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Surely only crashed pod scenarios, otherwise, sweet :P
...The  'Transendermal applicator'   :P

Took me a while to think of a nice name..

'A sort after commodity from glitterworlds to rimworlds, fetching a high price. In the right hands, it makes beautiful magic. Open airways, manipulate the sound of a voice and alter the outward appearance to the patients choosing. In the wrong hands it can create horror. Seal of airways causing asphyxiation and death, melt off faces along with ears noses and eyes and destroy voice boxes leaving the patient a mute. '

epic fail    -8 to mood 'NAME' destroyed my blah blah (3 months) plus a social debuff to the doc
fail           -8 to mood this isn't my face, my voice, i don't sound like me (3 months)
success    +8 i love my voice, my face is me, i feel alive(breathing) (3 months)
best          from staggeringly ugly to say..pretty +8 3 months, i am beautiful etc

or somethin' lol

fun fun
I have 2 cooks, one is lvl 15 the other lvl 16, i keep getting food poisoning by incompetent cook.

What are the factors?

Was thinking maybe we picked up a 'coupla' simple meals a while back and if it is, it's at the bottom of the pile? like how insect meat taints all, maybe a raider dropped one or a pod, and it calculates the unknowns cooking skill so to speak? guess i'll be cookin nothin till they are all gone? :/ (Don't think i picked up any though.. )

Or, was my cook high? :D
One has a middle finger missing the other a toe.. missin' a limb, it reduces quality?
Though the fingerless guys other arm is bionic, increasing manipulation by over 100%
If the area was dirty it would say due to dirty cooking area.
Bugs / Re: power armor/marine armor label
April 12, 2019, 07:51:00 PM
I do prefer the name power armor. Perhaps if anything, inside the research of power armor it should state 'allows the creation of marine armor'
Yeah, i'm going to have to just stop butchering insect meat until i am ready to use it for now, bit of a pain having to halt butchering processes to ensure it doesn't go to pot.

The pause feature is an excellent implementation but it is majorly let down by it's inability to distinguish bills, etc.
We can ignore the cultural aspect of the beauty as the pawn is seen as staggeringly ugly by all.
( Agree on the hunch back, but, still. I dunno.. The year is ..   :P 
aaand i can replace every body part)

Another thing is when you mouse over it, it says 'to look at her is like looking at an unborn fetus mixed with etc, she is very hard to look at and takes effort', as if to say it is external.

We're talking about a game here, though, the real world pumps out beauty stuff like it is going out of fashion, at a high cost.
If the price was dropped, like it fell out of the sky, within everyones reach, people would be already on it, but this isn't real life, this is a game, it doesn't take into account how nice a person is, it just says 'damn she ugly' and is perpetually hated, no friends no nothin, just to trudge along alone heh, she was married, but he soon divorced her for 'obvious' in game reasons :P  it woulds stand to reason that glitterworld or healer mech could rectifiy this.

I'm not here to debate real life situations just really about the game, but, when a doc in real life comes along with a 'cure' to lets say, eczema, ppl use it.
I think the staggerinly ugly trait is a little cruel, in this day n age (the year 5513 to be exact) cosmetic surgery is guaranteed to exist.
I grab 10 glitterworld dump em outside with an X on em n let em rot, i go into the settings n remove the staggeringly ugly trait from the pawn as if to say i gave them surgery to remove the 'debilitating' stat :P  i figure 10 glitterworld is costly enough to still be a fair play.

Think i should just let them be staggeringly ugly?
Pretend that ina a world where i can buy limbs that regenerate and a healer mech that can remove scars, no one knows of cosmetic surgery? :P

Maybe i should use a healer mech instead

..Healer mech should be able to remove stag' ugly, goes to ugly, then to nothing then to pretty, then beautiful.. after each use :P

would be nice to get the pause to consider the things it is allowed to butcher via the bill, when calculating how much meat we have. At the moment it is considering my butchered insects from another bill and my pawns have no meat.

And on the other hand, if increase the amount to be butchered and we are low on insect meat we get an excess surplus.

Otherwise a brilliant feature.
i have a lot of my animals set to 'outside', when i get a raid etc i have to manually change every animal from the 'outside' zone to the 'NFinside' zone.
Is there a mod that would with one click, change all in one zone to another?

E.g: up the top where it says the zones, right clicking on one of the zones would say transfer all in this zone to:  'zone'

the list of text at the top left can be a pain when you need to click a specific pawn and you can't. Instead you have to wait for the non essential text to go when it wants to, would be nice if we could right click it to get rid of it, quit the inconvenience :P
in regard to distance, he had rice and meat then simple meals and then fine meals
The thing is that the pawn had a meal on him, he was there, so he fed it to him instead of grabbing something more 'intelligent'
The only thing i wanted tamed was the thrumbo, but they ignored direct orders to traina rabbit instead which i killed and gave the order again, he tried to train an alpaca,  and again changed his mind, and again. i cut more rice he then tried to tamed the thrumbo leading me to believe he did not have enough but in the end he came back with more rice than he initially had.

Everything you suggested i had checked for, it was early morning, (the thrumbo was awake or i would not have been able to assign a tame) he had enough food, the rice was fresh, the pawn was in a 'good mood' he ignored a direct order 3+ times

I can't see the thrumbo's situation changing so much so that he was unable to do as told, though good point. (and the pawn was set to unrestricted.)

One possibility I see is that when I set him to tame the thrumbo, the game said a pawn is closer to the thrumbo we will get them to do it. So the pawn i gave a direct order to, ignored my rule, and decided to train a closer animal instead.
sounds like it sees the animal trainers as a whole not as individuals, meaning the game let a lower level pawn try to waste the opportunity.

Otherwise i see no reason for it and i shouldn't have to fight against it to make it work.
Bugs / power armor/marine armor label
April 03, 2019, 07:35:37 PM

Research tree still states 'research power armor' instead of 'marine armor', nothin much in the grand scheme of things, took me a bit to find/realize it is marine armor now :)
maybe it was intended?

I liked the fact that a shotgun at close range rocked and a gun can shoot at any time.
A melee should be able to interrupt a lining of a gun shot, to combat the weapons devastation at close range. Where as a gun lacks the ability to interrupt, higher the skill the better the interrupt.

i updated form B18 about 2 weeks ago was afk for a bit and i definitely saw melee as just non fighters except rare times, as someone has just suggested i will definitely be gabbing a shield belt n sending em out, could not compete with a gun before.