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I am not sure what you are asking to be changed.  Are you asking that when an animal needs training they will automatically move to the trainer, instead of the trainer moving to the animal?

In real life, it would never work this way.  If an animal loses training, they would not come back to be trained.  Someone would need to go find the animal and train them.

When I start a new colony, I restrict my animals to a very small area until they are trained.  As my colony expands, I use colonists with the Fast Walker/Jogger traits and give them Bionic/Archotech Legs and a Fast Mover Persona weapon so they do not have a problem traveling on the map.

When non-hauling animals are moving, they only move at about 1/2 normal speed, so there is not a problem with your trainer catching up to the animal.

I restrict my hauling dogs to the inside of my base only and a small portion outside.  Then I train my other animals in hauling as well, and restrict them outside the base except for the same small portion.  When a raid happens, my outside animals will haul everything to the stockpile that the dogs have access to, and the dogs will bring everything inside.

This means that my animal trainers never have a problem catching up to the animals that need training.  My dogs are always nearby, and my other animals are walking very slowly when they are not hauling.

The best practice is to train your animals in all categories as high as possible.  Skill decay does not affect all skills at the same time, unlike colonists.  They only lose training in one random skill at a time. 

If you train them in all skills, you pay a heavy training cost initially, but the benefit is that it it takes a very long time for them to forget how to haul.  It also means that when you send a caravan out for weeks at a time, your cargo animals will not leave your caravan because you are not training them.
Ideas / Re: Private property in RimWorld
July 20, 2021, 01:10:29 AM
Quote from: IceThorn on June 23, 2021, 04:40:22 AM
Fun fact: you keep hearing all the time that communism doesn't work and Rimworld proves that the opposite since it works great, lol.

But would you want to actually LIVE in Rimworld?

The entire premise of the game is to escape and get back to civilization.  The Communism-like economy in Rimworld is a temporary measure enacted to streamline an escape. 

Lots of freedoms and liberties are sacrificed for a short time in extreme situations.

Think about Cannibalism.  You have to do what is necessary to survive and escape.  It is not a goal that we should seek.
You can accomplish this with the "Locks" mod by building each pawn their own apartment and locking the doors to prevent any other pawns from entering the apartment.

An issue you may run into is that with food/repairs, etc.

Will each apartment have its own rec/dining facilities?  If so, they will have reduced morale from having a low quality dining/rec room, where if you combined them all into a single Dining/rec room, you would get a significant boost.

Another issue is if there is ever any damage/zzzt/invasion in the apartment.  You would need to go change all the door permissions, or allow every pawn with an apartment to be able to deliver/construct/repair.  If a pawn who is incapable of delivering lives in a sealed apartment, then nothing can be built there.

You could also just give all of your builders/deliverers access to the apartments, but then that kinda detracts from the concept.
Ideas / Re: Scavenging Caravan
July 20, 2021, 12:38:49 AM
I am pretty sure that everything you described is already in the "set up camp" mod, if you tweak the settings to your liking.
Mods / Re: Mod Request: Prioritize harvest zone
July 19, 2021, 08:51:59 AM

The Mod [LTO] Colony Groups has this functionality.  You would need to manually select the plants to be cut first, then assign a group of pawns to "Forced labor:Plant Cut".

Here is a quote from a section of the mod:

"Your group Work Menu is your lifeline to transforming your Colony into a well oiled machine. Here you can send out Work Orders to your group, and prioritize specific jobs (right-click), as well as enacting Forced Labor to a certain job (2x right-click) which will order your group to work that task until their hands bleed. You will also be able to tell your group to Take a Break from working, send them to the Chow Hall, and even tell them to go to Sleep".

The video about the mod explains it in a bit more detail, but basically, the group of pawns that you assign to Plant Cut with the Forced Labor option will do that task until they either starve to death, drop from exhaustion, mentally break, or there are no more plants assigned to be cut.  Use with caution.

Timestamp 4:12 - 4:42
Mods / Re: How to uninstall HardCore SK
July 13, 2021, 09:24:15 PM
I would recommend:

*Reading the description of the Mod
*Reading the comments under the mod
*Looking for discussions on the mod page
*Posting a comment on the mod page asking for help
*Restoring to a save file from before you installed the mod.
*Next to last resort - Direct messaging the Author of the mod
*Last resort - Posting here where no one related to this mod will ever see your post.

I get the feeling that you put the last step first.
Mods / Re: Quick open/close doors mod?
July 07, 2021, 01:23:13 AM
I don't think there is, but if you are using a mod that allows you to command pawns to pick up items, you can create a stockpile of something like steel on the other side of a door that you frequently need held open, and then when you need to toggle it, you can tell a pawn to go pick something up from that pile.

That will not require you to draft them or undraft them, and it will still cause the door to be held open.  This also bypasses the zoning restrictions temporarily, so that if they are supposed to be in a safe zone, they will immediately return to it.
Mods / Re: Quick open/close doors mod?
July 05, 2021, 08:33:36 PM
QuoteIs there a mod that puts holding open/closing doors into the "Basic" work category?

Holding doors open is just a setting on the door and it is applied instantly without any interaction from a colonist. 

It is not possible to move it into another work category, since it is not a job in the first place.  When you set a door to be held open, there is no task assigned to a colonist to walk through the door and open it, so that "task" can not be re-categorized since it does not exist. 

Example: If you set a door to be held open on an empty bedroom, that door will never be opened because no one ever had a need to enter that room.  Setting a door to be held open just means that the next time it is opened, it will not close.

There is a mod that locks doors, and prevents certain people or classes of people/animals from going through the door, and a task is assigned to a colonist to set the door permissions when you change them, but they still do not have a need to open the door.

I do not think it is possible to make a mod that drafts a colonist, and tells them to pass through the door, then undrafts them afterward.
Mods / Re: Sharing Artwork in progress?
May 21, 2021, 12:12:27 PM
If you are just trying to lessen the likelihood of having someone steal your work, then you can just try to make it harder for them and that should work most of the time.

Put a Watermark across the front of your work, only release the low-res copy, and put the words "Copyright, (Your Name) 2021" at the bottom, and put a warning in the description that says you will take legal action if anyone misappropriates your work without your express written consent.

That should deter most casual art thieves, I would think.

The lock on the front door of your house will not stop a determined thief or burglar.  It is there to keep honest people honest, and to not tempt people to do what is wrong.  If someone wants to steal your stuff, the lock will not stop them.

You just don't want to leave candy on the table, if it is not there for everyone to take.  Let them know that it belongs to you and that you don't want others to use it without your permission, and it will stop 99.99% of people.

Also, don't worry about it.  You were not planning to make money with it anyway, so you have not suffered any actual damage if someone steals it.  It is not right that they profit from your work, but they have not actually hurt you, especially if you don't know about it.  So don't waste time later searching for your image online to see if anyone is using it.  You will only torture yourself.

The only damage you will suffer is the time you spent worrying about it.
Mods / Re: Sharing Artwork in progress?
May 21, 2021, 02:13:26 AM
I think it would come down to establishing the date when they were first posted in order to prove who owns it.  If they claim that you stole it, then they should be able to show that they either possessed it before you did, or posted it online before you.  If you are the first person to post it online, then I think you should be safe, as long as the website you posted it to does not remove it.  Of course, if the hosting website got a copyright claim from someone, they might just delete your post, and then you would lose your proof.  You could email them to yourself to establish the date, and they would not be able to get them pulled from there, since they would not know about it.

I am not sure what you used to draw it with.  If by hand, then you have the originals to prove it.  If it is done with software, you can use layers when creating it, and then only share the flattened versions.  They will not be able to recreate the original versions with layering, and that would prove that you are the author since only you have the originals.

One idea would be to put a black bar across portions of some of the images that are not that important.  If someone claims that the images are theirs, they should be able to reproduce the missing portions of the images.  Which, of course, they will not be able to do.  Then again, they might just fill in the blacked out portions with something they make up, and even though it would not match yours, it still wouldn't prove which is the authentic version.

Another Idea would be to only share Low-res copies of your artwork, and keep back the High-res ones until you are finished.  They will not be able to reproduce your original high-res copies which only the true creator would have access to.  I think this is the best method since taking a high quality photo and reducing the size is a one-way process, and can not be reversed.  Even if they recreated their own high-res version by completely redrawing the entire images, you can tell which high-res version the low-res copy came from by just reducing both of them and see which low res version matches the one they claim you stole.

Another option would be to actually take a photograph of your screen or a printed version, or you could make a short YouTube video of your artwork and share that instead.  In order for anyone to reproduce it, they would be forced to completely re-draw everything by hand, and they would never even have access to the originals.

You asked whether you should share them or not...  What exactly are you afraid of? People share their artwork online all the time.  Sometimes it gets stolen and used by someone else.  If this happens, are you afraid they will sue to try to steal it legally, or are you considering what legal steps you will take toward them if it happens?

If you post your art online and someone puts in a copyright claim on it, you will be notified, and you can then respond with your proof that they lied.  However, this process can take some time to clear up and they are still under no obligation to do the right thing.  It is not like you can sue them for taking down your art since they are under no obligation to host it anyway.

Worst case, you get sued, which I think is extremely unlikely, but also easy to prove if you take a few of the steps listed above.  They would have to have a huge monetary incentive to steal your work, and will have to hire a lawyer.  Then as soon as they see that you have proof that you are the owner they will drop it, or the judge will throw it out at the first hearing.

If you are trying to protect your work, and do not want anyone else to use it without permission, then you need to be prepared to sue other people over it.  That will cost you a lot of money, and is probably not worth it, unless you are rich and/or care about the principle of it.  Unless your artwork is SO GOOD that a big company uses it for something, the person you are suing might not have any money to give you.  Still, you are only entitled to a set amount, plus damages, and since it was only for a mod, you really would not have any damages.

If you are only worried about someone else using it without permission, and you don't care enough to try to make them stop, then I don't think there is anything to worry about.  They will not have any need to try to claim authorship of your art unless you force them to by putting in a claim yourself.

Usually, you can just make a copyright claim, and wherever they posted it must take it down unless they jump through an enormous number of hoops to prove that they own it.

I use a mod that allows you to lock doors to certain people or classes of people, and I keep guests and their dirty animals out of my base and away from my insects.

So, I am not worried about Caravans or travelers wandering up on my insects.  Also, they need to be enclosed to prevent the jelly from going off from being outside.

I would prefer to keep the insects as close to vanilla as possible and keep the danger in the game.  If there is no longer a threat of harm from them, then it will take all the fun out of raising them.  All reward, and no risk is boring.

I am just looking for a little more choice in the game than:

  • Attack everything that looks remotely dangerous
  • Run from everything
  • Ignore everything

I just want them to attack things that are actively attacking them, and ignore passive mobs and objects. 

Below are 3 of my colonies, from 2 different games.  As you can see, all my insects are locked away from nosy visitors.

I currently have several colonies where I am farming insects for jelly and meat, but it is a huge pain to always keep my pawns set to flee.

If I set them on flee or ignore, then I have to micromanage them all the time to prevent them from getting killed all the time either from the bugs, or from manhunters.

If I set them to attack, then they wipe out all my hives when they get in range of them.

Another thing I have tried is to zone my pawns away from the hives, and then manually harvest the jelly each day but again, this requires that I micromanage them.

Can someone help me make a mod that makes it so that my pawns will no longer treat hives as hostile?  I have no programming experience.