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Help / Re: Pila dilemma
January 27, 2015, 09:58:44 AM
Alright, so currently I've fixed it by giving my PawnKinds the exact amount of silver to buy Pila. They cost 60, and are luckily the only NeolithicRanged that cost that exact amount of marketValue.

However. I want my pawns to be able to carry a Gladius too, which they can't with the current setup. I don't know how I could get the game to ONLY spawn Gladius or Pila without it being able to spawn any other melee weapon, without overwriting their vanilla ThingDefs.
Help / Pila dilemma
January 26, 2015, 01:37:24 PM

I want to use the vanilla pila in a faction mod, but I don't want the greatbow or bow. How would I make it so that a certain unit ONLY uses the pila from the NeolithicRanged weaponTag? If that's not possible, should I make my mod overwrite the basegame pila so it uses a weaponTag, and how would that work best? If neither is a good option, should I make a 100% copy of the pila and use that? If none of these are an option, should I add a heavy pila weapon instead, as substitute?

Yup. I really want a pila in my mod.
Quote from: Enjoyment on January 23, 2015, 11:05:01 AM
looks pretty (and pretty vanilla), but why the "Vintovka Mosina" is the only gun with relief wood-part?

I used the Guns+ colours for most guns, and took a look at the Lee-Enfield for the Mosin's texture.
Guns+ doesn't have highlights on the wooden parts of its guns, so I didn't add them. I'll add them on the Galil and WA-2000 in the next version - that would look better indeed, thanks for pointing it out.

At every commenter so far: Thanks for checking out my mod! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them.

I've been playtesting the mod for a while today and I feel some gun sounds might be too loud, especially the Scout and WA-2000. If you would like a lower volume version of the mod, just ask.
Another thing I was thinking about was making a version with guns in the exact vanilla style (without anti-aliasing and transparency). If that's something you're interested in please leave a comment.
Alpha 8 - Release 1.1+

Rimfire adds fourty-eight craftable and researchable, carefully balanced weapons to Rimworld along with a means to toggle whether certain weapons will spawn.
Rimfire versions 2.2+ include a HugsLib 2.2.3+ Mod Settings Menu.

Release 1.1+

Rimfire v2.6 on Dropbox:

Release 1.0
[!!!!] Make sure your HugsLib version is at least 6.1.1 [!!!!]

Rimfire v2.5 on Dropbox:

Alpha 8e-Release 1.1+ all versions of the mod: click here or below

User requests

Feel free to suggest features or guns;

Mod Compatibility

For mod authors: Information on how to add GunModMCM (or HugsLib GunMod) compatibility to your gun mod can be found on the wiki.

  • A special compatibility version with Combat Realism (A8-13, A15-16) can be downloaded on every download location so far. Alpha 8/9/10/12/13/14/16
  • Combat Extended compatibility patches are handled on CE's end. Alpha 17/18/Release 1.0
  • Between Magic and Tech: Infusion (A10-12, A14+) is natively compatible with Rimfire. Load LT-Infusion after Rimfire. Alpha 10/11/12/14/16/17
  • Rimfire v2.1 comes with a Rimfire 2.1 + Clutter Misc Hands patch for mrofa's Clutter Misc v1.0.3. Alpha 14
  • Rimfire v2.3/2.4 uses xpatching for mrofa's Clutter Misc Hands compatibility. Alpha 17/18


The mod is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 under most circumstances..
..unless you're a modpack author and contact me through forum PM about your modpack in which case I will state whether you can use the mod or not..
..or when you're making a compatibility patch for the mod (distribute these on the forums only).

Added 07 09 2015 I don't allow redistributions to come with a donation link.
Added 01 10 2015 Appropriate credit is of the form: "Rimfire [version number (E.g 1.7)] [version coding (E.g UO, CR_SK)] (..) by Alistaire" along with a link to the thread somewhere in there.


Everything in the mod was made or edited by Alistaire.

  • Sounds (<v2.0: 32-bit WAV | v2.0+ 16-bit OGG) were taken from several Youtube shooting videos and thoroughly edited in Audacity;
  • Graphics (PNG) were made with Photofiltre Studio;
  • Originally inspired by Guns+ Alpha 8 by Hunter712.