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General Discussion / Re: Mushroom Base
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:52:44 AM »
Yes, a base without planting trees is possible.
But I want to build a beautiful base. And for me, stone walls are very, very ugly. Only my outer walls are made of granite (because of its higher hitpoints). Indoor walls and furniture are made of wood. That's why I need a LOT of wood.
Yes, I can do without - but i think, everybody should be able to decide, how and with what material he can build his base.
And for me that's a point in A10, that I won't like.
RimWorld is not only about survival, it's about creativity, too.

And yes, it's really interesting what you did there :)

General Discussion / Re: Can I use Artificial Brains?
« on: April 13, 2015, 02:11:38 PM »
Uh, my fault :D
I didn't mean the AI brains of Centipedes, I mean the AI core of crashed ships.
I edited my first post.

Note to self: Multitasking doesn't work always...

General Discussion / Can I use Artificial Brains?
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:59:59 PM »
And again ship parts crashed.
Now I have a ship AI core again, and I'm thinking about what the use of it is.
Can I use this... thing?
In RimWorld nearly everything makes sense, but I didn't find a use of artifial brains yet. Is there anyone?

In my first attempts I tried to fight without killboxes, but I had the problem, that there was always a sniper, who stayed out of my shooting range and I needed to walk my colonists to him - it ended with lots of injuries and a few deaths.
Since this I build a wall around my base with only one entrance, so the attackers need to move in my rifle range.

Another question: It feels like the moving speed of the colonists is slower in A9 than before. Is this just a feeling?

Bugs / Skill overview missing after changing language
« on: April 05, 2015, 06:24:01 AM »
I started my colony with German language. I switched in the mainmenu the language to English and after a few minutes back to German. Now my Skills are missing. Only my first colonists firefighting skill is shown in the overview.
The debug window shows me a long list of reports "did not find skill of def medicine".

Edit: Okay, found a solution. I need to set to German and then to restart the game. After restarting it works, but it's not a good idea to switch the language again  :P

General Discussion / How do you set up priorities?
« on: April 05, 2015, 05:58:41 AM »
I have now 9 colonists and I use manuel priorities to give them tasks.
Really important tasks like firefighting, medics and patient are number 1 priority, number 2 is what they have their best skills, number 3 are tasks they need to do, but not very important and number 4 is what they can do when they are bored.

How do you handle that? Do you have one colonist for one task - one for farming, one for mining for example? Or are they all rounder who do everything in order to their highest priorities?

First I need to say I love Rimworld. It is a really great game, and it's much better then the most games from big companies.
But I have trouble to cope with this Alpha 9.
There are much more restrictions. For example the fertilizer pump was removed, mortars need ammo now, the durability levels etc.
It becomes more realistic on the one hand, but on the other the game becomes even more harder (and I'm playing Cassandra Classic on 30% - that's really painful).
I think, when the game gets more complex on the one hand, there should be things that makes the game a bit more comfortable for players, who don't want to play the game even with 30% on Cassandra Classic like it is the hardcore mode.
Animal breeding for example. I am waiting a long, long time for it.
How can I cook complex meals, when there is not enough meat in the world?

It would be nice, if I could produce weapons, armor etc. Traders are really rare and since Alpha 9 the prices are really unbalanced. It is really expensive to buy something and when I sell something, I only get a few cents...

Beer is nice to have, but not really something, that I need to survive (if I was a colony leader on a planet, where everyone is my enemy, alcohol is the last, what my colonists are allowed to drink. Drunken soldiers, and the enemy attacks? I want to have elite soldiers, not drunken, alcohol addicted, fat bumkins)...

I only set down the working time the workers spend at the mine.

I'm now at day 180, I've 13 colonists and I'm not playing on a big mountain map, so steel was always a problem to me.
In addition I use the turret collection mod, so I need a lot of steel.
When Tynan balanced the game, he didn't think about mods which require that mass of steel :D

Thank you :)

I tested the mine, because I don't have enough steel, but I'm a little disappinted...
I need 20 steel to produce a drill head, plus the time my workers spend to produce the drill head AND to mine the steel (a lot of time), but I got only 37 of steel. So I need 20 steel and a lot of time to get a profit of 17 steel? That's the effort not worth.

I tried to change this in the defs by myself, but I didn't find it. Can you tell me which datas I have to change to get more steel, please?

I've got a little problem. I use these mods:

Turret collection

But since I use these mods, no trade ship comes around. No weapons traders, no slave traders, no general traders.
I think, this could be a problem with this Industrialisation mod, because it is the only one, who changes the traders.
Can anyone help me? I am using dev mode to get traders, but that can't be the best solution :(

General Discussion / Colonists AI
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:56:53 PM »
Here are a few things, that are really annoying:

1.) Every time when my colonists walk a long way to mine steel, after a while they remember "Oh, I'm hungry/I want to sleep" and they move back to base - whithout hauling one stack of mined steel to my storage (that is near their sleeping rooms and on their way back home), even if mining and hauling have the same priorities. That's waste of time!

2.) When my colonists wake up and they are not very hungry at this moment, they walk over the whole map to mine one (!) square of steel, then they move back to eat - only to move back to the steel mine after they had eaten something :o

3.) When my colonists are tired and want to sleep, but there are enemies on the map and I want to build an auto turret quick before they are coming, I tell them "prioritize build auto turret". But now they do only one thing: They pick up some steel, deliver it to the blue print - and go to sleep. "Oh, there are raiders? Meh, I'm tired, I go to sleep!"
The same when they've to build a wall and they are tired: They build only one part of it, even if they could build the whole wall in a few seconds.

4.) Stupid walking: "I need to go a straight line to chase an enemy? Okay, I zigzag into every bay of this mountain"

5.) The colonists only recognize enemies if they are drafted. If raiders start a siege and I haven't drafted my colonists (because otherwise they would starve) they walk into the raider's gunfire and don't try to avoid them.

It would be very nice if one of the following updates could contain a improved colonist AI ;)

I hope my grammar is not too bad. English is not my mother tongue ;)

General Discussion / Re: Trade Ships missing
« on: January 24, 2015, 07:01:58 PM »
Thank you for your answer, I'll try it :)

General Discussion / Trade Ships missing
« on: January 24, 2015, 05:12:31 PM »
I've the problem that after a few hours (ca. 100 or more ingame days) no more tradeships are passing me.
Neither slave traders nor weapons traders are coming.
The first ~ 100 days I saw a lot of them but now I can't sell my stuff :(
Only a lot of (useless) visitors coming to my base...

Do you have the same problem and what can I do?

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