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Mods / I miss my million leather types :( [REQUEST]
November 02, 2018, 08:58:13 PM
Cowboy hat making used to be much more enjoyable when I could specify exactly what type of animal hide I wanted to use.
Could somebody make a mod that reverts back the old leather system, I loved leather spam with patchleather mod.
Ideas / Replacing firewatcher with humidity
November 02, 2017, 09:27:10 PM
Upon taking a sneak peak at A18 I've noticed the new swamp biomes are chock full of trees and vegetation, you know the stuff that burns.
I've noticed what happens in these situations using Kudzu's increased forest density mod which basically imitated this type of map, basically without the firewatcher (rimworlds build in fireman deity that looks down upon the planet from his palace in the rainy clouds and extinguishes large wildfires) you'll get to a point where there's a massive ball of fire somewhere expanding outwards devouring everything rendering most of the map a burned waste, including your base.

I've never liked the firewatcher as it feels very gamey and immersion breaking, and I'm also not a fan of how the swamp biomes have such a RADICALLY HIGHER CONCENTRATION OF TREES. Seriously, jungles are nothing compared to these even though they're right next to each other. I'm proposing a new factor for tiles on the world besides temperature, humidity. I've a feeling this factor already sorta exists in the game to generate the correct biomes and calculate the amount of rainy weahter but it should also influence each tile individually.

So to put it short and simple, the higher the humidity (rainfall) of a tile the thicker the vegetation, meaning in a situation where you have a coast with a swamp with more land in a jungle and then a desert, the swamp would be very lush and the jungle bordering the swamp would be very dense as well, pretty much as dense as the swamp, more towards the desert the humidity of the jungle decreases and so does the tree density leading automatically to a different kind of biome a savannah without adding new content really. Eventually in the desert the part closest to the jungle would have lots of cactus and further away the land would be more and more barren.

That's part 1 of what would happen with a humidity mechanic, part 2 is another result from this one addition:

The higher the humidity of a biome the less flamable nature is, fires should be smaller and rarer because of more rain alone but the humidity factor (which fluctuates throughout the year which I'll talk about next) influences the flammability of the trees and plants themselfs. So the biomes might be choking with vegetation but you shouldn't get a fireball of death. More towards the desert the humidity is lower and nature is more flammable but the vegetation is also sparser meaning fires can't spread as easy. That's instantly balanced by itself making the firewatcher system IMO redundant.

Finally you can start playing with this system, have an event in a humid area where suddenly a long drought comes along causing not a drop of rain for weeks and draining the ground from it's water reservoirs, now this lush jungle turned into a death trap waiting to happen.

Link to gallery to see pics larger:


NOTE: These pictures were made ingame using the unstable release, so everything you see does NOT represent the final product.  ;)
Ideas / Harvesting/milking Boomgalopes
December 31, 2016, 02:59:22 AM
I'd like to see a better use for these hotheads, my first thought was to tame and milk their explosive fluids to use in bomb and shell crafting.
Maybe ad a small chance for the colonist to combust when doing the milking?
I haven't had the time to test this lately but it should be quiet easy to find out if you've got some spare time.

Basicly for example:
You've got 2 colonies, your main base and a small mining outpost that periodically sends ore to the main base for expansion. Your main base contains a lot more wealth than the smaller mining outpost, does this mean raids against the main base are bigger than the raids against the small mining outpost?

Is the wealth of the two seperate colonies even calculated or is wealth added up to a total wealth?
Other factors to think about are the amount of colonists on each side and the total amount.
Ideas / Break out captured colonists.
December 23, 2016, 07:49:40 AM
When a raiding party captures one of your colonists they would take them to one of their bases nearby and keep him/her captive there for some time. Maybe they keep him/her there very long, maybe the sell him/her to the slave market after a couple of days.

Anyway, we should be able to investigate where they're being held captive and when we find out where, we should be able to raid that base and resque the colonist.
Like the title it's a straight forward question.

Why does there seem to be an equal amount of settlements near the poles as the more confortable warmer regions?
I think this is something that can be fleshed out in next versions, along with maybe reducing overall amount of settlements.

Adding a "savagery" slider to control the amount of settlements to be generated in the world aka dwarf fortress style.

Oh yeah, rivers, we need rivers and settlements to prefer living near them!
Mods / Rimworld mod-friendly?
May 09, 2016, 03:42:20 PM
With the indefinite suspension of development on the popular mod "Combat Realism" and it's creator bringing up problems regarding Rimworld and mod-support, quote (NoImageAvailable):

Just uploaded the 1.6.5 release. It mainly updates melee weapons to A13 by adding bulk, weight and armor penetration stats to melee weapons. With this the mod is fully updated to A13 and out of pre-release. It is also the last update I will do as I am leaving Rimworld modding permanently.

With the complete lack of not only any real support for modding but even base consideration for it (almost every alpha brings with it new internal changes like making various public variables private, which does not affect the base game in any way but breaks mods and makes modding harder than it needs to be) and a number of smaller annoyances like the out of touch community management (Tynan unstickying genuinely useful threads such as well-maintained mod lists while leaving redundant ones up, complete lack of communication on issues such as the whole private variabls thing, that sort of stuff) modding Rimworld has become more of a hassle than it ought to be. At this point I just no longer have the motivation to deal with it all. The only thing keeping me was the fact I wanted to bring CR into a semi-complete state before I go. I did have plans for a melee combat overhaul before I go but since the loadout system took up more time than originally anticipated I have decided to can those plans.

Since people asked for it in the past I have uploaded the ODS sheets with all the weapon stats I used for balancing to github so anyone interested in making gun mods compatible with this can look up how the stats are calculated (keep in mind though, that while the sheets include data for Project Armory guns that data hasn't been updated since the last PA release and is heavily outdated). The zip file also includes my personal todo list where I still have a number of outstanding issues and plans for the future, in case anyone else decides to pick up this project (although somehow I don't see that happening).

I was wondering how other modders are experiencing modding Rimworld, is it really that bad and is there something Tynan can do about it?
From the very beginning, one of the earliest alpha's, mods have been a cornerstone of Rimworld's succes with countless features and playing hours added on top of the base game and this actually worries me cause without mods Rimworld is quite dull if you played it enough. Think about it, alpha 14 won't support "Combat Realism" and as a result the "Modvariety pack", this may just be the beginning of modders leaving the scene due to frustration and other factors.

So I'd like to start a little discussion and maybe hope modders can address problems for Tynan.
Share what you think of the upcoming alpha 13's features, discuss and create flame-war drama's like only internet forums can!

I'll start off, with the upcoming feature of underground insect hives I wondered, how can we respond to this threat and do we get to see how far the underground infestation has gone? Maybe the ground at the surface looks different with tendrills and stuff, maybe we can keep the infestation outside our base by flooring up?
Ideas / Raiding overhaul
January 21, 2016, 06:49:29 AM
I'll start with saying that this suggestion actually involves very little new stuff be added to the game, instead it focuses more on changing already existing systems to work better in my opinion.

Currently I think raids are too hard-coded, the way how they're split up in normal raids/ sapper raids/ sieges, it's just not very exciting to me.
I think it would be better if all these types were blended into one concept: An assault.

Simply, a group of raiders enters the map and stays away from the base, setting up camp. At first they may send a small squad which will head towards your base and instead of just attacking they will scout around your base for weak points. There may be some shooting but the distance should make it unlikely for someone to be shot.
If they find a weak spot they will return to their camp and plan a full scale attack.

They may first bombard you with mortars, but considering shells are probably expensive at the rim they will rather save them and try attacking just like that.
Some squads will keep you busy near the entrance while another squad heads towards the weak-spot with a sapper to breakthrough.
Considering the raiders aren't imbeciles, after suffering too many casualties (30% lost mayby?) they will retreat. Now it depends on how well the assault was prepared which determines wether they have mortars or not.

If they don't have any sufficient artillery they will just retreat from the map and comeback another time, if they have enough ammunition they will start a siege. bombing your base for some time and then attacking for one last time.

This was just one way of how things may go, but I think of it being more dynamic and less predictable, some groups may be more aggresive then others, some may bombard first if they have ammunition enough or they may just attack immediatly with the whole group.
The goal of this thread is quiet simple, you can suggest features that HAVE TO BE ADDED, not features you would like to see but features that if not added you would not accept a 1.0 release.

For me, it are the following features:

A drinking system:

Really, since it was added I think brewing alcohol was the most random and empty feature added to this game and I don't bother with it. A system where colonists need to drink and drinking water from ponds without some decent filtering is dangerous. Instead, in the early game they can brew gathered plants and water into booze which is a lot safer to drink but has 'side effects'. Later on with new technology filtering could be used. (Has been like that in the middle ages)


I'm not asking for romances and baby's, just friends and foe. I don't want to go too deep into this to leave some creativity for Tynan. ;)

Now go ahead yourself, stuff that's required, not desired although the line is often vague.
Something I've been wondering about for as long as this game exists, back in the early alpha games I was convinced it was really building up a colony, a place for anyone that is forced or just wants to live another way.

The current mechanics of the game have made this goal nearly impossible in the long run, with mechanics that promote building the escape ship instead of permanently living on the planet.
This also seems to me in the way how there are little mechanics and features for longterm colonies and the fact the population in the vanilla game remains very low usually.

Besides that I think the game, in it's lore has skipped some important historical periods, meaning we go from stone-age right back up to hyper sci-fi.

Anyone who feels to share their point of view?
Ideas / Learning skills
April 19, 2015, 04:29:19 PM
With the new feature of someone automaticly joining your colony early on (which I personally don't like) I got the worst person ever, the only thing he could do was talk and eat which isn't very productive to my early settlement so the best sollution I see now is just killing him.

But what if we could teach them to do stuff, it can't be THAT hard to learn how to dig a hole, throw a potato in it and close it again?
That's why I suggest a new feature, learning!

Basicly, you can enable some who's incapable of something (like planting) and instead of starting to work he'd first have to learn how to do it. Who's the teacher you might ask?

Well simply, the colonist who already performs that job and with the highest skill in that job would automaticly become a tutor for the student.

This means two things:
-If nobody knows how to do a certain job, then nobody will ever be able to do it because there's nobody to teach it. Off course someone who joins the colony could have some experience.

-In my example with planting, you best planter would now spent most of his work teaching the student making himself less productive but in the end (after a week mayby) you'd have an extra gardener!

This way we don't get these utterly stupid and useless people that are incapable of performing the most simple of tasks. Wether they like these tasks is a whole different story, a medieval lord having to work in the fields wouldn't be too happy with his new life as a farmer I can imagine.

Now in my example planting is a rather simple profession (sorry for all farmers out there!) so it should be relativly easy to learn but let's say becoming a good doctor would take severall years easily, while he's learning he could still be an assistent though.

And then there are skills that you can't really learn, like being social for example. These are determined by one's personallity and change dynamicly throughout one's life.

Naturally, the higher the skill of the tutor, the faster the student learns along with the motivation of the student. Who knows he has a hidden passion for it?

Lastly I think this could also allow greater diversion between people, someone capable of doing everything will be extremely rare, instead they will be focused in a specific profession like being a doctor but totally suck at cooking.
Ideas / Deathly mist!
October 19, 2014, 10:12:46 AM
Oh noes! A deathly cloud of green mist is passing over the area!

I thought about how we crashed on an alien planet and thought about some interesting things that the world could offer. This is slightly stolen from Dwarf Fortress but I guess they will see it as a compliment.

Let's start with detection/prediction of clouds approaching you: You can build a weather-station! Using the weather station opens up the world map, here you could see if a massive purple cloud spanning maybe 10 regions is moving over the land. These clouds can spawn from swamps/exotic jungles/... anything that could contain alot of mushrooms... The weather-station tracks the movement of a potential cloud on a daily basis so you can check every day how and where the cloud is moving to. The weather-station could also be used to predict any normal storms approaching but let's focus on the poison clouds for now. If you think the cloud will pass right over you then it's time to prepare!

For gameplay reasons let's just say a gasmask is enough to protect your colonists from inhaling the mist. You can make gasmasks from most materials used for clothing but you also need active coal. You make active coal using a furnace that acts like the cremation-furnace that you feed with coal and which makes active coal!
Gasmasks are stored on shelves and by clicking a button you can make people take/wear them or take them of after the cloud has passed by. If you want to keep the air out of your indoor areas you can make airlocks which have a special object in them that purifies the air.

Different clouds!

Clouds could have different effects like:

-Once inhaled it turns you into a crazy zombie-like creature, if you think you're safe with your mask on think again because animals are affected too!

-Once inhaled it just kills you after several hours...

-Inhaling it has no effect but most of the flora dies!


Write down below what other effects might be!
Ideas / Making medicine!
October 19, 2014, 09:46:00 AM
Last game a colonist died because I ran out of medicine and was unable to give him the treatment he needed. I suggest we ad a new job and table to the game:

The botanist, uses exotic plants which you get from cutting plants in the wild and turns these into medicine using his worktable. Depending on his skill with botany his medicines might have a chance of being toxic.
General Discussion / Internal vs external problems
October 05, 2014, 04:56:49 PM
This is something I've been thinking of for a long time, for as long as this game has been in alpha actually. The key aspect of a game like Dwarf fortress is it's internal system tracking relations and many other factors within the group you're playing. Personally I think it's time for this game to start focusing less on fighting of raids or withstanding sieges and instead begin adding more complex problems that can last a whole game like rivalries between two persons who want control over the group or someone who just doesn't like aliens... See how over time people go from barely knowing each other to forming strong bonds or hate that could spark a deathly situation in which the group is split in two camps by sometimes a small discussion.
Ideas / What means death in the future?
July 08, 2014, 06:35:11 PM
Today I managed to get a space ship together and leave with all my colonists, however I had to leave one behind that died several months earlier. I felt so bad that it sparked an idea, what if we can research a tech and then create a robot, use an AI-persona core with a lot of metal and bring back the consciousness of the death person in the robot!
Ideas / Siege suggestions
July 07, 2014, 12:08:44 PM
With the latest addition of sieges this game has become a lot more intersting, however there are some things that I'd like to talk about.

-When you attack a siege-camp the mortars will start aiming at you, I'd like it more if they kept firing at the base, this way you'll have to leave some people behind to maintain the base.
-Mortar shells should create holes in roof over buildings, this would require roofs to be rebalanced in the game cause they should be manually repaired and build then.
-Mortar shells hitting your base when it's build into a mountain shouldn't create holes in the roof cause it's a thick layer of rock but it should have a 30% chance of creating a collaps directly under it if it's above a room or hallway.
-Explosions are not only dangerous but also mentally very disturbing, after several days of bombardment the colonists should get a thought called 'Shellshock' which could make them go crazy.
-Raiders from a siege should try aiming for defenses outside your base and should attack the base like normal raiders when they think most of the defensive systems are destroyed.

That was just something I wanted to throw out, I'm really enjoying this build though!
As the title says, what is the highest number of colonist's you've ever had that didn't lag your game too much?
Mods / [Suggestion] WW1 complete overhaul
June 17, 2014, 05:25:30 PM
With next update hopefully including raiders sieging your base, building an encampment and using artillery I thought maybe we could tweak the such that we just have a gigantic map with 2 teams on either side. Every day new units appear behind your lines from the edge of the map and they must eat/sleep/not go insane(shellshock). The goal, taking over the enemy trenches, the map should be large enough for each team to have 1 front-line trench and atleast 4 reserve trenches, nice large no man's land in the middle with the terrain getting more and more damaged over time with the bombardments slowing down units... You shouldn't control your units directly like you do now ingame but rather just have 1 button 'CHARGE!' and another 'DEFEND!'. I even think if Tynan finishes Rimworld the next game could be a WW1-strategy game with Rimworld's engine.

Quote from changelog:

June 5

ââ€" Sieging enemies can actually build their fortifications and artillery.
ââ€" Smarter siege sandbag placement.
ââ€" Added artillery warmup time and minimum range.
ââ€" Made mortar graphics.