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General Discussion / Can't load 1.1 map
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:03:13 PM »
So I was building a massive castle and today my saved game suddenly doesn't load. It gets hung up and crashes at the map loading part. I don't get any error messages, just an obnoxious white box with a Rimworld symbol and a red exclamation mark. I know it's not my mod list order because I can still start a new game without issues. Incidentally, hugslib has recently begun showing up on my mod list in red, but this started a few days ago and I ignored it because it didn't seem to be causing any problems (yes, I know where hugslib belongs on the list; this isn't that).

I'm starting to suspect that today's round of updates has corrupted my save game. Is there any way to recover?

General Discussion / Attention to all modmakers.
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:51:48 AM »
I understand how 1.1 has everyone getting the heeby-jeebies, but the last day of new releases spawned another batch of mod updates that not only destroy compatibility with my save altogether but does Rimworld players in the middle of a big game such of mine a reprehensible injustice and gross disservice. Right now, I can only not plant crops due to the absence of two mods (THAT DON'T EVEN HAVE DEPENDENCIES!!!!!). In the near future, I assume that my supercolony will be borked altogether, simply because more and more modmakers lack the common courtesy to make their 1.0 versions still available to the public. I mean, it wouldn't kill you. After all, you can still find a few 0.18 versions of mods out there if you look. And now you want to tell me that you're completely forsaking 1.0 simply because a new version that will remain buggy as hell for another several weeks, if not months has caught your fancy?

I implore you. Give 1.1 all the attention you want, I don't care. But don't eliminate your 1.0 versions on the simple basis that 1.1 could (and I emphasize "could") be better.

General Discussion / Re: Plant Human mod for 1.0
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:29:45 AM »
Try to use
to download workshop mods.

Doesn't work. When I type in the mod names, it directs me to Borderlands.

Plant Human is just one of a growing list of 1.1 mods that, not only IS NOT compatible with 1.0, but no longer seems to exist anywhere in its earlier form. Steam Workshop download doesn't work for either that, or Hyperweave Plantation, the other steam mod that was changed today that I cannot locate anywhere else.

General Discussion / Re: 1.1 Broke my 6 year save
« on: February 26, 2020, 08:34:43 PM »
I'm sympathetic to the opening post, because the same thing recently happened to my colony that is right bordering on the 6-year mark. When I first heard about 1.1 coming out, I made certain to set the game to 1.0 in the beta menu. But this didn't prevent my game from breaking when certain mod authors began updating without backwards compatibility. I even read a comment from one in particular (who I shall avoid naming) who stated that he/she couldn't understand why anyone would want to stay with 1.0 (mind you, with a broken unplayable 1.1 having just arrived).

Given my colony's level of development―to say nothing of the fact that this has been my most successful colony run to date―I was incensed when I loaded up two days ago and received an obligatory list of red longer than my arm. I ended up simply having to replace my broken mods with functional 1.0 mods at Rimworld Base. Which I still had to painstakingly organize in E-X-A-C-T-L-Y the same order as my original file because the system decided those mods, not being the Steam-authenticated ones, didn't belong on the list. This took me all bloody night, but it was worth it. Finally loaded up and got a few more seasons of play in. Finally hauled all the chunks out of my cave and started building in the rooms (colonists are wearing speed suits, so the work was cut in half). Built a functional kitchen, infirmary and prison in barely any time at all. The Valhalla Corporation is right on target with all of their objectives, and I don't think I've ever been prouder of such a hard-working group of digital sprites.

Then I check in today, and I get that dreaded "Steam is updating your game" garbage. Back on square one, with two more updated mods that were rendered non-functional by the updates (I was only able to find one for download on 1.0). And this is why I cannot advocate for all of this 1.1 nonsense. If it's going to make me race around the entire digital universe day-in-day out to stay ahead of the modmakers who don't give two piles of wet donkey poo about retaining core 1.0 functionality, then Tynan can take his 1.1 update and stick it.

I'm sorry I feel this way, and honestly, I do not count myself among the members of the Rimworld community who are griping about having to shell out $20 for, from what I can tell, seems like a rad addition to the game itself. And I would be happy to pay the $20. What I am not happy at all about is the prospect of spending the better part of any given day searching, often I fear in vain, for replacement mods and manually replicating my mod list line for line, as I draw closer to the edge of sanity.

General Discussion / Plant Human mod for 1.0
« on: February 26, 2020, 08:06:59 PM »
This 1.1 nonsense is forcing me to race to snatch up 1.0 mods from wherever I can, since a handful of Steam authors have been less than forthcoming with making their 1.1 updates backwards compatible. One mod that I have had no luck with is Plant Human. It's not on Rimworld Base, and the only place I have seemingly found it is on some Russian site, but the download button doesn't work. At this point, it is the only mod out of my list of 243 mods preventing me from continuing my current game. It's kind of crucial to the whole situation, is there anywhere I can find it?

Releases / Re: [1.1] Vegetable Garden Project [2/24/2020]
« on: February 25, 2020, 04:43:56 AM »
Your 1.1 update has destroyed my current game's functionality. I have attempted to locate the Nexus dropbox link you mentioned, but I cannot find it anywhere? Please advise?

Just to clarify further, it is not Vegetable Garden in particular that I need. I am lacking the 1.0 expansion mods "More Veggies," "More Garden Tools" and "Garden Resources."

Support / Question about A1000 mod
« on: April 04, 2019, 12:14:51 AM »
How does one add extensions to the rifle? Right now, I have four different rifles and a bunch of bayonets, laser scopes, grips, etc., with no clear way on how to add them to the guns.

Stories / Re: Most messed up thing you have ever done in Rimworld
« on: March 26, 2019, 04:15:26 AM »
I've done a lot of awful things in Rimworld. The following story is the only incident I feel genuine guilt over.

I had this colonist. Maddog by name, he was in his mid-60s and quite our best doctor and researcher for a number of years.

A few years into the colony we busted open a crypt. Six spacers, all had to be arrested. The first, Abe, was already downed, so that wasn't a problem. The other five, well, I wasn't about to send people over to arrest them, given the potential for all the fistfighting. So the firing line I had arranged outside the crypt in case of mechs got to shoot down a group of non violent spacers. Many of whom were actually armed. None of whom were compelled to fire a shot in their own defense. One of the spacers was killed in the first volley. A second spacer refused to leave the crypt. She had cataracts, and I just pictured her pawing around blindly in the darkness while hearing the screams of her friends. Had to send a team in to get her, she didn't survive.

We ended up recruiting two of the spacers. I didn't like the stats of the remainder of them, so I just kept them around for sinister purposes. Just so happens, Loser was this teenage girl with a bounty of harvestable organs. Coincidentally, many of my colonists had crucial body parts they were missing. Do a little math, one plus one equals Loser had her left lung and kidney removed, in addition to her nose. And possibly an eye.

It just so happened, Loser was one of the daughters of Maddog. And guess who carried out the harvesting?

After Maddog had removed most of her, shall we say, "spare" organs and gave her nose to a colonist who had lost hers in a previous skirmish, Loser became despondent, and ultimately, suicidal. Her self-inflicted cuts became infected, and I had to enlist Maddog to amputate her left arm and right hand. Loser eventually starved to death in her cell because the warden was out having a mental break.

A funny thing happened when I realized Loser had actually died. I regretted what I had done. Profoundly. I can't really explain it. She was a teenager, so she was beyond useless, but aside from the depression and the suicide attempts, she was a model prisoner. There were several escape attempts during her tenure, but Loser did not participate in a single one. She was just this quiet passive girl who deserved better than to be locked in a room having pieces cut out of her.

Maddog, probably thinking the same thing himself, indulged himself in a fit of tantrums over the course of the next few seasons. His mental state was compounded by the death of his other daughter, Duffy, who attacked us during a raid and was shot dead while fleeing. Later, Maddog's father (who was in his forties, about twenty years younger than Maddog) was taken prisoner. Guts by name, he was eventually recruited as a builder, but stayed with the colony for a remarkably short time before becoming fed up with us and walking off the map. Not long after, Maddog gave up on us as well. I picture an intense heart-to-heart between Maddog and Guts in which Guts lambastes Maddog for gutting his daughter like a fish.

I let them both go, as they had every right to lose faith in the colony, given what had happened. But of course, the circumstances of their departure wasn't quite enough to induce me to rescue them when both Maddog and Guts were captured by separate raiding parties following their departures.

Stories / Re: Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?
« on: March 23, 2019, 05:33:39 AM »
This post could be subtitled "Fun with Psychic Animal Pulser." I think you know where I am going with this.

So I'm having a successful run. Already have over twenty colonists, it's the late stages of year five, I think. Our killbox is almost done. One of the reasons it took this long to begin with is because I have four Goliath turrets, and a bunch of laser turrets, and those ridiculously expensive military grade turrets that require 270 steel apiece.

I have like thirty or forty of them.

Plus a power grid that is woefully ill-equipped for the monstrosity I am building. Which is why I have large areas of enclosed space set aside for power generation. It's going to take a few seasons, I think...if we can only avoid a dire raid until then.

The notification almost makes my heart stop. Dire raid. With 59 soldiers. I've heard of much worse, but the salient point is my base, at its current level of development cannot possibly stop a party of 59 raiders. We're probably going to die now, I think. Not a hope in hell of coming through this one. But what if...I suddenly recall that psychic animal pulser we liberated from a crypt years prior.

I've never before chanced to use one of these. Could it possibly save us?

I grit my teeth, send a colonist to activate the device...and pray.

Immediately, an alert hits the board. The dog, warg, muffalo and gazelle that were living inside camp turn berserk, attack my colonists. We suffer some injuries. One colonist that was on her way to the front lines is waylaid by the muffalo and gazelle, but suffers only minor injuries in dispatching them. The warg gets shot in the halls before it can do too much damage, but the major concern in this situation is the dog, which manages to severely injure three men working in the quarries before it is incapacitated.

This could have been so much terribly worse. About one season prior to this, the colony had amassed an army of about fifty or sixty aerofleet...all of which fortunately died in a raid when I moved the restricted zone to intercept a group of particularly ominous raiders. In hindsight, I am really glad I did this. However, now I'm thinking, great. My only psychic animal pulser, and I just wasted it on the colony animals.

Then I look at the raiding party.

The raiders landed in the worst bloody place imaginable. In a cul de sac. With one opening. Which is where I now notice an army of rhinos, muffaloes, squirrels and ferralisks are coming from to attack them. Boxed into a corner, the raiders can only die screaming horribly before the brunt of forty rampaging animals, while one panicky raider desperately tries to mine an escape route. By the time the escape route is opened, approximately half of the raiding party is either dead or in no condition to pose much of a threat. The remainder flee.

So the raiders will no longer be a problem. But we still have problems of our own. While the raiders are still desperately fighting for their lives against all of the animals that were occupying the southeast corner of the map, I realize to my regret that virtually every other animal is headed right toward base. And the only thing standing between them and my colonists is a flimsy wooden wall (the only wooden wall still left in my mountain base, as it were) and a non-functional killbox. A group of stampeding rhinos effortlessly smash down the structure. And immediately there are ten huge creatures in my killbox. Props go to Vang, who held off that hostile line singlehandedly (albeit armed with an APB rifle), despite harboring serious injuries of her own while colonists finished dealing with our animals and rushed to support her. But by that time, the base was completely overrun. I had to station gunners in hallways adjacent to the killbox to prevent the defenders holding off the advancing line from being attacked from all sides.

In the end, we had three dead colonists (the three that were attacked by our dog, and a demented bouldermit that had snuck into camp through a gap I had lazily left in the southern wall, and it was a bloody fortunate thing that that area was cut off from the rest of the map from my building) and so many injured, we didn't have enough hospital beds to accommodate everyone. But after a grim battle, we finally turned the tide of fighting to our favor.

The saddest part of the whole ordeal is that our freezer had already become so bloated from vegetables and meals, there was really nowhere to put all the animal corpses.   

Support / Re: Wardens refuse to feed prisoners nutrient paste
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:52:03 AM »
It just so happens I do have Rimfridge, and just barely enough space in each cell to accommodate one! I'd forgotten about that!

Soon, Loser will be able to happily dine on delicious paste without having to worry about continuous malnutrition debuffs. ;D

Support / Wardens refuse to feed prisoners nutrient paste
« on: February 26, 2019, 04:01:09 AM »
I just encountered a caravan from which I brought 50+ nutrient paste meals. I switched all of my prisoner food restrictions to "paste," yet my wardens continue to feed them with simple meals. Installing a nutrient paste dispenser in the cells is not an option, as it would disrupt other rooms I would rather not disrupt.

I defined stockpile zones containing only nutrient paste meals as a short term solution, but without refrigeration, the meals will expire before the prisoners have time to eat all of them. Is this seriously a glitch, or is there something I'm just overlooking?

Mods / [mod request] 2.5D?
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:30:18 AM »
I was looking at a similarly themed mod for Terraria, and got to thinking about something that gives an angled view of structures, objects and perhaps even pawns in Rimworld. Would something like this even be possible?

Stories / The Story of Installation One
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:59:43 AM »
After a god mode base with 65 inhabitants immediately became more afflicted with low framerate than I would have liked, I present to you my newest creation: Installation One! I may or may not stick with it over the long haul, depending on when I get bored...

Our brave starting colonists are as follows:

-Jon Riker, age 70. An undergrounder who hates dumb labor, Jon is strong in cooking, growing, mining and animals. His right ring finger is prosthetic, adding to his manipulation. The senior statesman of Installation One.

-Jake Griffiths, age 50. Strong in a variety of stats, including shooting, medicine, mining, social, intellectual, animals and crafting, Griffiths is sanguine and a careful shooter. He is also a compulsive liar, so it should be interesting how he gets along with the other colonists. He has a scar on his head that renders him ugly to others, but the hyporegulator in his brain boosts his manipulation and focus.

-Alyssa "Sparkles" Orchard, age 22. Sparkles' strengths are in construction, crafting and artistic. She is imbued with the bloodlust trait, and loves standing out in the rain until she gets chills.

-Diamond, our miniature schnauzer, age 3, incapable of little other than eating, sleeping...and well, eating and sleeping.

Aprimay 5500

We landed in a temperate forest at the very edge of a desert biome, near a closed in rock formation that should offer good protection against tribals (our base is located within a few tiles of one, so we expect to see some combat) and manhunting animal packs. The first order of business is to close ourselves in; the next is to build temporary shelters while Griffiths works on mining us some livable rooms. I notice a meadow ave puking in the leaves as advanced kidney disease sets in.

On the 5th of Aprimay, a large transport pod crashes to the south of camp. I choose to leave it alone for now, as my colonists have more important things to worry about. Later on the day, a rift opens up, setting a poor bunny on fire.

Sparkles endures the hoots and catcalls of men twice her age as they ogle her and blow kisses. Griffiths is the first to make a move on her when he compliments her fighting methods. Sparkles understandably rejects the advance.

Griffiths and Sparkles spend all day on the 6th saving an assortment of vegetables from hungry muffalos on the other end of the map when a pod drops them there. A heatwave starts up on the 7th, but we have already finished a ramshackle structure that will serve as our barracks while the caves are opened up. I have Sparkles set up a single passive cooler so that the three colonists can sleep in comfortable temperatures.

By the 8th, colonists are talking about wanting to imbibe beer. It is way too early to worry about mass producing alcohol.

Our useless schnauzer becomes afflicted with the flu on the 10th. We spend what little herbal medicine we have scratched out of the earth in order to treat him. Doggy sleeps in an animal sleeping spot in our meager kitchen until he overcomes the ordeal. Later in the day, a group of about four or five border collies descend onto base, eager to demolish our food stocks. Jon is up half the night slaughtering dogs.

On the 11th, a useful looking fellow named Knapp lands far to the north of base. I send Griffiths out to rescue him, even though night is descending and he's likely to be out there walking until it gets light. But Knapp gets up of his own accord when Griffiths has almost reached him and begins patching up his injuries, or he tries to, before collapsing. I send Griffiths back to bed, and Knapp dies of infection the following day. It's too bad; we could have used an additional miner.

On the 12th, we get a mining trader, but they have nothing we need (or can really afford). Griffiths feeds Diamond the last of our dog meat on the 13th.

Later on the 13th, our first wanderer joins. Her name is Takuma Takahashi, she's 19 and so is next to useless, but I get her started on harvesting from our garden because our main gardener, Jon, is too busy with the cooking. Speaking of Jon, he butchers the last of the border collies (Showoff, who I allowed to live longer than the others mostly because of the stupid name) right in front of Sparkles, who is trying to enjoy a game of horseshoes when she is sprayed in the face by blood from Showoff's severed arteries as the useless canine breathes its last.

We pick up some minor provisions from a pair of traders, who reach our gate fortunately before a maddened rat can get to them.

On the 14th, Takuma becomes our first colonist to become afflicted with a mental break, angry as she is over having to pluck potatoes out of the ground in absolute darkness. Fortunately, she's only apathetic, so she still observes her physical requirements for nourishment and slumber.

Jon flirts with Sparkles by making a statement about the funny way Sparkles apparently walks on the 15th. Sparkles, who has finished most of her building obligations and is now crafting limestone blocks at the stonecutting table, pays little attention to him.   

General Discussion / Re: Craziest Most F**ked Up Things
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:52:01 AM »
A couple of betas ago, I organized a God mode style raid, just built a small gun complex with beds inside using dev tools because I wanted to blast an enemy base using few resources. Well, things are going our way until my sniper is hit in the head by an errant bullet, rendering him an idiot savante. Then it seems that I placed my mortars too close together; one lucky incoming shell lands on a mortar, and the resulting huge explosion downs three and blows my lead medic to pieces. She was literally vaporized, I didn't even realize she was gone for several seconds.

We somehow win that one. I order my men to round up six or seven downed raiders. We commit them to hospital beds, treat their wounds. Then I line up a firing squad and kill every single one of them. So great was the guilt from this war atrocity that one of my soldiers had a mental break while I was placing transport pods. We ended up having to leave him out there.

I was playing a round of a more recent version (no dev mode on this one). My base was already four or five years in...then we get a raid notification. Stupid tribals. I have these two lesbian characters that my story is based around. One of them is a top notch shooter, the other is my best medic...anyway, I sent a squadron out to face the tribals, who are easily routed. Except this one bowman lobs off the luckiest shot just before the raiders flee, the arrow hits my lesbian shooter in the face―my lesbian shooter who is wearing power armor―downs her, renders her an idiot savante, she dies before anyone can administer aid. The conniving shooter (the bastard) is one of the few raiders to escape the carnage.

A few days later, we're raided by a group from the same faction of tribals. And I notice the bastard who earlier killed my shooter is among them. We destroy them easily, and I manage to take the cheap bowman alive. Where I have the other lesbian (the medic) slice off his nose and both ears, cut out his eyes, remove all his appendages and basically hack out every organ that wasn't an immediate prerequisite for survival. Even his jaw. It is only after we release him to limp back to his tribe more dead than alive when I remember our medic has the "kind" trait, and has been pushed to the brink of a mental break from all the slicing she's been doing.

On another occasion, I had a prison break, a huge brawl, and like four dudes run out of my prison because I was ill-prepared to handle the breakout. About a year later, a crashed spacer event occurs, and wouldn't you know it, the same spacer who led the breakout is delivered back to my doorstep. He even had the same piece of wood that he had picked up still in his inventory. Oh, the delicious punishments I inflicted on him...I'd drive him to the brink of starvation before feeding him, again and again. Until I finally got bored and stopped feeding him.

More recently, I had a recovering addict who was jonesing out hard for his drugs up and leave us in the middle of winter. During a cold snap. Of course, his drug addiction was so bad that it took all night for him to limp to the edge of camp...then he abruptly starts suffering the affects of hypothermia and figures out that maybe his decision to quit wasn't done with a whole lot of forethought. It might have been the same winter that a visitor had a mental break after lying face down in the snow all night. He seemed determined to get at us, problem was he was suffering from severe hypothermia by then, and his frailty made him slower than an iceberg crossing the Atlantic.

Lastly, I had a group of traders departing my colony one time when a psychic wave drove all the raccoons in the region insane. There were only three raccoons to speak of, so the traders didn't have a whole lot of trouble. Except for this 92-year old dementia-ridden man who was also frail. A raccoon suffering from an advanced carcinoma managed to actually kill him with a single bite. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard at a Rimworld event.

Stories / Re: Story Time With The Hat!!
« on: November 25, 2018, 08:58:49 PM »
Today, I thought I would try something a bit different, especially as I haven't finished running Septober 5505 as of yet. Welcome to "Meet the Colonists"! In this post, I will familiarize you with the surviving senior staff of the Compound. We'll begin with the elder stateswoman of my colony.

Narda Sullivan is unwaveringly cold and barren. Empathy and morals are foreign concepts to her. She does not care about the suffering of others; that said, she is dedicated to the defense and protection of the colony even as she harbors few relationships to the people therein, save only for her husband, Justin Ayala and sister Roberta Sullivan.

Upbeat in spite of her hostile demeanor, Sullivan enjoys her position of seniority in camp, electing to contribute by defending the colony and hunting. She shirks dumb labor, and when not giving commands or shooting things until they are dead, she can often be seen stitching together half-severed colonist limbs as one of our go-to medics.

Briana Furr, despite being a colony founder along with Sullivan, is an individual few can stand. The manner in which she wheezes when she breathes and sweats profusely just puts others off. A dreary character on any given day, “Khan” is a “glass is half empty” person, and never fails to point out something negative about a particular situation. There are many that resent her influence within the colony in spite of her young age.

As one of a select few colonists who have an amazing capacity to perform complex mathematical computations in her head, Khan is a chief researcher. Her empathy is demonstrated towards animals she tames, and her careful shooting offsets her relatively limited skill with a firearm.

The other thing about Khan is that she hates drugs, and is a leading voice in the ongoing crusade to abolish all harsh chemical substances from within the walls, a stance that has faced intense opposition from more laid-back members of the colony who view drug use as the best thing for everyone.

Lincoln is a nasty man with a contemptuous personality. His abrasive demeanor and natural aggression ensures he gets along with almost no one. A boisterous loudmouth, McConnell is also a lifelong arguer. He usually takes the glass is half empty approach, and has no patience for individuals he labels social justice warriors. As far as injustice, he recollects the night his mother was left to bleed out from wounds far away from the colony as the greatest injustice. Who knows, maybe the man plots all of our respective dooms. Even the doom of his lovely wife, fellow cook Xina Bullock.

One of our full time chefs, McConnell is a fan of bionics and robotics, and dreams of the day when he can proudly stride through our camp, more machine than man. His fixation on transhumanism is undoubtedly motivated by McConnell’s own failing body. Lincoln is afflicted with cardiovascular and kidney disease, and experiences chronic pain from an old leg injury as well.

Mushinto is the resident camp self defense expert, and also in an expert in firearm usage. Although avowed as one of the camp’s best shooters, he nevertheless prefers to shy away from any and all ranged weaponry, preferring the damage he can inflict with whatever blunt or sharp object is close at hand, including his own bare hands if need be.

A fitting example of brute force, Mushinto’s aversion to guns is matched only by his slow-witted intellect. He is almost as slow afoot, and meanders from place to place almost in a state of perpetual oblivion.

Besides being an apathetic shooter, Mushinto has a college degree as an urbworld chef. Mushinto loves to create fabulous dishes. He enjoys eating them even more. It is almost as though he thinks eating will bestow upon him big brains.

Mushinto is involved in a straight marriage with his wife, Dawn, but identifies as bisexual.

One of our beloved pacifists, colonist Dawn preaches the nonviolent approach. When she is not doing that, the woman is one of our most reliable builders, especially how half our builders harbor injuries that negatively impact manipulation.

Always good-natured and easy to get along with, Dawn is married to her dim-witted brute of a husband, Mushinto. A quick sleeper and hard worker, Dawn is consistently one of the first colonists to get up in the morning, and often the last to go to bed at night. Her psychic deafness makes her less vulnerable to mental breaks than most, and her cultured intellect makes her among our most valuable colonists, in spite of her distaste for open conflict.

Virtually born to royalty, Gustav is the older sister of our leader, Narda Sullivan. Her close relationship with Narda ensures that the colony turns a blind eye to her cannibalism. Although not a friend of Khan, Gustav supports her hard-nosed drug stance, and is among the colony’s best known teetotallers, although she rarely expresses her views.

In addition to her rampant cannibalism and dislike for drugs, Gustav is predominantly a lesbian. Indeed, Gustav is highly adventurous and recognizes few societal boundaries. Foul-mouthed, uncultured and impulsive, Gustav will generally follow whatever thought she has in a given moment. She is highly susceptible to psychic waves, and can transform from calm to nasty in less than a heartbeat.

The head miner of the colony, Gustav spends most of her time digging for steel in the mines, or cutting stone blocks and other curiosities in the quarry.

Eva Wade was leader here once; it didn’t go over well. Amidst her regular bouts of histrionics, in which she would constantly seek reassurance that she was making the right decisions, Eva metamorphosized from an ambitious politician willing to do what it took at the start of her term to a shell of her former self by her term’s end.

Highly cultured and deeply emotional, Eva stumbles around camp harboring a myriad of partially healed injuries, from an old arm injury to an unsightly lump of scar tissue on her forehead to a severed toe, the absence of which causes her to lurch slightly when she walks. Her injuries prevent her from being a reliable builder, but Eva Wade can certainly haul with the best of them.

An incredible cook, Xina spends most of her time working alongside husband McConnell in the kitchen. Preferring to stay indoors to running around outside, Xina is immune to mental breaks caused by cabin fever, and is generally pretty upbeat even in the worst of times.

A devout pacifist, Xina’s views of world peace often clash with her husband’s fantasies of running roughshod through base in a giant mech suit, but they reach common ground through their shared love of cooking. Her bisexuality doesn’t offend him; McConnell is a massive nerd with heavily romanticized ideas of gay women. In addition to disliking violence, Xina also harbors notions of anti-drug crusades that she usually keeps to herself because she is not as outspoken as McConnell.

Xina’s backup field is in medicine. Instead of taking lives on the battlefield, she saves them in the triage unit. According to legend, she performed the surgery to implant in herself a synthetic stomach, a surrogate organ that increases her gut’s carrying capacity by 25 percent and also makes her immune to gutworms and other stomach-based maladies. In spite of that number, Xina remains svelte of figure due to her healthy dietary choices and lots of exercise running between the kitchen and the triage center.

Bolla hates women. I mean, he really abhors them. He is a prime example of a frustrated beta male in our colony, albeit one that is long in the tooth. As one of our base defenders, Bolla releases his pent-up frustration by shooting women on the battlefield. When not consigning himself to matters of defense or bitter ranting, Bolla keeps busy tending our crops, and, periodically, negotiating with traders.

Deeply logical-minded in spite of his contemptuous facial hair, Bolla is otherwise even-tempered, even cheerful. Although outspoken in his views of how the lopsided ratio of female-to-male colonists will drive this colony to its doom, Bolla continues to perform vital tasks. His planting expertise is foremost in our colony. As Bolla himself would imply, he plants a good seed.

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