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Ideas / Body Types Attached to Traits
July 25, 2018, 09:46:14 AM
Can we get body types that are attached to traits rather than the pawn's backstory? It doesnt feel right to me that every miner ever has to be a hulking beast and every chef has to be fat. It makes more since to me that a lazy pawn or a gourmand would be fat and a brawler would be buff. Also when children come into the colony they come with only a childhood backstory for which most have the thin body type, unfortunately when the pawns grow up they never get a new adulthood story so they stay thin forever...

I can see that there might be conflict if you have two traits that designate two different body types but I think this can be easily solved either by giving a priority number to each body type or making body types outside of the normal (female or male) a little more rare since they do actually represent the extremes and not just minor variances in body composition.
Ideas / Cannibalism Addiction
June 25, 2017, 05:16:02 AM
Cannibalism has the potential to be a very interesting part of this game. However, because of the way the cannibal trait works, having a single cannibal in your colony is almost a non-factor. Unless all or most of my colonists were cannibals, I would not consider putting human meat on the menu since the negative thoughts it brings are generally not worth it.

I don't suggest that the negative thoughts be toned down (I like that the colonists get upset about butchering and eating humans). I think that cannibalism should be an addiction rather than a trait. Human meat should be highly addictive and when eaten, pawns receive the negative thoughts but may also become cannibals (addicted to human meat).

In this way, if your colony fell on hard times, you could resort to eating human meat at the cost that your colonists would receive a hit to their mood and some of them would potentially become cannibals. Cannibals would then receive strong positive thoughts from eating human meat instead and have to cannibalize every so often or else they go through withdrawals just like any other addiction. It would then also be possible to cure cannibalism by starving them of human meat. Likewise you could create a colony full of cannibals without having to play under special rules forcing everyone to have the trait.

I think this is a much more interactive way to handle cannibalism in the game. It allows the player to choose, or be forced to choose, whether or not they want their colony to be a cannibalistic cult. If one of your starting colonists spawns in with the addiction, you will have to make the tough choice to allow the cannibal to feed his unholy hunger in order to keep him sane while his fellow colonists watch in horror, or starve him and temporarily lose a valuable worker in hopes that one day he will fit into a moral society.