tilt is currently not in vanilla). So if you stay close to the equator you'll always be in in 'permanent summer', for eg

Events are RNG, but most only cover your bace (global) cell; exeptions are toxic fallout, volcanic winter etc. Hence my thought above
Quote from: erdrik on August 21, 2018, 05:25:48 PM
I believe multiple layers of sandbags, while not adding to Cover Bonus, does add to Obstruction Chance since there are more "buildings" the projectile has to pass to get to the target. Though, I admit I have not tested this under controlled conditions.
To add to which, multiple obstructive layers (sandbags, poor ground, some plants etc) spaced 1 tile apart reduce hostile movement by a fair bit, potentially allowing more shots against melee hostiles.. thus reducing turret vulnerability to them

If you're utilising this method /don't/ place sandbags directly next to each other: once the first 'bag is climbed the hostile can hop directly to the next 'bag with no penalty (makes little sense, but..)
Quote from: MoronicCinamun on August 21, 2018, 04:59:40 PM
In stable branch of the game, smoke pop belts have one and only one "advantage" over the shield, the fact they're easier to produce + "cheaper" (but the cheaper is arguably false if you're buying them, because they'll be gone forever once used and thus cost more in the long run).

Smoke belts are extremely useful in several ways:
  • They can be used by ranged pawns
  • They can be used by 'sacrificial' pawns to lay down smoke barrages, decreasing incoming fire accuracy (particularly useful vs lancers/snipers, allowing melee units into the fray)
  • As noted, they're easy & cheap to produce relatively early
  • Their ranged fire debuff applies to hostile pawns too, so an incoming hostile close group will suffer accuracy problems if an SPB-equipped member is hit
Other ideas occur, but that'll do for starters..

Quote-(the more complex solution): make the belts "reusable" somehow... Not sure how practical this is (I don't know jack about coding), but if a spent smokepop belt somehow became a "broken smokepop belt" or some such that can be combined with x amount of steel and/or chemfuel at the machining bench for a new belt, thus removing the long-term component cost.
I would like to make them rechargeable items, using (say) 1 chemfuel & 2 wood/veg, however IDK how practical or (un)balancing that would make them IG, or to code..

Quote from: Blato on August 22, 2018, 06:09:35 AM

This made me crack a laugh, as the first thing that popped to mind is Rimmer from the show Red Dwarf.
I was just about to add "Yeah, 'cause they must be idiots to land on a planet with so many (varied) hostiles, not knowing how to make basic stuff", then I came back to Rim-verse lore & remembered that most of the 'basic stuff' has been redone in the tech tree..

Still a funny link tho.. :)
It would be nice if 'regional' (eg fallout, global winter etc) events showed a bloom (area of effect) on the global map, but I don't expect this change  to happen anytime soon :(