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General Discussion / Re: Ludeon community rules
May 23, 2020, 12:05:10 PM
Update: Rule 13 has been clarified.
Okay, we have a plan for this, thanks for reporting. Won't be fixed immediately but it's in our bug pool now.
Food poisoning causes 20% pain which is transformed by the pawn's race base health scale. In case of smaller animals it knocks them out as pointed out in the bug report. It's intentional, but definitely weird in this case so will review it. Thanks.

Both spellings are correct:

But I should probably change it to the more common one. OTOH the current spelling appears dozens of times in the code so for consistency we probably won't change it.

Thanks for reporting.
From Cynapse:

"The reason why we did this was to prevent cases where the buildings were destroyed but mechs were still attacking. The helpers leaving at that critical moment seemed unfair to players. I believe we set the help to leave after a day when all buildings were destroyed."

So not a bug - a feature! No, really. Thanks for reporting :)
No, this is intended (and is almost the only way to get decrees now). We should make sure the decree expires when its issuer leaves the faction though.

HOWEVER, I don't think the random guards and helpers should issue decrees. So we should limit decrees to only the quest asker, not others.
Bugs / Re: Deep Talk Text Bug
April 21, 2020, 11:41:14 AM
It's definitely a real bug, but the high ratio between solving difficulty versus the tiny impact makes it low priority. Note taken, thanks for reporting very much.
I've seen this happen several times. It's an old bug. The below YouTube video has a good example, but there are many other configurations that create this problem.

One obvious way to debug is just to run a bunch of random checks across random points on the map, ensuring that A-can-shoot-B = B-can-shoot-A in all cases.
Bugs / Re: still hard coded text generation
April 15, 2020, 11:02:25 AM
Thanks k2ymg, let me move this to Bugs so we can take a look.
Just moved this to Bugs from Translations, we should take a look.
Bugs / Re: Bug in Royalty : Debuff on floor
April 10, 2020, 09:42:15 AM
Thanks for reporting, looks like normal wood floor as others noted.
Translations / Re: Note on translating for Royalty
April 07, 2020, 11:17:07 AM
You're probably right!
1. Hey so I looked at the log. The problem is that you are asking the system for symbols that it doesn't understand. Like this:

Quote1    questDescription → [asker_nameFull], [asker_faction_name] adlı kullanıcının [asker_royalTitleInCurrentFaction] yakınından arıyor. [asker_pronoun] onu öfkeli bir [animalKindDef_label] takip ediyor! [asker_pronoun] diyor [asker_pronoun] manzarayı sadece hızlı bir yürüyüşte görmek istiyordu ve asla böyle ölümcül bir tehdit beklemiyordu.\n\n[asker_nameDef], [harita_definite] 'de birkaç saat boyunca [harita_definite]' de birkaç saat boyunca güvende kalmanızı istiyor [asker_possessive] mekik [asker_objective] 'i seçebilir. [asker_pronoun] vücut kokularınız veya görgü kurallarınız tarafından rahatsız edilmeyeceğine söz verir.\n\n[asker_pronoun] bu görevi kabul eden herkese [royalFavorReward] [asker_faction_royalFavorLabel] verecek. Yeoman'ın kraliyet unvanını ve psişik yetenekler veren bir psişik amplifikatör de dahil olmak üzere tüm faydalarını almak için bu yeterli bir iyiliktir.\n\nDikkatli olun - unvanları olanlar kibirli ve muhtaç olma eğilimindedir.
2      asker_nameFull → <color=#D09B61FF>Bonosaslos Anlo</color>
2      asker_faction_name → <color=#00BFFFFF>Empire of Tanrı</color>
2      asker_royalTitleInCurrentFaction → Kontess
2      asker_pronoun → o
2      animalKindDef_label → Kış Tavşanı
2      asker_pronoun → o
2      asker_pronoun → o
2      asker_nameDef → <color=#D09B61FF>Anlo</color>
       harita_definite → UNRESOLVABLE
       harita_definite → UNRESOLVABLE
2      asker_possessive → ona
2      asker_objective → ona
2      asker_pronoun → o
2      asker_pronoun → o
2      royalFavorReward → 8
2      asker_faction_royalFavorLabel → Kraliyet İyiliği
     questDescription → UNRESOLVABLE

This means that the text includes "[harita_definite]", but "harita_definite" is never defined. So the system doesn't know what to do with it.

The solution is:
Look in the Player.log
You'll see a line like: FailLetterEndingCommon → UNRESOLVABLE
This means that your text said [FailLetterEndingCommon]. But this is a mistake, becase the symbol is actually "failLetterEndingCommon". You can see the list of symbols above the error message.

Then just change your symbol to match something that is defined.

2. Oh, in that case, you may be translating something you shouldn't. Please be sure you're only translating game text, not any other data. This is probably something in TerrainDef.

3. Great.

4. Yes, though this is the lowest priority. It's good to translate all the titles first though.

Please get in contact with other Turkish translators and commit your changes to the main GitHub repo! Read the pinned post in this forum and email to get access and get set up.
Hi Altay,

First - thanks for translating!

Ragnar covered the basics, but to your points:

1. You'd need to look at the log file. Make this text appear in game. Then, open the Options menu and click "open log file folder", then look in the Player.log file. Then look for the "grammar error". You can search for 'unresolvable' to find it. It will tell you which grammar symbol is failing.

2. It's not your bug, ignore it.

3. You need to translate the words 'cooking at' and 'refueling at'. These are in WorkGivers.gerund.

4. To translate backstories, please just look at how the German repo did it:
Not sure what this is about or if it refers to the old beta 19 version as Canute said.

Anyway, I'm sorry you had trouble with it. What you're describing sounds absolutely bizarre and unlike anything I've ever seen and makes no sense at all. Honestly I'd have to think that your game files are/were corrupted somehow.

If you want help with it let me know, but if you're already checked out that's all there is to it I guess. Sorry it didn't work out better.