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General Discussion / Re: toxic fallout is as bad as the old tornado
« on: December 22, 2018, 05:04:42 PM »
i also like it. sometimes. i remember once i got it like three times in a year. that wasnt just hard to survive, that was really lame as in boring. but i guess it always is if you get the same crap over and over again.

what people didnt mention yet i think is how you can easily heal your toxic buildup just like hypothermia and others. as soon as your pawns are roofed, their toxic buildup will sink again. but still, dont let it get over a certain level (30% i think) because above that level your pawns may develop cancer and something else aswell

sorry, didnt play normal games in a while, i am on sea ice and there different rules exist

General Discussion / Re: Do sleeping or recreation have hidden priority?
« on: December 22, 2018, 04:53:19 PM »
i would have always preferred being able to sort the jobs. makes little sense that full time docs go to sleep when they arent done with saving lives. at the same time you should also be able to make surgeries less important, since noone's life depends on it in general. especially when you are as evil as me and replace prisoners' legs and teeth with wood, steal their organs and give them luci and set them loose only for them to come back as easily killable sources of luci.

General Discussion / Re: Bionic Hitpoints?
« on: December 22, 2018, 04:47:20 PM »
dont you remember that one piece of wood you used to replace that leg with? if you damage it, it will grow back and over the years if you keep it safe a new poplar tree will grow from it

just pray you didnt use saguaro wood for it. poor fella, one morning he'll awake with needles all over his junk

i think it also opens up the game to adding more types of animals. until now, any animal you added essentially produced another type of leather which makes crafting leather things just even more of a nightmare. (obv there are exceptions)
eg: now we can add giraffes without the need to add another type of leather, giraffe leather.

maybe i am the only one that ever did this long term, but i always try to use all the resources i am given and will not sell anything that has another use (superfluous or just plain weak guns obv i still sell, also scyther blades and so on) and when on caravans will carry everything back home with the exception of rock and maybe steel. i will even make a single pawn wait in place with all the loot to make the rest of my pawns go back and forth between him and my base. anyway. i will also definitely hunt every animal down and after butchering them, make armchairs out of them and kibble. the thing is, that's a lot of leather. i have a fairly large room dedicated to just making use of leather and it is actually surprisingly hard and i play on the tiniest map possible. i dont get that many animals. i rely on their meat a lot but their leather? i made like 6 large dining/rec rooms with long tables surrounded by armchairs. all of these rooms have tv's, two of them even megascreens and every single place has an armchair. i then upgraded to normal armchairs and deconstructed the inferior ones. then to good, then to superior. now i'm at excellent and soon done with even that and i'm only in year 8 and i am still going on with the game as usual, you can clearly see how i am not exactly low on resources in that regard. it is actually my main source of income by now, as i am completely out of minable resources and refuse to sell food to traders if it isnt about to go bad or if i completely run out of space sometimes because of elephant hordes. all i do is expand my base, grow and hunt, food, grow wood, fight, sell some things and buy bionics. and as i said before i try to make use of leather.

i am saying all this because animals just drop too much leather imo, or that there are too many wandering about on the map. i think the drop amounts for leather should be lowered with 1.0 because you will have much less leather laying around uselessly, because there are fewer types of it so it is much easier to make use of what you have.

eg: currently in early game if you first hunt for and butcher 10 animals you easily end up with 8 different types of leather and can barely do anything with it. with the update you end up with maybe 3 types and you have way more possibilities suddenly, eventhough your own skill or the game's difficulty setting didnt change. like that it is much easier to spam dusters, button down shirts and pants than before.

also, most people have always probably just sold all but maybe the very best leathers they had and grew cotton for armchairs and so on. that is mainly because the price for leathers is so high. it has to be corrected downwards slightly. it just seems too weird to me that poor wanderers would give so much of their precious food for some scraps of fabric and leather. it's not even like i give them proper covers, sleeping bags or jackets or whatever. it is just the raw material, it's useless to them like that, especially in those low amounts.

But I'm not a tough army guy, so maybe if you have the tough trait you shouldn't get -3 from eating without a table.  ???
yep, i'm pretty tough alright. unfortunately i am also too smart ("for my own good") and have an annoying voice.

honestly, i think both are really weird thoughts to have. has anyone ever felt bad in rl eating without a table, or felt especially good about themselves for eating with a table? no way.

You talk like someone who never had to have lunch in the dirt.

Now let me qualify that by saying having a chair to sit in is 2/3 of the issue, but then some foods just don't eat right without table. Some do, some just don't.

Personally I have had to sit in hot dirt near fire ants and have lunch; I can attest that I had a -3 mood penalty for the rest of the afternoon as a result.
(ex army guy here)
why did the dear lord give you two feet and two hands? you stand on your legs (and go away from the fire ants (or enemy fire)) and then you use your weaker hand to hold your plate (or some type of mug, dunno how it is called in english, but you eat out of that container in the army) and you hold your spork in your stronger hand.

honestly, i never got a rl-mood-debuff for eating without a table. i sure couldnt relax as well as at home or even just in a cafeteria or on the canteen bench in high school, (in rw terms my comfiness level didnt rise) but being sad about that and maybe even making me go on a rampage killing my fellow men? hell naw
edit: i dont know about you guys, but eating without a table irl is really unimportant to me. i made a list of somewhat related things that annoy me more, from most to least annoying:

- eating food i dont like (capers? more like hell spawns)- eating in the rain
- eating bad food (be that healthwise, nutritionwise, tastewise or because it is poisoned)
- eating with someone i cant stand at the same table- eating at a noisy place
- eating in the cold
- eating with someone i cant stand in sight or hearing range (especially with annoying voice trait)
- eating on the move
- eating food that wasnt worth its wait or price- eating alone
- eating food without having sth to drink
- eating food outdoors (idc if that's the "style" of your restaurant)
- eating without cutlery (yes i really dislike eating pop-corn and the like)
- eating while only using my weaker hand (only did that once as a kind of challenge with my friends way back in the day. but i guess this also applies if you break your arm/hand/collar bone)
- eating without a chair
- eating without a table- eating cold food and leftovers (i genuinely enjoy eating those, especially leftovers of my spouse or cold pizza)

granted, this list is very personal, but still, it should show how many things could slightly budge a pawn but they mostly dont give a -3 in mood.

General Discussion / Re: Do you even get high bruh? Lets talk drugs.
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:11:41 PM »
personally, i rarely use any drugs whatsoever. especially with my two latest runs i ended up with so many chemically interested and fascinated pawns that it was just impossible.
on the bright side, i noticed how chemically interested and fascinated pawns like eachother more, so now i am actively on the lookout for druggies xD

in other runs i used to produce flake a lot, but that was before i went way up with the difficulty. maybe i should try another run where i play on the highest difficulty and i MUST build a drug imperium. in general though i wall my drugs in and in rare occasions i even burn them because i just cant be bothered. especially pets love to gobble them up and i have no chance on checking on that. same problem as with chocolate. ridiculous how they can smell it over the entire map.

but really, in normal games i still only rarely use drugs. i have used go juice and yayo before to make an old frost bitten friendly leave the map, i sometimes feel the need to use some mood enhancing drugs.
honestly, most of the time you can fairly easily work around drugs, you really dont NEED them. for mood you can easily make very impressive rooms, especially if you combine certain types efficiently (rec eating room is old news, hospital kitchens is how I roll). late game plastering storage rooms with shelves is also easy for no beauty debuff. carpets are a given, also, knowing when to invest into flooring is important. if you cant clean, dont have any flooring, sand and soil is better than dirty carpets. fine meals are also a given, in emergencies you can make lavish meals aswell with a bit of micro.

but i guess most importantly you should look the hell out what kind of pawn you try to recruit. a depressive pawn is just a major annoyance. the only thing that's too smart about too smart pawns is that you can just release them and shoot them next time they attack you. get the nudists, night owls and happy pawns. in the long run they are better choices. it doesnt matter how fast a pawn works because raids scale with your progress, so that's pretty much a dead trait. no problem if an oaf, lazy or whatever. as long as they are able to shoot a gun or swing a sword, they're good with me. (and as said, if you have multiple druggies, they become really good friends and marry easily. same is true for teetotalers, but be careful if you mix the two groups. that's bad news)

ps: you can give luci to prisoners that you plan on releasing. everytime they come back to attack you they will bring some luci with them. if you shoot them down or dead, their luci is yours and your investment was worth it *evil grin*

easy: i always have a room in the outskirts of my base where i let all my animals haul corpses of dead raiders and then feast on them. when i want to use my psychic animal pulser, i change all my animal's area to that corpse room and then seal it with a block of wood. i then activate it, all animals go manhunter as intended and a day later i let my calm animals out again :)

General Discussion / Re: Adaptation and rampups are terrible.
« on: August 06, 2018, 06:12:22 PM »
adaptation is a good thing. that said, it is too strong in rimworld. send weaker raids if a guy on my side died, but not laughably weak ones. send stronger and stronger raids over time, so that i have a constant challenge, but dont just suddenly surprise me with a huge raid.

as one of the few players (it seems) that has extensive experience with pheebs chillax, i can absolutely assure the devs that the most difficult part about her is that as a new player you most of the time have absolutely no idea how much you should invest into military (be that guns, skilling, armor, defenses, autoguns, but even stuff like hospitals and drugs) because you get raids so rarely. even in extreme late game, the same minor threat will always be the same as in the very beginning of the game. eg. a bzzzzt will produce the same explosion on any difficulty and at any point in time of the game, no matter how many of your pawns died. that makes those events much, much harder to deal with as a beginner at game start (especially since it isnt explained how or why they occur and how you can avoid/weaken them) and later on it's just boring because it's the same as always and you'll essentially just get a heads-up until the next minor/major threat. i think replacing components is the most extreme in this regard. pheebs will absolutely bombard you with these from time to time in late game and no matter how many times it happens it just means nothing to you. on the other hand, early game, especially in extreme cases like rich explorer extreme desert/sea ice/ice sheet, but also "normal" game starts like crashlanded arid shrubland this can cause major inconveniences. what if your only heater dies, your only cooler for your fridge and you are threatened that your food spoils, what if, what if, what if.
(you might think i went off-topic, but no, read on please)
now what is extra difficult is that new players, who probably have the highest percentage of choosing chillax, will be confused. they will need to put out a bzzzt with one half charged battery one day, another day they have to replace a component, then an escape pod and ship chunks arrive, the next one a single guy raid comes, then they get the journey offer, then a wanderer joins, then an animal goes mad, then you get some resources from droppods, then beavers come (which are similar to raids, but noobs dont know that, so they wont look at their numbers and adapt their military to it), then travellers visit, then an eclipse happens, then some pigs join, then a heatwave starts, then an aurora happens, then a blight hits, then you get a flash storm, then psychic soothe starts, then you get a solar flare, then ambrosia plants sprout, then a squirrel self-tames and then a manhunter pack is let loose and then after many days of the same dilly-dally in terms of threats you finally get your second actual real raid, which may catch many new players completely off-guard, because by then they will have achieved quite a bit in the game but never actually experienced a proper raid (first one is weaker). i once had a case where i wasnt raided for 2 straight years, i double checked in the graphs and it's true. all kinds of other things happened, but no raids. (no i wasnt playing on low difficulties)

and to come back to the main point: raids generally dont happen very often. sure, veterans who already know their stuff will play on the highest difficulty and encounter raids every other day or so, but we arent talking about them, at least not exclusively. raids happen every now and then and i believe most players always expect to be able to survive the raid more or less well off. (as in, they have the possibility to do so. i also think that players know that they can still screw up and get obliterated in most bad events) now if raid strength varies aside from being measured with your progress and strength, you will want to give players a fair chance to anticipate a stronger raid somehow. imagine if i wasnt a seasoned player and didnt upgrade my defenses and guns and what not while i wasnt raided for 2 years. a noob would have been curb stomped the next time enemies set foot on their turf (it was a pure centipede mech raid closest to my base perimeter and less defended parts. good luck with that, noobs) i did fairly well because i expected each and every threat to be a raid, as i was taught by cassandra.
now i am not here to hate on pheebs, that's another topic. what i am really trying to say (badly, as always. i suck at making points) is that certain things in rimworld scale (eg: raids), some dont (eg: eclipses), some happen more and more often (eg: machine breakdowns) and some happen less and less often (eg: wanderer joins) in any normal playthrough. for the most part, this has been implemented well ages ago. (eg: no volcanic fallout at game start; weaker raids at first; soft limit on number of pawns and so on)

the problem is that certain events are too strong in the beginning and might throw off your whole game start like an early bzzzt event, while other events are completely uninteresting at the same time like an eclipse. on the other hand, a single machine breaking down could prove to be fatal in the beginning (very rarely) but usually it is a good event early on because you have to use a pawn and repair that machine for quite some time as their skills are still low and you've got so many other things on your mind (that is one out of 1 or 3 pawns (tribals dont usually have machines that early that could break down) which is very considerable) but later on in the game, as i said before, it just means absolutely nothing to you.

to keep it short, i would very much recommend the devs to go through the list of threats (and those positive things that happen, i always forget their name) and make notes on which occurrences should happen mainly when, how many times and maybe invent some new things that could happen with things that dont scale. (eg: multiple machines breaking down; bzzzt scaling with progress and not being (fully) dependent on energy stored; animal joins being dependent on colony state, like more later one, fewer at first. (also no early chickens, dogs instead are much more welcome. cats much later. why? because a silly tame squirrel just gets slaughtered, that's why and early chickens give too much of a boost imo and throw off early game by too much. amount or type of resources falling from the sky could also be influenced. ship chunks in the early days is a very good and interesting start, i'd love it if you elaborated on that. maybe mostly food in the beginning and leather types later on?

Suggestions / Re: Idea to make spears more usable
« on: August 06, 2018, 03:25:17 PM »
melee vs melee, yes, probably, unless it's about maces and clubs vs shields. then, armour makes more sense imo, as especially maces are built in a way that they wont glance off, unlike the steel blade of a sword for example.headbutts are probably also harder to dodge with a shield than without one, therefore using it as straight armor makes more sense there aswell imo.

once it comes to pawns with charge rifles shooting at medieval shields i am 100% positive that armor makes more sense than dodge chance (i am not sure if you can even dodge bullets...probably not, so this point of mine doesnt mean anything)

General Discussion / Re: Is door-peeking technically cheating?
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:27:01 PM »
if you have to disable dev mode to make you not abuse it and you have to play permadeath mode in order to not savescum, then forget about door-peeking being cheating. it is not pvp. you get mighty tools handed by tynan here, if you abuse it, it's your fault and noone else feels bad about it.
or do it like i do. just. dont. cheat. it is also kind of a life lesson. dropping out of school is easier than going there and finishing with a good degree. but will you be happier in the end if you do? will you not brush your teeth just because it is annoying to do so? will you pirate rimworld because it's cheaper? will you NOT write a comment in the forums and just screw yourself over by cheesing the game?

honestly, just equip your pawns properly, take cover and shoot the raiders down. regularly make better clothes of higher quality material. get longer range guns if you feel safer that way. assault rifles are my personal fave, but apparently sniper rifle spam is a thing. heck, just bombard the crap out of the enemy with mortars, that's perfectly fine. use ancient items. use fire. use mines, traps and help from friendly factions. healing is so easy in this game, so even if your pawns get damaged or even downed, no fear, they will heal very reliably. and even if you lose a limb, you can get better ones as replacement.

honestly, i think both are really weird thoughts to have. has anyone ever felt bad in rl eating without a table, or felt especially good about themselves for eating with a table? no way. honestly, it's only purpose is to give you an incentive in the beginning to rush tables, when you're on caravans and pausing somewhere that you should also build one and most importantly (and most annoyingly), when your pawns wander off into the map and pick nick in the woods. it's super annoying, because it can happen whenever, because the pawns dont walk very far to the closest table. you really have to litter your base in late game with tables in order to make sure your pawns dont get that debuff. the thing is, late game -3 mood doesnt mean much. it's generally much worse that your pawn suddenly doesnt have the huge buff of your impressive dining room.

so really, what i'd suggest is either make pawns look for tables to eat on in a much larger radius (or maybe even give the player a slidebar to adjust the search radius for tables for each pawn) or to just get rid of the debuff alltogether.

edit: maybe make pawns eat slower without a table? so it's kind of like the difference between using a butcher spot and a butcher table. the spot is cheaper but slower, just like using no table is cheaper but slower. additionally, comfy chairs (which can easily be built from the skins of wild game you hunted earlier anyway) give you a comfiness bonus, so sitting down to eat especially in good ass dining rooms should be a good way for getting nice boni to happiness. but i guess the debuff's real intention is to teach new players what tables are good for, so as a last resort, change the debuff to -1?

lastly, we shouldnt forget that tynan (probably) believes, that mood balancing is in a fairly good place as of now, otherwise he wouldve changed it by now or told us he was working on it. that said, i dont think the ate-without-a-table-debuff is part of this balance. what i really think is that it is just an occasional debuff that hits some of your pawns like bad mood. so it really is just annoying. so keeping it as a debuff that teaches new players what to do in the game, you could indeed just make the debuff smaller to be less of an annoyance for mid- to lategame.

Suggestions / Re: Bayonets for guns
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:32:57 PM »
B18 used to essentially have bayonets on every gun. completely destroyed the game from that perspective, melee was suicide. even the worst shots always got guns to use, so bad were the melee weapons in comparison.
honestly, the second i read about the issues with the weapons in B18, i immediately uninstalled and downgraded to A17 again, eventhough i JUST downloaded it. trust me, melee is cool, shooting is also cool and it's the coolest if it is viable and even the best thing to do to have a mixed army of melee and ranged fighters.

there are threads on here where lotsa people got really unfriendly to eachother about this same topic.

Suggestions / Re: Idea to make spears more usable
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:28:02 PM »
wooden and metal shields should definitely be added. maybe not as strong as shield belts but depending on shield types additional defense for the wearer. a bucklar would only give armor to the off hand, but a big round shield would defend the body and both arms (if used correctly not just the off hand gets defended, unlike what is shown in holywood movies), a kite shield would additionally defend the legs. a tower shield could be added to archers which if deployed would defend their whole body kinda like a portable sandbag.

these would be excellent additions to the new medieval parts of the game.

and to come back to the original point, spears should definitely have additional reach. if currently range 1 means you can stab someone with a knife or punch or even headbutt them, then spears should definitely have at the very least range 2, if not 3. otherwise that's not spearfighting but more like half-swording.

Suggestions / Re: Eggs for everybody?
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:20:00 PM »
i'm not sure what you guys' suggestion is, but all birds and reptiles already do lay eggs and as far as i know it is part of quite some players' strategy to tame lizards, make them multiply and then essentially making them aggressive chicken (because they can attack enemies)
i dont know how good of a strategy that is, especially with the recent nerfs to animals. i never bothered with any animals aside from chicken though because they seem to be the only ones efficient enough for anything.

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