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I just finished a mission that required me to send off 50 colonists to attack a bandit camp...  And everyone squeezed into the same old 3x2 shuttle!  It made little to no sense.

IN ADDITION, seeing that happen gave me a few ideas.

In Rimworld, we build a landing pad of at least 9x9 size, and a single type of shuttle will land on it.  It works, but...  This can be expanded upon to allow for game progression.

What if Rimworld were to have size requirements for landing pads so that on those LARGE jobs (like the aforementioned 50 colonist raid) a larger type of shuttle would land?  If you don't have a large enough pad you can't take the job you've been offered, because the shuttle can't land on the pad, and these new types of shuttles NEED a pad.  For the small jobs (max 6 colonists, for the 2x3 shuttle) you can take those even without a pad.

This also opens up the possibility for landing pad mechanisms, like an unloading dock for cargo ships.

Just an idea.
Title says it all.  Colonists with the "Kind" trait should get a mood debuff from shooting at hostiles who are currently in "fleeing" mode after being driven back during a raid/siege.  Something like "They were running away, and I just kept mowing them down..."  Maybe -5 for a few days.

An edit:  If they're drafted and shooting at enemies when the enemies begin running away, "Kind" colonists should automatically stop shooting.  They wouldn't become UNDRAFTED, they would simply disable the "Fire at Will" command.  Manually re-toggling it and forcing them to shoot at a fleeing pawn would give the debuff.
Ideas / Re: Suggestion: Mechanoid Sleeper Agents
December 13, 2020, 05:21:02 PM
I feel like a way to implement this would be to have a character backstory option - in the Bio tab.  It'd be only an "Adulthood" backstory, but it would be called "Spacer".

Basically, this pawn would have, in the past, been one of the people you'd find in sarcophagi in the "Ancient Danger" locations.  They got unearthed at one point.

Since there can be mechanoids in those locations, I imagine there's a chance that the entombed humans could have been fiddled with.  Given some special mechanoid tech - either made into sleeper agents or otherwise enhanced.  Someone with this backstory would have a chance of having an extreme mental break at any moment with the intent to kill anyone nearby.  When they DO break, a new entry will be present in their "Medical" tab, called "Mechanoid Gland".  Arresting/subduing this pawn and removing the gland via surgery would pacify them, removing their ability to become a mechanoid agent ever again.

Edit: I do like the idea, I just felt like there should be more of a "Rimworld-esque" twist to it, rather than it being a random chance for any pawn.  Give the player a chance to take a risk, and let them prepare for a possible outcome.
Ideas / Re: Fibrous mechanites w/ biocomponents
December 13, 2020, 05:13:12 PM
I agree.
Ideas / Rhino horns as an item
December 13, 2020, 05:06:58 PM
Rhino horns are pretty sought-after IRL by some very...  Uneducated populaces.  With tribal factions being present in Rimworld, it would make sense that rhino horns would exist too - yet when you butcher a rhino all you get is meat and leather.

Where's my rhino horn to sell to the tribals for insane prices so they can make "medicine" out of it?!
It would make sense if when you kept animals and bred them, that over time their offspring would become more tame (less wild).  It would be a VERY slow process, perhaps 1% per generation, but it would add another goal to the game.  I want to make a completely tame Thrumbo!

Tameness could also increase buy/sell price, too.  I'm sure that selling a 50% wild Thrumbo would net a LOT more than selling a 98% wild Thrumbo.
Someone who's only 50% conscious won't learn as much as someone who's somehow 120% conscious, right?

Basically what this suggestion amounts to is a flat cap on experience earning capabilities based on what % of consciousness a pawn is at.  The "Consciousness" multiplier would simply be based on the percent of consciousness, and it would be applied after every other multiplier.  If a pawn's at 80% consciousness, the "consciousness" multiplier would be 0.8, and that comes at the end.  Someone on luciferium (that makes someone have 110% consciousness, right?  I've never used it) should get an exp buff as a result, where someone with a joywire would always be earning 80% or lower.  This can, of course, be offset by installing a learning assistant.

This is just a logical idea I thought of earlier.
People passionate about their work in real life often find working to be cathartic and enjoyable - much like it's described in-game.  Working could be added as a non-required addition to recreation types - it wouldn't be NEEDED, and colonists not fulfilling their "work" recreation time wouldn't reduce their total recreation time or impact their happiness, but colonists who DO have "work" recreation time would enjoy it greatly and it would fill their recreation meter without increasing their tolerances for anything else.

Basically, people who love what they do can easily use it as recreation from time to time, and I think that should be represented in Rimworld.  It would reward using colonists for what their passions are, essentially giving buffs for keeping them doing what they love.

They would only have "work" recreation time if they have a BURNING passion for something, AND are ALLOWED/ASSIGNED to do those things, and that "work" recreation time would ONLY happen during recreation hours.
The general idea with this is to even more strongly encourage players to take care of their weapons - it's Rimworld, a harsh and inhospitable frontier where many do, and will, live and die by the gun.  A firearm is one's survival in many cases - keeping bandits and thugs away from you, your fellow colonists, and everything you stand to lose if would-be thieves and murderers are allowed free purchase.

To put it in a more condensed way - if bad man want to hurty and gun make itself into a thousand tiny little pieces, it would teach a valuable lesson about firearms maintenance.  :)

This actually brings to mind another idea - being able to maintain/repair guns, and perhaps other things too.  Hmm...
If a firearm or its ammunition becomes damaged, it only makes sense for there to be a chance for the firearm or its ammunition to malfunction.  I think it would provide more incentive for the player to keep their firearms in good working order if the more damaged their firearms became, the more likely it would be for the gun to misfire or suffer a catastrophic malfunction.  This includes mortars, which while not having the same method of firing, can still easily suffer malfunctions of outwardly similar effect if left in disrepair.

Examples of these malfunctions would be a "jam", or simply, "misfire".  The malfunctions would cause several different effects based mostly upon the condition of the gun but also upon an RNG system that becomes more harsh as condition decreases.

From best to worst case -

With a "dud", the firearm would apparently fire a weak/under-loaded round and either fall short of the target or do 50% reduced damage/armor penetration.

With a "jam", the shooter would suffer a delay in attacking while they clear the jammed round.

With a simple "misfire", the firearm would become additionally damaged AND the shooter would suffer a momentary delay in attacking while clearing the jammed round.

With a "catastrophic misfire", the firearm would completely explode, destroying the firearm and in addition harming the shooter.  They could suffer a wound to the eye, the jaw, the neck, the nose, or potentially even the shoulder.

These effects would come into play with mortars both in the HP of the mortar itself and the condition of the shells.  A lower HP mortar is damaged and more likely to malfunction in various ways, and the same goes for the mortar's shells - of any kind.  Malfunctions would be roughly similar to the aforementioned handheld firearm malfunctions, except the effects of a catastrophic misfire would be far, far worse...

Of course, these malfunctions would happen far less on low difficulties than they would on high difficulties, and the effects OF the malfunctions might be lessened as well.

EDIT:  Just thought of this.  Colonists with higher skills (a combination of shooting and crafting) would be able to negate these malfunctions by a percentage.  An extremely skilled colonist would probably not suffer any malfunctions at all on a highly damaged weapon.  This is because they'd be able to spot any defects/dangerous situations before they have a chance to literally blow up in their face.
Ideas / Re: Colonists having dreams
December 10, 2020, 05:59:00 PM
Another small idea:  Colonists who are currently dreaming could have an icon above their head like the classic cartoon "idea" bubble, to let the player know they're dreaming.

IN ADDITION, colonists who get interrupted while dreaming could have a debuff for their dream being interrupted.  "I wanted to see how it ended!"  It would be VERY slight, like -1 for a few hours.
Ideas / Colonists having dreams
December 10, 2020, 05:56:07 PM
There should be a random chance for colonists to have dreams throughout their sleeping hours.  Normally the chance of dreams is somewhere in the range of 1 out of 10-20 nights.  So every 10-20 nights they might have a dream.  I can imagine dreams being connected to psychic ability in Rimworld lore, since they happen in the mind - that would give some extra buffs/debuffs to psychic traits like deaf/hypersensitive, where the chance of dreams for those traits would be decreased/increased depending on the trait.  Deaf pawns would never dream, where hypersensitive pawns would dream often, so it would be important to keep them happier.

The types of dream a colonist should also be influenced by their mood at the time they go to sleep.  At ~50% mood dreams could be either good or bad.  At low moods it would mostly be bad dreams with a chance of a NIGHTMARE, and at high moods dreams would mostly be good, with a chance of LUCID dreams.

Dreams could have multiple different outcomes, from very bad to very good depending on whether they have a nightmare or a good dream, respectively.

For example -

The mood buff "Good Dream" would give +5 to mood for a few hours after waking, the description being something like "I had a good dream last night.  Just thinking about it makes me smile." 

The mood debuff "Bad Dream" might give -5 mood and read something like "I had a bad dream last night - just thinking about it makes me shudder." 

The mood debuff "Nightmares" would give -10 for a few hours and read "I had a HORRIBLE dream last night...  I can't get it out of my head!" 

The mood buff "Lucid Dreams" would give +10 and read "I had the best dream last night...  I never wanted to leave!"

In addition, there could be a psycast used to influence dreams, automatically giving the colonist a dream of a specific type when they sleep next, with the properly accredited mood buff/debuff happening when they wake.
If someone gets a bruise, I don't want to treat them with glitter tech medicine, but if someone gets their leg cut off I don't want to treat them with herbal medicine - I'd like to see a more specific sorting system for medication in use for injuries.  A list kind of like the "work" tab but for sorting what kind of medicine you want to use for what kind of injuries, and for what specific colonists.  Got a cut?  Yeah, we'll use some industrial tech medicine on that, colonist 1.  Got a bruise?  Herbal medicine will do just fine, colonist 3.  How about an infection?  Depending on who the colonist is, I'd want to use glitterworld medicine or industrial...  For my count (royalty DLC), glitter all the way, but for someone who just sweeps floors, it'd be industrial.  It's annoying to manually swap back and forth all the time depending on the injury.

Of course, the tiers of medication you select will all say "industrial tech...  or worse" just in case you don't have that tier of medicine available.

That's the general idea I had anyway.  Hope it's good.
Ideas / Animal spaying/neutering
December 06, 2020, 01:29:55 AM
I know we've all been tired of our animals having too many babies at one point or another.  I dunno about any of you but for me, it feels super bad to put down an excess puppy I just can't take care of - so if I can have an animal spayed/neutered in real life, why not in Rimworld?

It would be a simple medical operation that would eliminate future pregnancies in females, or eliminate a male's ability to...  Y'know...  Do their thing.
Ideas / Animal sizes related to gameplay
December 06, 2020, 01:26:04 AM
Quite frankly, it makes no sense that an elephant is able to walk through a space the width of a human, especially considering their size is an actual stat listed in-game...  4.00, or 4 times the size of a human.

I think implementing a "size" factor into actual gameplay would increase immersion.  Since an elephant is 4.00...  Its sprite would be 4x4 tiles, and its movement would be restricted as such, only being able to maneuver through spaces 4 wide or larger at top speed, and spaces as narrow as 3 tiles at a crawl.  This logic would apply to every creature relative to its own specific size - creatures smaller than 0.5 would feasibly be able to move across rubble/items/terrain with no movement penalty simply because they can avoid these things.  Oh, there's a chair there?  Lookie here, I can walk under it no problem.

If I wanted to own an elephant, there's no way it'd be able to hang out in my house.  Maybe my backyard, but my bedroom?  No.

IN ADDITION, the larger/smaller the animal, the easier/harder they should be to hit, respectively.  As far as I can tell at the moment, the only things that apply to hit chances have to do with pawn skills/health, which makes sense, but if you're aiming at a cow versus a mouse, which are you going to be able to shoot more easily?  That's why size should also be a factor in combat as well.

For this to work properly there would need to be a few new items, specifically doors.  Barn doors could be 4 tiles wide and very slow to open - perhaps adding an ability to schedule an opening/closing time every day would be applicable here to mitigate the slow speed.  Double doors could be 2 wide and take the same time to open as a single door - nothing too fancy here.

This suggestion would require a few changes to the game, but I don't think it would be too disruptive to code, and it would also make for some interesting gameplay scenarios.  An angry megasloth chasing a pawn and getting stuck at the entrance to a cave that only something 1.00 or smaller can fit through - the pawn is trapped staring down an angry animal now, just waiting for help, or waiting for the megasloth to simply get bored and leave.  OR, running away from a Thrumbo into a 3-wide tunnel...  He can still follow, but look how slow he is!  Maybe I have time to escape...

A footnote - this also opens up some interesting movement options depending upon size differentiation in species.  A human's max size might be 1.00 to eliminate slowness in normal corridors, but maybe if they can be as small as 0.80 (come on, we all know at least one small person IRL), they could traverse obstacles a little more quickly, or perhaps it would be more logical if it worked the opposite way.  Who knows!

Anyway, I hope my ideas are good!