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General Discussion / Re: Purchasing Rimworld
January 23, 2016, 03:33:08 AM
Considering Tynan lives in Quebec Canada, and Ludeon Studios exists in Quebec, then the price should be in Canadian dollars. Our dollar (I'm from Canada too) isn't doing so well, so its significantly less than USD. If we converted $30 CAD to USD it would be = $21.24 USD.
General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 13, 2016, 04:14:49 AM
I may be thick, but could you point out the unfounded criticism in those posts, you quoted, MarvinKosh? As far as I can see, the only unfounded criticism is "this game is doomed".

They are right that taking a 6 month hiatus mid-development is a very bad sign. Yes I can understand the desire to avoid burnout, but at the same time, he is right, it is still technically mid-development. If the guys making Star Citizen said they were going to go on a 6 month break, as they've been working on their game for about as long (if not longer?) wouldn't that be a cause for concern? They are also right, that taking a break generally in the gaming industry or really any industry constitutes for up to 1 month tops, not 6.

As Tynan has said the game is done. It doesn't mean he won't work on it, and that doesn't mean he isn't going to return with a large update, but in his eyes it is done. Therefore, he could decide to start up a new project when he returns home. Yes that might be speculation, but I still see that as a valid concern for many people, considering Tynan himself said it was done. And as starting a new project would suck up a lot of time, it would effectively end development for Rimworld. I'm not saying that is what he will do, but again, this is still valid criticism.

As for the other post...

The guy is pointing out, indirectly, that he has been burned in the past by other independent developers likely in Early Access or from other Kickstarter projects like so many other people. He is apparently angry that it appears Tynan has "abandoned" development; clearly Tynan hasn't if you read the blog, but I digress.

He is right that taking a 6 month break while in ALPHA is generally inexcusable and unforgivable. If any of the other major kickstarter projects that have been in development as long as Rimworld has (Star Citizen, Godus, etc), decided to take a 6 month break during their Alpha stage, you'd likely be furious too. You don't stop development mid-way through; you keep at it until you have a finished product. Yes I can understand WHY Tynan is doing what he is doing, but the fact remains that he chose to do it during development which unfortunately makes him look bad.

Then the guy hurts his case by getting all melodramatic which of course causes people to glaze over their arguments and call them a troll.   

He is also right that Developers that can't finish what they started DO hurt the gaming community. I'm not saying that Tynan won't complete what he has started, but the possibility is there. A good example of this is Towns. A lot of people, including myself, really liked Towns. But then before it was finished the Developers just abandoned it. That sucks, and a lot of people lost faith in Indies as a result of that. I don't think Tynan is one of those people but still, you don't take LONG protracted breaks from development; most people are fine with 1 month; that is reasonable, as that is what normal regular people get for their holidays AT BEST. I hope in the future Tynan realizes that taking a 6 month break has made people lose faith in him and has tarnished his image. He should also look into better ways of addressing impending burnout, but that is a conversation for another day.

PS: That was longer winded than I intended, but that's sometimes what happens.

General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 10, 2016, 01:31:49 AM
Actually he DID say it is done; in his July 1st, 2015 blog. Check the Blog; here is a link:

Here is the quote, "In the end, I think that a game is done when promises have been fulfilled, and there aren't holes in the design. And we're reached that point, so RimWorld is done."

Sounds like he said that Rimworld is done / finished.

He states earlier in that same blog how he looks at the game and all the major stuff are filled, and the rest of stuff are optional. However, he never has clarified what are the critical stuff and what are the optional stuff. What recent modules did he feel were critical, and why does he feel the other modules are only optional.
General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 09, 2016, 07:25:01 PM
Very good points.

The only gripe is that in all other cases of project development, there is a plan, or in the very least a progress "meter" of how much is left for a complete product. Tynan has never shared his "personal" plan for the game, nor has he stated how much the game has progressed to a finished state and how he defines a finished state. Most other projects have specific metrics for explaining how they define it as a finished state. Tynan hasn't explained how he defines the game as finished, just that he has stated it is finished. In the case of a house builder, they feel the house is finished when according to their plan that the plan says it is finished if it has X, Y, and Z, completed and until those are completed the house isn't finished.

I'd just like to understand from Tynan's perspective why he feels the game is finished, and if he feels it is finished why continue development at all? Unless he is continuing development for an expansion, it doesn't make logical sense to call the game finished. Continued development implies that it isn't actually finished. Its like a house builder building a house, and then saying it is finished... and then later deciding to rip out the roof and add another floor to it.

I'm not trying to be inciteful... I just want to understand his reasoning. His style of development is different than other development performed by video games and has stated before that he doesn't have a specific plan and prefers organic development. The issue is that with organic development there is NEVER a finished state; it is in perpetual development forever. That is why you need a plan; you need a clear end goal. I'm just curious what Tynan's End Goal was for a game that technically has no End Goal, and what caused him to reach this End Goal.
General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 09, 2016, 02:51:03 PM
Okay fair enough. It does say that some May Not ever get finished.

The only concern I have is that he is saying that the game is as big as he wanted it to be. But that is a vague statement. Nowhere has he posted a progress meter of "I want to achieve X number of modules for the game to be completed" or a "this is a % progress to the final release" or "these are the essential modules that I feel are needed in the game to make it complete"... like most developers do. Instead, one day out of the blue he says that its basically finished. Yes there are some modules that weren't originally suggested, but at the same time, I recall people complaining vigourously over a year ago that the starship module was bare bones and yet he never changed or added to that module.

So my beef is, how much does he actually change his development based on our feedback? If the whole kickstarter was about making the game the community wanted, how many of the new modules were actually suggested by the community OR how many of those modules listed on the kickstarter were discussed in length by the community that AREN'T in the game that convinced Tynan that they were unwanted and thus weren't essential to making it into the game?

I keep seeing that this is Tynan's baby, which is true. But, that means it isn't the community's baby and thus he doesn't HAVE to listen to us nor implement the things we want while implementing only the things he wants and thus calling it finished because its his baby, even though the community isn't ready to call it finished. How much "power" do backers really have in shaping the game's development? Thoughts?

I can understand his desire to get away to avoid burnout. As I recently ran into a bout of near burnout I can understand why he would like to get away before burning out. If he had burnt out, his "break" away from the game would be much longer. Take Josh Parnell's Limit Theory, another Kickstarter Backed project. Josh was providing daily updates and major monthly video updates for every month in 2014. However, in 2015, Feb I think, he burnt himself out. For three months he posted nothing on the forums and everyone thought he was either dead or ran away with the money. After those 3 months, he came back briefly to post what happened. However, since then, he has come back from time to time with posts, but NO UPDATEs. Its been over 10 months since he started his recovery from burnout and he hasn't posted a major monthly update or even gone back to daily updates. So... the point I'm making is that 6 months isn't such a long time to wait for an update.

The only thing is that he chose to do it when "he felt" that the game was finished, but the community feels like there are still things that need doing and thus we feel that he is abandoning the game during development which isn't a good sign.
General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 09, 2016, 05:25:40 AM
Could you point me to where he clarified this, as I never recall him making a blog post concerning this, nor an update video either, and as I've tried to be diligent and keep up with these, I was quite surprised when he announced several months ago that it was "finished"... as if that idea came out of the blue, when it doesn't feel finished.

Yes, you are right they are suggestions, but often if a feature is listed in a Kickstarter campaign, you expect it to be part of the finished game. Look at other kickstarters where they offered a possible feature for their game and failed to deliver on it. People were justifiably angry about it. Take Elite Dangerous. They, during their kickstarter said it would have an offline mode, but the game is online only (unless they patched it; haven't follow ED in a while so not sure on that). Or take Godus's Multiplayer mode; it still aint there. All I'm trying to say is that if you are going to post a feature on a kickstarter, and then decide later on to NOT do it, an official statement somewhere that is extremely visible is needed... not some random post on the forums here where you have to dig to find it.

So, could you refer me to the posts where he changed his mind on these features?
General Discussion / Re: So when is Tynan returning?
January 09, 2016, 02:13:17 AM
I keep reading how the game is "finished" when the things promised on the Kickstarter HAVE NOT been met. Scroll down to the "proposed modules section (via this link =

1) Beliefs and Religion; Not added yet
2) Archaelogy; Not added yet (what is there is extremely bare bones if you can even call it that)
3) Historical Characters; Not added yet
4) Relationships; Not added yet (I looked through the XMLs and it claims that people have relationships, but have run large games and never saw it happen once)
5) Moddability; A LOT of useful code is still hardcoded and inaccessible (ie controlling how raids work precisely or controlling the XP given by every kind of activity or being able to make your own skills, etc)

How can Tynan say it is basically finished when major components suggested in the Kickstarter Campaign haven't been completed yet? Also, a game doesn't go from Alpha to Finished Product; When will the beta be?

I'm not trying to incite things here, but it really aggravates me that people keeping saying its done, when features suggested in the campaign haven't been completed yet and would GREATLY add to the game if they were added. Thoughts?

Help / Re: Skill Mods
December 06, 2015, 06:11:46 AM
Derp. Missed those. Thanks skullywag!
Help / Skill Mods
December 05, 2015, 09:32:12 PM

I haven't played Rimworld in a while, I believe the last version I played was V9, and recently decided to see what has changed, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see great leaps and bounds and looking forward to V13. However onto questions...

In V9, in the CORE mods folder, you could directly change the skill values of things like gun accuracy for each rank, or the level up bonus of saying Growing will be. I checked in the V12D CORE folder, and these files are all gone. So two questions come up:

1) Why was the Skills hidden away from users in the CORE folder?
2) Is it still possible to modify those Skill values in a different way?
General Discussion / Re: Lag and it's causes
March 30, 2015, 02:12:43 PM
Since the game isn't multicore or multithreaded yet, all of the calculations get performed on a single core; not sure if also all of the graphical calculations are done on the CPU rather than the GPU.

So, what you might be able to is to set the Core Affinity for the game, to a separate and mostly unused Core, and thus you would get maximum calculations available to you. Otherwise it defaults to the First Core, which is also shared heavily by the Operating System.
Mod looking great Elstrages. Keep up the great work!
I really don't know what Kyos is complaining about it being TOO easy to get Hyperweave. One does have to grow the Devilstrand for like 40 days, and hope you don't get a Blight, Flash Freeze, Mortar Strike from Raiders, or Bush Fire; if they are indoors in Hydroponics, then you have to worry about a Battery Explosion, Eclipse, or Solar Flare as no power means those plants die very quickly... in addition to the fact that each Devilstrand plant only gives like 2-3 Devilstrand to begin with. So... to have enough Devilstrand for 50 Hyperweave, you'd need 50 Devilstrand plants to survive for 40 days... and that's to only produce like one Cybernetic piece.

As for other stuff and ideas for the mod:

-> An advanced personal shield that allows you to fire out from it in addition to being protected by it.
-> A basic shield for a turret, that doesn't allow it to fire, but absorb a few shots. Useful for your colonists for using the turret as a decoy while they pick off hostiles from a distance behind the turret.
-> An advanced shield for a turret, that allows it to fire and have some additional protection.
-> A basic shield for sandbags, making them more durable, temporarily, against gunfire from hostile raiders.
Wow, that was fast!

Looking forward to trying it out.
Outdated / Re: [MOD](Alpha 8) Prison Improvements
February 07, 2015, 02:04:20 AM
Or simply use Mechanical walls (from Mechanical Defense by mipen) and raise them. That's what I do for my furnace / flash freezer for dealing with raiders. I lower all the walls... they walk in, and then I raise all the walls trapping them inside.
Outdated / Re: [MOD](Alpha 8) Prison Improvements
February 05, 2015, 02:34:43 PM
Nice mod. I like!

Any thoughts on having specific prisoner only stuff?
ie: Prisoner Beds (that only Prisoners can sleep in ever; cheaper to make than regular beds)
Prisoner Meals (Good and nutritious food but very bland tasting)
Prisoner Clothes (So that you can pick out your colonists from the prisoners)
Prisoner Strait Jacket (if a prisoner suffers from a mental break they cannot attack anyone)
Prisoner Shock Baton (Only affects prisoners, and it incaps any that are hit by it, to quell rebelling prisoners who are suffering mental breaks; deals little damage but has extremely high incap chance)