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Ideas / Lights, colonists, and rooms
October 16, 2013, 08:00:10 PM
Lights in the game are currently controlled solely by the eye in the sky. I think that a healthy alternative for the lights would be to add some light on/off logic to them. If colonist in room and not asleep lights on else lights off kind of thing. Then you could have a toggle for lights on, off, or auto. Not a critical thing but it would make my repeatedly destroyed colonies feel more lived in before they expire due to raiders.
Ideas / Alternate food sources
October 08, 2013, 01:58:22 PM
In all the media that I've seen on the game there seems to be only one or two source for food such as nutrient past or crops. I'm hoping that there are plans to alleviate the misery associated with our little hero only eating such glop an rabbit food. There are creatures in the game and some have to edible right? Aside from possibly animal husbandry as mentioned in another post perhaps hunting can be  an option. Not only would it supply tasty meats but any number of other components usable by a savvy planetary survivalist. Things like hides for tanning and clothing production. Just a thought.