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I see this being like pawns who are Penox and are chosen for Malaria, Flu, Plague. It's not that they don't get it, it's that it's blocked by the drug. If there isn't, there should be a message popping up in the upper left corner (same spot as "<raid faction> is beginning their assault") saying the stomach blocked the gut worms. I know there is a message for those that Penox blocks.
I recall this previously being mentioned and believe it is on the dev list. Here is the other post I found on this.
As I said before, without an image of your specific memes... the question can only be speculatively answered. The answer is in there. Post a image of what I mentioned before... the memes and the traits of those two pawns. I'm pretty sure, Canute or Pheanox would say the same thing.
That's related to the ideology you have choice. Notice the icon on the right side of both those debuffs? That icon means it's an ideology mood effect. Check the sub-memes of your ideology and you'll find the reason for it. I forget atm which one it would be.

*edit* If you have trouble figuring it out... perhaps add an image of the ideology memes and the two pawns traits. Both could add more detail to why the debuffs are the way they are on those two pawns.
"Death of innocent prisoner" is a colony wide debuff. It doesn't matter if the colonist had any interaction with the prisoner or not. I think only Psychopath trait would not get the debuff due to not caring about dead bodies amongst other things that don't matter to them.

*edit* Psychopath and Bloodlust are only traits that will negate the "innocent prisoner" debuff.
3159 was the first version the bug was noticed. I know there was at least 1 other thread on the subject.
Mod bugs / Re: Issue with all map encounter generation
October 31, 2021, 08:35:40 AM
Just from the list of mods, I'd bet it's a conflict with "Go Explore".
What is supposedly triggering it and not changed it to used? Is it a human raider or is it an animal/mech each time? If it's always a human, then the raider could have Nimble trait and allowing them to bypass a trap without triggering. If it is some animal or mech, then it is most likely some type of bug.
Bugs / Re: Market value on corpses
October 29, 2021, 11:43:44 PM
Adding a pic for a dead desiccating muffalo corpse to show the game is able to tell the difference between fresh and rotting in the info window.
Bugs / Market value on corpses
October 29, 2021, 07:00:23 PM
This may not be a bug but more of an oversight. Fresh Corpses have a market value when loading a caravan, but the info window for the fresh corpse doesn't have a market value on it. (see attached images) I have verified the the value shown on a "load caravan" window is about what the combined value of the meat and leather produced from butchering. I just think it's an oversight that the value isn't on the info window for a corpse like it is for any other item. Perhaps a newer player might think as I mention below, that the corpse doesn't have market value because the info window doesn't list it.

For whatever reason, I've played thinking the corpses had no value because of the lack of market value not being on the info window. Sometimes to the detriment of having lots of animal corpses in a freezer (or human raiders in a freezer for meat eater pets) thus inflating my wealth not thinking about it.

If this got put into the wrong section, I apologize but it was worth mentioning.
I've found that animals seem to eat food in the order it's listed in their dietary list. I've had human corpses in a freezer and meat eaters won't touch them if they can find a prepared meal or something else listed before "corpses" in the dietary list. I may just be seeing things that way, but it happens a lot.
That is possibly the reason. It could be as simple as the quest being given pre-update, so that it was still under the old coding thus breaking it. Either way, I just wanted to further address the original report when I had a follow-up quest that worked perfectly fine. This may hold true to the Transport Pods as well, in that the entire launcher and/or pod may need to be rebuilt.
Had another shuttle assault quest today and it worked perfectly fine on loading. So not sure why it happened yesterday. Both days were on 1.3.3159 version.

*edit* Adding the attachment of a pic of today's shuttle assault quest, in case it might help.
Had the Shuttle Assault quest "Basil's Air Assault" prior to the new update. After the update I went to do the quests, two times to verify. Both times after killing the opposition, I couldn't load the shuttle with any colonists or items. See screenshots attached.

Save file link:
Scaria is the illness mentioned by Canute. It is on all manhunting packs. It's about 80% chance the corpse rots instantly on death.

The only other way this insta-rot can happen is during Toxic Fallout if the animals have reach Severe toxicity. Up to Severe you can still get the meat on butchering the corpse, even after freezing the corpse for months in your food cooler. I always suggest hunting asap when Toxic happens, just to try to get some of those animals before toxicity builds up too much. Some corpses are better than none when you don't know how long the Fallout will last.