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Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 01, 2013, 02:42:57 PM
Yeah, open-world concept would be nice, but let's not call it "Minecraft." Open, generate-as-you-go, worlds have been around far longer than Minecraft.
Bugs / Re: [W|0.0.25B] Fires not responded to
December 01, 2013, 02:40:53 PM
It was an autosave and I've been playing since -_-. Closest save I have is seconds after it happened. Either that, or two days before, and I'm not sure the same thing will happen. I can upload them both to verify that the home zone was indeed activated, but other than that, I can't help anymore.
Bugs / Re: [W|0.0.25B] Fires not responded to
December 01, 2013, 02:37:28 PM
I'm not quite sure how to do that, but I'll give it a try.
Bugs / Re: [W|0.0.25B] Fires not responded to
December 01, 2013, 11:44:49 AM
Forgot to mention. Home zone was indeed set in that area. (verified, loaded a save from seconds before the explosion) I keep my home zones up to date. When the fire spread from the block in the back of the table, colonists responded, but they still wouldn't fight the fire in the back. This is the diagram of the room; the X is where the fire was not fought. The L is a standing lamp.

I'll draw a diagram.

[][][][][] [][][][][] [][][][][] [][][][][] []
[]R R       L P[]E L  E E L E[]R R P    L P[]
[]R R           []E C      C E[]R R      C C[]
[]R R           []E C      C E[]R R         C[]
[]R R           []E C      C E[]R R         C[]
[]R R           []E C      C E[]R R      C C[]
[]L            L[]E C C C C E[]L   C C C L[]

[] = Rock
R = Research Bench
L = Standing Lamp
P = Potted Plant
E = Equipment Rack
C = Conduit
-- = Door
Disregard spaces in walls, that was to compensate for [] =/= --
Strikethrough = Burning
Underline = Not fought

The lower left corner of the Research Bench fire was not fought. Whenever it spread, colonists would fight what it spread to, but not the back of the research bench.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 01, 2013, 12:05:35 AM
<3 Ender. (homo)
Bugs / [W|0.0.25B] Fires not responded to
December 01, 2013, 12:01:51 AM
Version Found - [W|0.0.25B]

Title - Fire was not responded to, and could not be prioritized. Destroyed part of colony.

Summary - An electrical explosion caused a massive inferno in one of my rooms. After the colonists diligently fought this fire, everything inside had been destroyed (six equipment racks.) However, before the fire was out, it had spread (through a 1-square thick rock wall) to the adjacent rooms, burning a potted plant and a research table. After taking care of the first fire, the colonists moved to fight the potted plant fire. But, once it was out, not a single colonist moved for the research table fire; in fact, they all went to bed. I attempted prioritizing it with all of them, but the only message that would come up would be "Cannot prioritize (Colonist is not a researcher)." After allowing all colonists to research, I again tried prioritising the fire, getting instead the message "Cannot prioritize (Research is a long-term task.) I thought to disallowing all tasks other than research and trying again, but by this time the table had burned down. I suspect the problem here is that the firefighting range is only 1 block; they could not deal with the threat because the fire was on the wall side of the table. Please fix; set firefighting range to 2 blocks or come up with another solution.

Steps to Reproduce -
1. Fire breaks out.
2. Fire spreads through 1 block thick rock walls into two adjacent rooms; one has a burning potted plant, the other has a burning research table facing the wall.
3. Colonists fight first fire.
4. Colonists fight fire in second room.
5. Colonists fail to fight fire on the back of the research table.
6. Research table is lost.

Expected Results - Expected colonists to fight the fire.

Actual Results - Colonists let the table burn down.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
November 30, 2013, 07:20:35 PM
Few ideas:

-First, not sure if this one would be cheap, but: Drill. Requires research. Requires power. Drills a geothermic vent. Can fail/explode. Maybe 3x3, geothermic vent is created in the center, drill must be sold to build Geothermic Generator.

-Motion detecting lights: Would work much like auto-turrets, but instead of killing things on sight, would turn on on sight. Would also turn off when no one is around. Requires research(?)

-Non enclosing walls; maybe more durable?

-Improved roofs research option; maybe can stand further away from supports? Or maybe vaulted ceilings, to decrease the amount of XY space that is required for colonists to not feel cramped.

-Lightning rods/generator; requires research, keeps lightning from damaging a certain range, generates vast amounts of energy when batteries are hooked up. Diverts excess energy into the ground.

-Wall lamps

-Underground conduits; so they don't take up as much space.

-Double sided equipment rack.

-Bunk - sleeps multiple prisoners/colonists.


-More potted plants; different colored flowers, shrubs, bushes, etc.

-Fences and gates; keep animals out without having to enclose farms.

-Handler class; like Warden except for animals.

-Vet class; like Doctoring except for animals.

-Patrol class; colonist patrols a designated zone for threats. Auto-drafts when threat is detected.

-Animal capture; requires lasso/traps.

-Some sort of beast of burden; bull-like, horse-like, mule-like. Requires same process as "recruitment," except called "Breaking." Can be used to haul more, grow more efficiently. Requires "cleaning-up" after and feeding. Fed by Handlers. Small chance to be injured on the job.

-Hay for animals to sleep on.

-Research: shoes for animals, saddle/reins/etc.

-More crops; need to acquire seeds which require research, or are attained from traders or crashed ships. Perhaps Oaf recruitment yields small chance of getting new seed type.

-Smooth-out mineshaft walls.

-Metal detector; equipment allows for seeing minerals deeper into walls than just one block.

-Caverns; must be mined into to discover. Same as outdoors, but hidden until mined into. Rock fllor, rock walls. Maybe geothermic vents?

-Mushrooms and other fungi grow in dark. (Found in caverns.)

-Cooking options: Multiple tiers. Higher tiers less likely to set fires; T1 Open campfire, T2 Fire pit, T3 Fire Grill, T4 Electric Stove, T5 Oven, T6 Microwave oven (penalty to happiness?) Require research. Also (not cheap part) Maybe higher tiers (up until microwave) are less likely to burn food.

-Overcooked/Undercooked food: Multiple tiers. T1: Raw (-12 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten), T2: Undercooked (-10 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten), T3: Cooked (+3 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten), T4: Overcooked (-8 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten), T5: Burnt (-12 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten.)

-Nuked food: Microwaved. (-5 Happiness, 0 Fear when eaten)

-Prisoner-accessible doors (so I can build a mess hall or rec center :D)

-Prisoners try to escape during power outages, depending on loyalty.

-Trench: slow down movement like sandbags, provide cover when standing in. Do not provide cover for standing behind.

-Bunker walls: Requires research. Can be shot through, provide cover, and are roofable. Possibly don't conduct electricity? Resists explosives from the outside, flame retardant.

-Streetlights: More durable, provide vast amounts of light when outside, cannot be roofed in.

-Chef class; has lesser chance of burning/overcooking/undercooking meals depending on aptitude.

-Blast doors; Require research, can only be opened from terminals, flame retardant, resist explosives. Can be forced open by sapper raiders.

-Sapper raiders; can dismantle auto-turrets, cut through walls and blast doors (over the course of several hours.)

-More happiness items; lampshades, desk, different kinds of chairs (office, lounge, recliner, etc.) bookshelves

-Water supplies; rivers, lakes, etc. Possibly able to drill water wells. Story event; draught. Crops begin to die, animals die of thirst, wells and rivers dry up, intense heat creates exhaustion. Colonists should need to drink water.

-Sewage system; toilets, pipes, and septic tanks all fall under on research category; water purifiers which require research, and a biofuel generator which requires research and turns waste into energy. Before researching sewage (0 Happiness, 0 Fear), chamber pots (-15 Happiness, 0 Fear), or outhouses (-5 Happiness, 0 Fear.)

-Check/Uncheck all button on Overview screen.

-Automatic pause on opening Overview screen.

-Robots which can perform firefighting, constructing, repairing, mining, plant cutting, hauling, and cleaning tasks (each task requires additional research. Should be too unwieldy to grow plants.

-Mechanic class; like warden except for robots. Repairs robots as needed. Even-more-Not-so-cheap idea: Depending on aptitude of the last mechanic to repair the robot, chance of shorting out, exploding, shutting down, or going rogue.

-Power sockets for robots to return to (beds for robots.)

-More weapons; flamethrower, gas cans which burn until put out when damaged, throwable knives, RPG, Incendiary grenade, baseball bat, crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, hammer, nail gun, saw, gloves.

-Non-lethal weapons; tazer, mace cans, EMP grenades which knock out power in a certain range, lasso, some kind of weaponized incapacitating drug (darts or melee syringes).

-This one has been mentioned before: Negative damage; threshold between incapacitation and death. Death at -10. Incapacitation at 0. If a unit takes damage that drops them below 0, halve the remaining damage. If the HP falls below -10, the unit dies. If the -10<HP<0, the unit survives, is incapacitated, and continues to bleed out until rescued.

-Field medkits: bandages stop bleeding, certain drugs provide extra HP, certain drugs cut incoming damage by a certain percentage (person on morphene or adrenaline feels less damage than a person not.)

-Improved doctoring system: more than just feeding people. Maybe some injuries require bandaging, surgery, or drugs instead of just nursing. Success of said operations should be based on aptitude and difficulty of operation.

-Events where prisoners become disorderly and/or attempt to escape. Makes me feel better about telling the warden to beat them.

-Floods which require pumps to keep the colony from flooding inside the walls. Floods damage electrical systems, crops, and furniture, and creates an excess of filth.

-Mentioned before: Dismantle option for furniture instead of sell and buy again to relocate. Also available for turrets.

-Practice dummy/target practice furniture. Improves shooting/melee skills when there are no raiders to defend from.

-Personal lockers which can be claimed by colonists; raise happiness.

-Mentioned SO many times: FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Takes up equipment slot. Requires research.

-Craftable equipment. Fire ext. (increases aptitude for firefighting), hoe (increase aptitude for growing), rake (increase aptitude for growing), power tools (increase aptitude for constructing/repairing), hand tools (increase aptitude for constructing/repairing), pickaxe (increase aptitude for mining), wheelbarrow (increase carrying capacity, lowers walking speed, increases aptitude for hauling), backpack (increase carrying capacity, lowers walking speed, increases aptitude for hauling), machete (increases aptitude for plant cutting), vacuum (increases aptitude for cleaning), broom (increases aptitude for cleaning), dust pan and brush (increases aptitude for cleaning), surgical equipment (increases aptitude for doctoring), handcuffs (increases aptitude for warden), all other equipment I listed above.

-Engineering/Crafting class.

-Crafting table; like research table, but for crafting equipment. Equipment must be researched first before crafted.

-Recycler to melt down slag into metal. Requires research.

-Grinder to grind down rock debris. Requires research.

-Heater/AC Unit: requires energy, requires research. Boosts happiness.

Phew! I think that's everything I thought of in my first day of playing. Apologies if some of these aren't as cheap as I think they are (most of them probably aren't... Sorry.)