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Nope, no teetotalers in the starting pawns. I understand the possible reason as being that Ambrosia has a small nutrition value so it ended up in the list of ingredients, just like beer or kibble maybe (haven't seen them yet tho). I just don't think starting survival meals should be made of something not usable in crafting them.
Found this bug/error earlier this morning while playing. Started the colony as Rich Explorer, Sea Ice, Randy, Losing and no Ideology DLC active (just vanilla and Royalty). Added is the cropped pic of the info window when meal was targeted. The meals gave no "warmth" mood bonus or chemical tolerance, but it's something I don't see as being correct as you can't make them in game with Ambrosia. If these are supposed to be ideology meme usage (like human meat ones for Cannibal meme), then that's the only time they should appear at the beginning of the game.
Bugs / Colonists went idle after a quest fail
July 06, 2021, 04:31:22 PM
I reverted Rimworld back to 1.2 for my stream colony, but when the Refugee quest I had active failed due to one of them being killed after they went on a Berserk mental break, every colonists went idle. I couldn't right click any objects for them to do, Constructers would build anything in the zone they were assigned, not even after drafting and undrafting. I don't know if something happened with the version revert or not. Yes this colony is a modded colony but all the mods were working. I'm hoping the player log file has info to help, as I was streaming when the problem arose and I closed the game to go back to a new 1.3 colony since I couldn't do anything with the 1.2 colony.

Save File:
Bugs / Re: V1.3.3050 - Bestowing Ceremony bug
July 06, 2021, 04:21:35 PM
So one of the new changes that wasn't mentioned in the patch notes updates then?
Bugs / Re: V1.3.3050 - Bestowing Ceremony bug
July 06, 2021, 02:03:22 AM
Had the same thing in the 1.3.3051 version. Party event occurred just before the bestowment was accepted. Clicked pawn to talk to bestower, but pawn went into party mode and then wouldn't go to bestower who was waiting. Couldn't click the bestower for option while undrafted after that first time. Drafted gave arrest or combat.

Save file:
Try making a zone on the edge of the map, setting the pawn to the zone. If he hits one of the last 3 tiles around the edge of map, he should leave the tile. This is just a manipulation of his pathing, similar to making your pawns stay in home zone.
Which drug did the pawn get addicted to? If it was Ambrosia, that's a completely plausible thing. Ambrosia has a small nutrition value and it can be a valid source for a Gourmand binge.
Bugs / Re: Refugee Quest has no Bio info?
May 26, 2021, 05:11:21 PM
At the time I originally put the bug in, I was streaming so I didn't have the time to look up the full procedure. But here are the save and both log files, only because I don't know if the current log will still have the incident as I saved and restarted the game after taking the screenshots and cropping them.

Save file:

Current log:

Previous log:
Bugs / Re: Refugee Quest has no Bio info?
May 26, 2021, 01:52:23 PM
Once I attacked them and killed a few making them flee, their bios then became visible.
Bugs / Refugee Quest has no Bio info?
May 26, 2021, 01:47:53 PM
I accepted a refugee quest (see pics below). Once all 5 appeared on the map none have info in their bio gui window. All have gear I can access like a normal pawn. None have their temp hourglass icon on the colonists list at top of screen. None say they are of both their own refugee faction and my colony's, just mine. I didn't have this issue yesterday when I accepted a different refugee quest. I can't remember where the save file is stored so if you could point me to it, I'll add it for more insight.
Yes I know it's in the tooltip, which is another thing I don't understand if it doesn't have an effect. I just trying to understand some of the smaller nuances of the game in regards to what factors into different aspects of the game. The more I understand them, the more I know how to best deal with them. There is so many of the tooltips or descriptions that could be more specific in some parts of the game, whether with better wording or the breakdown of the items that make up the % shown (just like Surgery Success Chance which is Skill level, Manipulation and Sight). The entire Bio tab of the pawn has this, but Health tab could use this as well.
Bionic heart doesn't have an effect on it. I watched them both later. At 2% is when the withdraw takes effect and both hit 80% concious.
This is why I don't understand the drug system in regards to tolerance and addiction. As you can see, both have Massive Tolerance and Addiction, but one is at 80% consciousness and other is 100%. There is no psydrone active or any other item that should be effect the 80%'s conscious, unless the Bionic Heart has something to do with it. The ages of the two shouldn't be effecting it that much. Tolerance drop rate per day should be a constant effect no matter the buildup level. Even if the buildup level was a modifier, it should be a factor as well as things like blood filteration (injured/damaged kidneys not working as well), blood pumping (body's circulation through the kidneys/liver)... all resulting in a drop rate result per day so that Cold Turkey method isn't the only solution.
That was kinda my point of asking... the Cold Turkey method shouldn't be the only way to get rid of a tolerance or addiction. All the ways you mentioned are basically different forms of the Cold Turkey method, as you are basically cutting them off period.
Tolerance drop rate should work no matter what level the buildup is at, not just as a preventive measure to getting the addiction chance once it hits the tolerance cap.
General Discussion / Drug Tolerances and Drop rates
March 11, 2021, 09:57:07 AM
Can someone explain why even though I have my drug policy set to 3 days between uses for Psychite Tea, that it doesn't seem like tolerance drop back to the next level down once it's into Large or Massive from a binge? I seem to be able to use this method just fine on Small tolerance, but the pawns with higher tolerance I just can't seem to get them to go down. With the schedule I have set up, they should be losing an extra 1.5% tolerance between doses. This method should be viable in wheening them off a drug, thus being an alternative to Cold Turkey usage for addictions.