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Using this with the Apothacarius mod, when someone grabs a body and takes it to the Soylent Green machine, no stripping is done.  I know this is due to this action not being done as part of Hauling, but as part of Cooking. 

Just some rambling thoughts/questions - which mod would need an update to fix this?  Should Apoth strip before picking up the body for processing?  Or should Tweaks strip a corpse before any action non-Hauling action is taken?  The workaround is to haul the bodies somewhere before they get processed.
i have this issue. but one difference.... i do not have a work-around that strips.

i haven't tried this mod without soylent green, but i do have my haulers first haul the bodies to the freezer to keep the bodies from rotting (before the cook comes along and turns them to food) but the hauler is not stripping these corpses. i am forced to manually strip them before they go to the freezer.

i am using epyk pack. new world/save/colony. auto strip not working at all.

side note. not a fan of home zone re-un-forbidding my manual attempts at forbidding my medicine. i can set a non-home zone for the medicine, but the problem is that if i build any upgrades to my base near that area, the home zone will just automatically be created again, thus my meds will start being used without my noticing the home zone change.

Outdated / Re: [Mod] (Alpha 8) Industrialisation v0.91 (07-01-2015)
« on: January 28, 2015, 11:39:28 AM »
did you make the alternate textures the default ones? when i read "alternate" in the original post i assumed i didn't have to change files to get the original textures.

i prefer your original ones over joey's modern ones.

still not a fan of either texture for the concrete though. i would like something that looks like a bag or pallet of bags of "powdered concrete" (the form it is stored in before adding water at time of use).

also, is it intended that i can't place a mine indoors/under a roof?

yeah its uber weapon within the group the Cyber Storm that is the killer, I will be taking that off the faction in the new release, the other weapons are not AOE so should be all good from then on. the faction will not be separate or taken out though.
sounds like a good enough solution.

still a bit concerned on one issue: if cybernetic visitors walk into my turret room and take friendly fire because they are in between the enemy and the turret... will this cause the cybernetic faction to get upset with me? i just don't want to risk my entire game being ruined by something like that. maybe there is a way to code it so they forgive for such occurrences?

side note: i do wish there was a way to keep op factions like jaffa in the game, if they could somehow be coded so they wouldn't show up so early (say first appearance is year 2-3) but i can only assume that is entirely impossible.

i suspect these weapons the cyber faction are using to fight my enemies are basically wrecking my base. could you maybe nerf the friendly fire on the environment.

i had major roof cave-ins that destroyed my turret room. not sure if the cyber faction was responsible or the jaffa faction. i've since removed the jaffa faction because they are way too OP for early game existence. but seeing these cyber guys attacking them with these weapons that have massive aoe radius displayed on my screen, i fear my base and stockpiles will not be safe from them even as friendlies.

maybe even make this faction a separate download? if not a separate download, a separate group in the mod order that could be disabled/removed would be greatly appreciated. i was interested in the implants part of the mod, but then the mod became much more than that. and no simple way atm to disable stuff without removing the entire mod...

perhaps an improved minigun turret could come along that requires 2x power to operate, (maybe 2x cost to build), 2x health to destroy,  does same damage, but reloads 2x faster?

basically instead of building 2 minigun turrets, you'd build 1 improved version to cut down on real estate requirements.

- pawn state icons has an update to remove the "has no weapon" icon for prisoners (who shouldn't have a weapon obviously).

- which mod is (driving me crazy) causing my mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out while i am trying to scroll down a list (like in trade window for example). i assume this is edb interface?

i think i would appreciate a mod that also tones down the lightning storms.

- not sure if just making the storms "event?" occur less often alone is a total solution (because that wouldn't lessen the number and size of fires), but it couldn't hurt.

- basically, the fire spread from lightning strikes is so massive, it is trollish. i don't suppose there is something in the game code you could tweak to nerf the spread rate, distance, and/or propagation of fires??

- and the fact that you can have several areas of the map simultaneously burning due to a single storm hitting in several locations per storm.. that is just out of control. not sure if there's something in the code that could allow you to lower the amount of lightning strikes per storm? 1 - okay. 4 - you gotta be kidding me.

not sure if this mod is causing it, or if its the vanilla game, or some other mod in epyk...

i cant even remember if this being part of the vanilla game.

after i loaded up mods for the first time (epyk pack) i found that the mouse scroll wheel doesn't work so well.

i mean when i have an interface tab (trade, etc) window open and you want to scroll down a list... the mouse wheel button does that...

but it also doesn't respect/recognize that you have said tab open, and so what you see is the mouse wheel function as a camera zoom in and out on the game world in the background. it is extremely annoying to put it mildly.

how can i fix this?

just one simple request here: would love the mod to also keep the big vanilla "randomize" (all) button in there.

sometimes i just wanna roll that dice and see what comes up, but in the case of this mod i can't do that once i've entered prep mode.

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