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excuse me what the fuck?

who thought one week of unchallengable poisoning was good gameplay?
General Discussion / tornado sucks
December 10, 2017, 09:50:51 AM
all events need a build up time, everything that instagib a colonist sucks and is just cheap.

I'm fine with a tornado that scourge the land and for it to be a dramatic event, but a tornado that pops into existence just on top of the infirmary after a raid doesn't add any suspense or narrative.

it should give the event an hour warning or spawn it in from a map border.
I haven't seen the 'x' expectations bonus line in a while, which were a nice thing to have for when one crash landed into a barred and frozen cesspit.

does anyone know the triggers? are they broken?
Any idea or hint at when the ai controlling the events will be more fleshed out and give an actual sense of being part of a stateful world or even a story?

Currently it's just them trying to duck up my base, throwing enemy at me just matching my strength because that's what goes for balance these days, but I'd like to see more consequences in what we do.

Say,capture a traveller, tribesmen gets mad. They attack and stop only after the captured guy is freed.  If they fail they birbe you and you get to know the captured was someone important. If burning fails they go all out on you and attack with bigger forces, our try to start fires or poison your food at night...  And after the last big attack they are vanquished and may even offer a tribute afterward.

Things like that. Stories. Think of the possibilities!

Bugs / Stockpile priority starves hoppers
February 02, 2014, 07:08:51 PM
It is not clear that hoppers respect stockpiles priority and setting a food pile with critical priority takes the food out of the nutripaste