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Rimworld alpha 13 Ep 16 Welcoming Ian and his long travels-, Oh Crap Raiders!


Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 14: Cows, Traders, and the imminent Pirate raid oh my!

Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 13: Ei, Ei, oooh - Mission Reloaded Gaming

NExt Episode!
Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 12: Wants to buy Grizzly!

Next Episode!
Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 11: Ferret Raid and Man Hunter Wargs!

Or catch them all from the beginning: skip ahead a little if you dont want to watch me messing around picking a place to crash haha.  ::)

Video / Pirate Cove and Casino - This is their story *last episode!*
« on: April 30, 2016, 12:51:36 PM »
 The Casino and Harem Mountain(ish) Complex

Ok so posting every new episode was getting a bit over the top in the comments below. So I am tidying up this thread a bit.

To start at the beginning: Overview of alpha 13 changes

Ep 1 - Humble Beginnings On Mission Reloaded Gaming

Ep 2 - Raid of Kelvin and his Shoddy Slate Shiv

Ep 3 - Ooo! Traders from another town

Ep 4 - Let's Beat the Cat and have Heat Stroke!

Ep 5 - I swear my colonists are insane

Ep 6 - Raids, Killer Alpacas, and building the wall

Ep 7 - Traders Chickens and Escape pods with psychos

Ep 8 - Ferrets kill my chickens, Alaska redeems himself

Ep 9 - Alaska's Godlike construction skill,we are now in a mountain

Ep 10 - Scott Stone the Joywire artist, Alaska didn't start this fight

Ep 11 - Ferret Raid and Man Hunter Wargs!

Ep 12 - Wants to buy Grizzly!

Ep 13 -  Ei, Ei, oooh

Ep 14 - Cows, Traders, and the imminent Pirate raid oh my!

Ep 15 - Groovy...

Ep 16 - Welcoming Ian, Oh Crap Raiders, Mission Reloaded Gaming

Ep 17 - Lightning Storm And Human Meat From The Sky

Ep 18 - Taunting Us with that Grizzly Meat

Ep 19 - A raid, Mechanoids!?!

Ep 20 - Attack of the Scythers, Sacrifice

EP 21 - Survival of the Fittest

Ep 22 - Mr. Alaska is Immortalized in Art

Ep 23 - The Harvest

Ep 24 - Cutlass Through The Heart

Ep 25 - Cliff Hanger, The Fallen

Ep 26 - Bloody Fist Fight in the Kitchen

Ep 27 -  Traders, Bionics, and Turtle Eggs

Ep 28 - Toxic Waste, Hatching Tortioses, and Explosions oh my!

Ep 28.5 - POISON!

Ep 29 - War Stories and Fortifications

Ep 30 - Risque artwork and the paratrooper raiders

Ep 31 - Pirate Raid and Puma Attacks!

Ep 32 - Alaska breaks up, falls in love, and an Ex comes to meet him

Ep 33 - Soap Opera! Rimworld style.

Ep 34 - Oh Crap, Right! A Syther Raid

Ep 35 - Two animal attacks and a marriage proposal

EP 36 - Art symposim of oddities

EP 37 - Point Blank Besiegement

Ep 38 - Decision

Ep 39 - Wedding Bugs and Smoking Turret Barrels

Ep 40 -  Call the Exterminator!!!

Ep 41 - Unlimited Bug Meat

Ep 42 - SHOOT THE BUGS! Not Eachother!!!

Ep 43 - Salty

Ep 44 - The Enhanced Native

Ep 45 - The Land Trader and My Bug Goo

Ep 46 - Alaska you IDiot!

Ep 47 - Incendiaries in the Rain (Alaska's Vengence)

Ep 48 - Down the with Bugs, In with the Plague

Ep 49 - I opened the Ancient Tomb

Ep 50 - Man the Guns, Shoot the Turtles!

Ep 51 -  Story Teller brought presents, Christmas Special

Ep 52 - Christmas Special - Cleaning the blood for a wedding

Ep 53 - Holiday Special - 2016 just keeps giving

Ep54 - That which does not kill you, is probably reloading

Ep 55 - Yep, it's Reloading

Ep 56 - If you wanna get out alive, run for your life!!!

Video / Re: Alpha 13: Pirate Cove and Casino - This is their story
« on: April 29, 2016, 11:12:55 AM »
Ep 9 is here!
Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 9:Alaska's Godlike construction skill,we are now in a mountain -

episode 8 is out!

Rimworld Alpha 13 Ep 8: Ferrets kill my chickens, Alaska redeems himself

 In this playthrough I am going to see how the social  system really tears up a group of people. So far in the series Alaska (colonist asshole) does some very crappy things to his fellow colonists and one goes postal from his direct actions.
Stay tuned for more.



if you guys have any questions or comments or pointers in my videos I would love to hear them. Since I am not a diehard player I am prone to some mistakes especially things that have changed from patch to patch that I still do.

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