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Quote from: Deimos Rast on August 18, 2016, 05:40:48 PM
I really like the idea behind this mod, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Loaded it up, and while the mod seems to work ('Zombie Virus Active' listed in the active effects) it seems to conflict with about half my other mods. Minimap doesn't work for example, and half the mod options I normally get are missing. Removing this mod restores everything.
I'm guessing it's a load order issue? Should this be toward the top? Are there any known conflicts otherwise?
Are errors popup on loading game or in playtime? This is not save compatible mod. If you load it with old save, Zombies won't show up, because they are hidden faction, you can edit save for fix it but if you get other errors related to mods than it's something else. I have RZA loaded at the end of modlist and have no problems.
General Discussion / Re: Pregnancy
August 19, 2016, 09:05:27 AM
I always make that my marriage couples have child on it's way by using developer tools. Pregnancy is long time challenge so to keep women alive is hard :D If pregnancy won't be implemented soon I will see what I can do but It's a matter of making a detour to "lovin" "job" and set there some randomization for giving pregnancy. Remember that early pregnancy state is hidden for a long time so maybe it's in game already.
Yea, start is always difficult. Mental breaks are problematic when you have only 3 colonists but to avoid it make sure to:
- Defense tip from Pax_Empyrean is very good. More cover equals more survivors.
- if colonist will die, build sarcophagus -> mood boost for few hours, great to:
- haul dead raiders to place where no one will see them or just bury them. Saw rotting corpse will stack up 5x so better avoid it.
- look at traits. Night Owl will get big mood hit when awake on day, so good restriction on work is the essence.
- after fight make mandatory joy hours more often. Tons of joy is really helpful.
- after fight give bonded animal his master back or use mod "Stay!" to avoid hitting your pets in fight.
- double bed is must have for pairs, not so great for pawns who hate each other.
- chairs on interaction spots of buildings give comfort boost which give good mood.

Even in Rimworld losing is FUN! If you don't panic and don't rage quit when something is going wrong you can lose but experience something tragic but also great to tell someone or you can get out of the situation and stay alive with feeling of a great accomplishment.

I wish everyone tons of FUN!! ;)
Quote from: nuschler22 on August 19, 2016, 06:29:02 AM
Can someone explain how to sell things to visitors and recommend what to leave in rooms?

On my phone so if this information was provided I didn't see it.


Just leave stuff on ground in rooms where are guest beds, now you can leave also in rack or other storage units. Guest will pick what they want, just remember to leave something that is cheap because they don't have to much silver. I sell them mostly leather because its cheap per unit and stack quite good, and isn't needed most of the time. I don't know to much what kind of stuff they will pick, but you can experiment by stockpiling stuff that are worth less then 100.
I have Hardcore SK installed which uses CR and was patched by sky. Version from 16-8-2016. My pawn is downed but not killed this are his injuries:
-Tail (yes its an Orassan) 0/9 Torn off
-Left Leg 0/27 shoot-off
-Right leg 19/27
-Left hand 7/18
that's total 55 BUT it's Orassan and with Tail it has 9 HP more than human but less on hands. 85% Pain - Extreme. Lets see what human can endure.

Next subject Human:
-Right hand 8/20
-Pelvis 13/25
-Right lung 8/20
-Torso 26/50
-Head 22/30

Total: magic 69 and downed not killed. 85% Pain - Extreme

I don't know but this are bad wounds so maybe there is an mechanism that check if pawn die from pain or its related to difficulty level I'm playing on challenging. Or my math is incorrect :P

Also if someone could check HP body levels from pawns and compared to what I pasted.
@mazacik @Razzoriel
are you using newest version from skyarkhangel? Pila worked form me after few patches, and didn't see anything horrible with killing my pawn when he was shoot many times with LMG.

EPOE (actually I don't know exactly because it was recently changed), body changing mods, weapon mods, faction mods, and many others need compatibility patches.
Quote from: MarineStardust on August 15, 2016, 02:32:54 PM
will the no event option take away all event or can a event be targeted not to happen

It's disable incident, not event and it only disable what you choose.

Outdated / Re: [A14] MELTDOWN - More Mental Breaks!
August 15, 2016, 07:08:41 AM
Wow this is a really good range of mental states. Great job.
Quote from: Vakturion on August 14, 2016, 09:08:58 PM
I've really enjoyed your mods, great work.

I have a problem with the Work tab mod. I have two Doctors, one is in training and I don't want him to operate yet. I wan't him to be able to do everything else. I set it up in the work tab so that any surgeries don't have a priority, but he still gives them a go.

Have I got something wrong? I don't think I've got any mods that would interfere.

maybe you switch to simple view before closing work tabs?
Quote from: Sylph on August 14, 2016, 03:27:33 AM
There doesn't seem to be any visual effect for thermobaric weapons, though they still do damage. Also, my colonists no longer seem to carry a meal with them so if they get hungry while outside the base they have to walk all the way back.

If you don't put in your loadout meal, then they won't carry it. The only scenario that pawn will carry food without loadout is when he is a trainer but then you can have loop where he will try to put it into inventory and drop it on the ground. So my advise is  GIVE YOUR TRAINER A NOTHING LOADOUT. it's the only way he won't use autoload mechanics :)
Quote from: RetPaladinlol on August 12, 2016, 04:44:25 PM
Has anyone been able to successfully change the zombie move speed of this mod? I went into the files and changed the zombie_races.xml move speed from 3.5 to 5.07 which should be much faster than the normal unit speed for a human but the zombies are still slow. Any thoughts on what's wrong? I want the zombies to be faster since in their current state they pose no real threat.

Maybe not to you but to traders and visitors are a big problem if you leave zombie alone. Later, killed raider will rise as zombie so it's not so easy if you have 25+ dead raiders, maybe not hard but irritating enough ;)
So i understand that longer songs are troublesome but is there a way to make a chain of 3 minute songs or Rimworld plays random tracks and only specific ones on events.
Aaaa that make sense. It acts like support, great.

I just thought that if you are playing with stacksize then you can think of smaller size to, and like in my example one item per table, would make a sense  in bedrooms, that way pawns would just eat in that room right after they weak up. I was curious if there is a way to make a slider that would set percentage of default size. Just an idea but probably not for this topic.

Back to topic then. You right there is no need for protection from deterioration, your picture shows exactly how it looks :) And with new mechanics in A14, designating roofed area. you can make roofs outside walls to, so technically you can make one wall and few roofed cells around it. But I don't remember if it needs to be an indoor area or just roofed is fine to stop deterioration.
Thanks, I will do that. That's no more laborious than before steam. Now we have this numbered folders and getting to a mod is just horrible. Than you can search mod in workshop, see what id it has and try to find it. It's probably more work then before.

EDIT: So managing is back. Probably Autoequip had to do something with it because I've made manual update to newer beta, last one was broken, now Killface uses yours Outfitter. OR... resolution change to lower :P previously I've played on monitor now I'm just on laptop screen.
Quote from: Fluffy (l2032) on August 09, 2016, 02:35:16 PM
Yeah looks like these are two separate issues. I'll do some more testing on a smaller screen size to force the scrollbar issue, as for the jobs - grogfeld, I'm not sure, does the work tab actually recover after resetting priorities? Or does it keep spamming that error?

Resetting works fine. I think that was false alarm because of no managing job showing up and resetting errors at one time. After Elysium posted screenshot, and saying he have no errors showing up, I see that there is that small gap :D so I think that something was added in updated mods. Normally we don't know what worktype was added but with extended view our ignorance doesn't protect us anymore :P

Well I think I need to stop using steam workshop, there are too many changes at one time, and with my "from time to time" play schedule I'm ending with that kind of panic attacks ;)

EDIT: So setting in normal view managing on priority 1, and than changing it on extended view works, Pawns do this job. Elysium was right, sorry for panic. But still I would gladly see managing wotktype in extended view ;)