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General Discussion / Re: thrumbo don't carry anything...
« on: June 10, 2019, 01:39:21 PM »
vanilla thrumbos can only haul

General Discussion / Re: how to sell NPM
« on: June 10, 2019, 01:38:06 PM »
And yes, why does the same trader buy meat but not meals, stupid descicion, i know, blame the devs. :-)
nice, if a transcendent says this, i feel acknowledged

General Discussion / Re: how to sell NPM
« on: June 09, 2019, 02:16:14 PM »
In v1.0 all the meals that have expire time become unsellable.
oh... i guess i never  ???
But you can still buy meals from traders and settlements.
this mustve confused me
Why would i sell the food man? You don't wanna starve your pawns to death right? :o
overproduction due to multiple animals wandering onto my land and an animal migration all happening at the same time when i have a harvest ready (soon)
But, Actually you can sell raw food like meat or raw veggies if you didn't cook them...
this mustve additionally confused me. is there a reason, why people dont buy meals anymore? it's not like having a freezer is too much to ask for with colonies that have so much crap for sale 24/15, 4 quadrums a year. they could just buy my meals, dump them in their freezer and then eat it cold if it goes bad within 2 hours. and you cant tell me that it's not worth it for them because i have to sell stuff cheaply whilst they can sell me their same items much more expensively. they'd rather buy my stuff with stuff they themselves made, like that they can multiply their wealth in no time.
Also isn't NPM just made of goop, That's disgusting?
sure, but they can also feed it to livestock, haulers, beast of war and burden.

General Discussion / Re: When is it Party Time?
« on: June 08, 2019, 11:00:18 PM »
One thing I've noticed is that you seem to need at least four colonists to hold a party. My colonies usually take quite a while to get up to four colonists, and I've never had a party with 3 or fewer. I have a feeling that the game has it on some kind of timer, because I've seen plenty of parties occurring *immediately* after acquiring a fourth colonist
interesting. i never noticed myself, but now that you say it, i dont think i had a party with less than 4 pawns either

General Discussion / Re: how to sell NPM
« on: June 08, 2019, 10:54:08 PM »
it's better than raw and you cannot get sick from it, in starting colonies this is a win-win, especially without a cook or spare time for preparing food, it is a win-win-win-win
no but srsly, NPM are worth like 10 bucks, so why cant i sell them? what a stupid rule

General Discussion / how to sell NPM
« on: June 08, 2019, 07:27:11 PM »
hey, i'm kinda surprised i never noticed, but i also took a long break from playing any games at all, including rimworld, but how do i sell NPM? none of the friendly villages near me seem to be interested in them and i thought in the updates before i was perfectly able to sell them. it isnt exactly a common occurence, so it took me a while to realize. at first i thought it was just traders that didnt like them, but now i see that i'm the only colony that eats them :/ any ideas?

sth additional, purely mathematical on the topic: should you ever decide to make smooth walls, make your rooms as large as possible and square shaped. this way you'll get the best ratio of [walls/usable area].

and it may not look great and seem even a bit dangerous, but a single pillar can hold up huge pieces of roofing. this technically has no limit either, you can make a fortress the size of your map (the edges have to be free obviously) and all you need to build are pillars every 12 tiles if i'm not mistaken.

this extreme isnt too practical considering that pawns dont like to share bedrooms and that you'd also be forced to have your storage be all-shelves to keep beauty up and you wouldnt have a fridge, but it checks out. so really, if you are one of those extreme late game players, just build a single huge fridge, a single huge rec/dining room and so on, no need for doubles anywhere.

i honestly dont know how practical this advice is for you, but there you go.

i understand the first one, but sterile means no bacteria, nothing. how are you gonna produce cleaning stuff without basic electricity? like hospital op room cleanliness, that's what sterile tiles are for, generally. if anything, you should add smithing as a prerequisite to fix that issue.

the second one i dont quite get. PSM are good forever, how are you gonna produce that without either electricity or NPD tech?

Suggestions / Re: AI storyteller: Karl Catastrophe
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:46:42 PM »
while i think this is a mod and not vanilla, i think it would be funny if karl would first give you many positive things and then in a short time multiple bad things. if you survive, you will be helped by the story teller again, until the next catastrophic events happen.

obviously this would mean that multiple raids could happen at once, which either meet and attack eachother or meet and join forces against you, both of which would be kinda meh. i guess you could forbid that and only allow one raid per day for the duration of the catastrophe, but then you'd have silly things like flash storms when raids start, or toxic fallout whilst a siege, or cold snap volcano eruption when an army of non-cold-resistant animals attack and so on. although it would be funny that with every raid going on you also have stuff falling from the sky and so on.
but honestly, if you are looking for sth for masochists try sea ice challenges or what i did recently: hills river street desert naked survival on a tiny map. (didnt find one with mountains, street was important for raids and traders) i was unlucky due to only having a single agave which didnt ripen until half a year later, but randy first gave me a free squirrel that attacked me, then i could somehow hunt down an ostrich with a log and lastly chinchillas were on a migration and i could kill like a dozen of them with a knife or club i think with barely a scratch (good melee, jogger; chinchillas took long to escape due to river and other obstacles)
what is hilarious is that i have to harvest rice grown in soil half a map away from the ruins i live in almost at night when the two boomlopes are still sleeping. they have been starving forever now and would immediately gobble up any of my plants. i also lack wood for anything, not even research table is possible and definitely no walls due to desert climate and me not being able to plant or even research planting trees xD i am on such a grind, it is insane. had to deconstruct all ruins and floors to build a wall around my fields and to expand my first ruin. also, NPD is your best friend. no need to waste time or wood cooking, no food poisoning, no waste of food. and yes you can just directly plug it into the wind generator without batteries (or cables that go zzzzzzt). surprisingly reliable due to low energy consumption.

General Discussion / Re: Are heat/cold tolerant still in the game?
« on: May 20, 2019, 12:24:32 PM »
he either tbh but i cant tell. the updates this and last year were a bit cryptic partially so i dont pay much attention to the changelog anymore

I don't think any policy take in effect while a mental break.
Did you ever got a ravenous appetite yourself ? I can speak from myself i can empty the fridge in such a state, sure i wouldn't eat kibble or other pet food but anything else.
same. when i'm hungry, and i mean REALLY hungry, there is nothing i wont eat. old, moldy, dried out, accidentally dropped/wet, papers, hair, nails, skin, bones, veggie and fruit peels, garden flowers and plants, "soups" that you are supposed to pour away (water for boiling pasta after i'm done) and i could go on. yes, i have starved before in my life, but to be fair i've always been a big recycler.

dont eat rice that has been outside for too long and has tiny black spots. not even wild rice comes with black spots. that shit is mold. i once ate a plateful and the bitter taste shouldve given it away. i am not kidding that what commenced half a day later was the worst pain imaginable and i have been kicked in the balls and broken bones before and even belly flopped from 5m so hard i couldnt breathe and almost drowned and i would take that over this food poisoning any day. it is hard for me to imagine that passing a kidney stone or giving birth could possibly be worse. it was paralyzing pain for half a day. i was in so much pain i couldnt move, speak or even cry. i totally wouldve cried if i couldve, but by the time i could i was too tired for it and the pain went away slowly thereafter. the worst thing was that my parents were in the next room and just thought i slept in since it's weekend, while in reality i didnt even sleep at all at night. honestly...thanks mom for giving birth to my stupid ass but i claim i went through worse just for a bit of rice.

Well, actually I'm frickin starving myself every day now and fridge is turned off because there is nothing to freese in it, so I *can* understand. And year, you should *not* look down on pet food, especially canned. I have an acquaintance who has tried it and claims it's much tastier than many more expensive canned goods.
my mom once tried canned or bagged pet food. apparently it is pretty good but disgustingly saltless. also she loves salt (and is old. old peeps love salt). i dont think she tried dried pet food though, bc it legit smells disgusting.

they will return at some point again as raiders with the same scars, missing body parts and peg legs,
You can't await that they got simulated out of the world too.
The healing aspect only work when they are at your map.
But the benefit are, they come with more luciferium at their bag to your map.
i never claimed they SHOULD heal off map, just that they dont. i actually like it the way it is rn. i was just explaining the thing with luci with some other examples, in case someone hasnt made these observations before

General Discussion / Re: Next Update
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:33:11 PM »
damn, this tweet is close to half a year you guys think it will be one massive update like we've seen before or is it just a difficult issue to resolve without making other matters worse? any actual it-person or ludeon worker here that could lend me some insight?

ummm...what i used to do back in the day when i was all about micro-ing the shit out of the game was to force feed luciferium to all prisoners that i dont wanna recruit (after "processing") and let them free. they will return at some point again as raiders with the same scars, missing body parts and peg legs, also with the same addiction to luciferium. and you know what an addiction in a foreign pawn means, right? they ALWAYS have the stuff with them. not much, but it sure as hell accumulates and it works with any drug, but only luci seems worth bothering with

General Discussion / Re: toxic fallout is as bad as the old tornado
« on: December 22, 2018, 05:04:42 PM »
i also like it. sometimes. i remember once i got it like three times in a year. that wasnt just hard to survive, that was really lame as in boring. but i guess it always is if you get the same crap over and over again.

what people didnt mention yet i think is how you can easily heal your toxic buildup just like hypothermia and others. as soon as your pawns are roofed, their toxic buildup will sink again. but still, dont let it get over a certain level (30% i think) because above that level your pawns may develop cancer and something else aswell

sorry, didnt play normal games in a while, i am on sea ice and there different rules exist

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