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Thank-you Tynan for an awesome game.
Thanks-you modders for awesome mods.

It would sure be nice to play the game instead of updating my mod list and ironing out wrinkles and redundancies.  ;P

Alpha 9e colony, mods to note in these screen shots:
A2B conveyor belts by A2Bcorp AKA noone - Build your conveyors in a large circle with "jam-free" switching to insure production flow.
Advanced Lamps by Igabod - Ceiling lights are hard to see but they are there.
Bulk Meal Preparation by Igabod - No one in the world cooks one serving at a time.  I mean, ???
Clutter Mod by mrofa - Those trash bins are pure w1n.  Fences help with farming too.
Mechanical Defense 2 by mipen - Droids!  No human labour for raw processing!
Mining & Co by Rikki - Mineral Sonar to find the deposits, Mining helmets to see while digging them out.
PowerSwitch by Haplo - Work stations are on timers, lights on motion sensors.  Hidden conduits because wires are ugly.
Roof Support by Nommy - Alpha8 mod works with Alpha9 too!
Roof Support Guide by Rock5 - Where do I need the extra support?
RT Mods by Ratys - A2B Conveyors dump into the "back" and the RT Quantum Stockpiles "pull them forward" to the work stations.
RTG's by ItchyFlea - ASRG's seen here.

Many other mods are also used in this colony but not listed (not directly depicted in screenshots).

Raw Processing:


Kitchen & Dining:  (Ignore the hospital bed in the dining, it's only there until a proper medical wing is built...Diner Theatre?)

To all the modders whose mods I use, mentioned and not, a huge thank-you for your efforts.
Hey y'all,

This is just a simple patch (anyone could make it, really) for Gaesatae's and JuliaEllie's great mods Priority Haul and Vein Miner, respectively.

While this patch is extremely simple, some people may not know where to go/what to do to get the two mods to work show up in the designators tab.

Note, this does NOT include either of the two mods, for those go here:
Priority Haul by Gaesatae
Vein Miner by JuliaEllie

I take no credit for anything associated with either of the two mods.  This mod is just a simple menu patch.

Load More Designators *after* Vein Miner and Priority Haul.

100% compatible with Alpha 8 and Alpha 9.  Best OOB experience to-date!  etc.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Help / Is it possible to turn rock chunks into stuff?
January 14, 2015, 05:20:08 PM
I've been experimenting with the rock chunks, trying to turn them into their own "chunky" stuff so low-low-tech things can be made.

I've got a simple thing which accept chunky stuff, I've added the stuffprops to chunks and the game tells me I can build my thing with a chunk doesn't provide a list of my chunks (despite say, "sandstone chunk thing") and tells me I have no usable material even though I have various chunks in my stockpile.

I'm wondering if I'm missing something in my process.


How do I turn chunks into stuff?