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Look at Fluffy (l2032) Masterpieces. Work Tabs is what you looking for. It gives you opportunity to prioritize every job from 0 to 9.
Outdated / Re: [A16] Psychology (2017-1-2)
January 03, 2017, 05:13:36 AM
Quote from: Psychology on January 02, 2017, 06:53:23 PM

Hahaha, that's pretty funny. I'm a little confused as to how you described the clique, though. Did it work like this?
A) Pawn was captured and recruited
B) Pawn makes friends with their recruiter
C) Clique event happens, pawn starts a clique against another colonist
D) Recruiter is pawn's only friend, and so he is the enemy of everyone else he was previously friends with

If so, the recruiter should have had a much smaller chance to trigger fights with people because he was friends with them too. The pawn that hated everyone should be the one having a bunch of fights. It wouldn't just be her, either; if other people disliked her, then they would be picking fights with her as well. Fights have a chance to start whenever one pawn interacts with another, so they will only happen when pawns talk to each other.

If you don't want your pawns to be fighting all the time, then you have to come up with some sort of solution. If one of the clique leaders is removed from the colony (sent on a caravan, killed, etc.) then everyone will stop fighting. You can also try to separate the two cliques so they don't interact. Cliques also will never form if your colonists all like each other.

Correct! And recruiter was almost all the time calm so after a while she was again friend to everyone except one doctor (few fights gave them "harmed me" modifier ), and what's funnier Recruiter, probably when got hit few times from her husband (it's a tribe not a modern society so don't judge), decided to join the other team. I've looked on social Tab and after imprisoning the leader of group, she switched sides. Well I don't know mechanics behind this feature so I'm guess she switch sides (-2 "enemy of my clique"). Poor Eminent (leader) she dislikes men, is a cannibal, and a prostophobe. -25 to opinion is devastating I will probably send her to mining camp or to hunt boomalopes. 

I've tried to separate this groups with areas only for them but it wasn't good either. Sending her as prisoner to sell just trigger error spam when she tried to grab something that caravan leader wanted to grab as well.

But it was a good social experiment where, in a almost solid group, one black sheep can mess really hard. What's also important after a while colony was normal again... except 2 dead colonist but that's a price for using Excellent steel mace of Discovery when try to calm someone down.

Like I once said I really love everything in this mod but when not prepared or ignoring cliques you can have prison-like fights everyday... or hour (in-game) so it can be devastating.


Outdated / Re: [A16] Psychology (2017-1-2)
January 02, 2017, 11:54:21 AM
As this mod interact with many aspects of social behaviour of our pawns I like to point out few things that I noticed. I must admit that Clique is making my game less fun, or made in a couple of days because now it much better. My colony went from almost friendly society to a 2 rival groups only because I captured one of pawns that crash landed in drop pod. She created relationship with recruiter and few ingame days first clique was erected. The funniest thing is that recruiter had all colonist as friends, and few minutes later even her husband was "enemy of my clique" for her, although it was few days ago before new updates. I admire scoop of this mod and changes that makes game more lifelike but this was too "FUN", in a dwarf fortress like style, with berserking, and death and ... manhunter boomalopes pack in the middle, great stuff :D. I had to arrest leader of one group to calm her down because she attack everyone around, even doctors that patched her wounds, now she's constantly in a bed because when someone tries to patch her she attack like she have rabies so doctor applies "anaesthetic" with fist and everything is now OK.

I don't like to criticise without some suggestions so to make things less intense maybe add to every possible social fight trigger, a safe-check, like "health below some threshold" forbids starting fight. Or one fight in a day. I know that social fights are normal between rival groups, but I don't think that starting a fight after you just got your conciousness back is a good idea, also gameplaywise it's less fun to watch when "peace loving" colony goes to prison architect, gang fighting, Alcatraz.


My example was just a bad luck with transition between updates, and bad decisions like capture survivor, and not just rescue her  :D

On a plus side I gained another medic, and in my scenario with 70% of global learning speed it's hard to go from 2 lvl skill to 10 lvl :D
Oh and with how game calculate pawns health when decides to send riders I haven't got raid for 35 days... but I don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

Also, not related to topic of my rant, how fast "faction imprisoned me" opinion modifier change? I noticed that after few seasons(?) it start to drop so I'm curious when it starts.

Quote from: ThomasCro on September 05, 2016, 12:44:22 PM
Is there any way to stop random wanderers from joining? I want to be full on alone all the time.

Go to core folder find XML file named incidents_good and find

    <label>wanderer join</label>

change baseChance to 0.0 and here ya have.
Mods Update.

For the future you can update it by yourself. This are only XML files so most of the time there are no major changes (or non since alpha 12, I guess) which means that the only thing that you need to fix is version number in About.xml file. :)

If something changes and you find bugs just let me know.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
Quote from: Statistical_Insanity on August 28, 2016, 05:11:31 PM
Any ETA on a A15 update for the Feed Troughs?

I will update it and add as attachment. When BaconBits will return he will fix hes stuff in main post.
Actually they have some other behavior. I remember that sometimes, in Huge zombie spawns, they started attack, or have bigger "observation" radius. I don't know if this is true, because I'm playing on Medium plus one size map but I think that it's big enough especially that smaller groups don't attack so reckless. But yea, there are many possibilities to expand this mod. Still it's enjoyable. I don't know how zombie spawn is created but if it's like other raids and fit into storyteller job than it should be separated and have random chance for spawn, aside of normal storyteller incident creation rules.

This would make a bit harder but still fun. OR create an additional incident based on travelers / visitors /traders group where a zombie incident is created just after this, with explanation that zombies are hunting this groups. Not so hard to code, still fun and challenging to play.
Quote from: Adventurer on August 24, 2016, 10:41:14 AM
Is there anything I can do about the Managing skill being cut off on the character interface?
change resolution
Well that's well known bug other workaround is to set this colonist loadout as "Nothing" it's the only loadout that has no autoequip function.
Unfinished / Re: [A14][WIP] Grill Tech
August 22, 2016, 06:18:26 AM
Quote from: BaconBits on August 21, 2016, 11:30:24 PM
Well, I hit the code again today. Took it all down to simplicity and so far not a single error. Now  it's testing time.  :) :)

Great. I wanted to tell you that you complicated to much in this mod but I see that you find it out already. It's actually a really good concept. More food types is always welcome. If only Rimworld had for every pawn a specific food preferences.
I don't think that Pawn is a good target for this incident. I created this incident with dev tools but can't do it as queued.  But I've looked into code and in IncidentParms from which class QueuedIncident takes its data, is varible public Thing target; As is it a Thing class it could be anything, maybe you could paste there a tree, or a door from your savefile like PlantTreeCecropia6889 and so on?
Unfinished / Re: [Suspended][A14][WIP] Grill Tech
August 20, 2016, 06:06:28 AM
Thanks, I will look into it :)

PS: I saw textures and they really fit into your concept.
Unfinished / Re: [Suspended][A14][WIP] Grill Tech
August 19, 2016, 02:45:59 PM
Hey BaconBits can you provide that files? Link doesn't provide it anymore.
General Discussion / Re: Pregnancy
August 19, 2016, 01:44:44 PM
This sounds interesting, nice scenario setting. Oh, and by the way you can unlock tech in scenario editor.
For the control of pregnancy, it could be prevented by a pill. Nicely fit in A15 drugs edition. Hmmm I actually think now about this mod :D
Quote from: Devecseri on August 19, 2016, 08:40:34 AM
Not sure whether to post this here or in the Glitter Tech thread, but I guess I'll start here.

So Glitter Tech adds a faction that have tank units. This has the funny...side effect of them actually visiting your base as guests, with all the benefits that's included. They will sleep, eat and watch TV.

C'mon even a tank needs some joy. In Poland there is an old TV show: "4 tank soldiers and a dog", and there is a tank called "Rudy" legendary one, so yours watch probably this show and dream to be that tank.

EDIT: But with a poor gun like this he can only dream ;)