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this is probably my favorite mod...

(also use soylent green, less incident trolling, pawn state icons,  mine vein,
ed's omni gel, more vanilla turrets, embrasures, plant24h)

has anyone picked up the torch on this project, for the soon to be released alpha 15?

Outdated / Re: [MOD] (Alpha 10) Pawn State Icons (v04a) 22.04.2015
« on: May 17, 2015, 06:32:08 AM »
Ah, good to know, thank you.  It's not very intuitive though, I thought maybe he wanted to go rock-climbing or something. :P
it's a needle and thread silly. he clearly wants to do some sewing as a hobby for joy fulfillment.

i hope elStrages is just taking a break from this patch and isn't seemingly gone for good like epyk...

wonder if alpha 10 will come out before we see epyk here again...

Outdated / Re: [MOD PACK] (Alpha 8) Epyk Pack 1.18y[More balance!]
« on: March 09, 2015, 10:59:21 PM »
i wouldn't say quality labels is obsolete. i would rather a mod come along for this version that labels stuff according to higher quality. color coded. right now the vanilla game labels absolutely everything, and it is a massive chore to read through it all to find the good stuff.

Outdated / Re: [MOD PACK] (Alpha 8) Epyk Pack 1.18y[More balance!]
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:17:50 PM »
you guys know you can play the game with most of these mods by just downloading them yourself and putting them in a similar mod load order as the epyk alpha 8 version. no real reason to wait.

Not sure if these have been reported yet, but some minor balancing observations:

I'd strongly recommend increasing the costs or maybe upkeep of the nanoponics bay, since right now it outstrips pretty much any other export for cash. Maybe add at least one rare material to its construction cost (a few units gold or plasteel?) and bump up the electricity usage, or something, just to push this big source of income closer to the end-game.

We also have to think about the fact that a good number of players will also use other mods that tap on the same steel, plasteel, power, cloth and real estate. I do. When it gets profitable, it doesn't matter, either i have way too much loot to sell with tons more scattered across the map, or my sculptor is already churning out masterworks, my colony will be safe and rich either way. 
Honestly, i don't even have to worry about manufacturing any of the mod's weapons and armor. By the time i can actually afford it, i'll already have tons of mod loot. Increasing any material requirements will not serve any purpose. It just means we can skip a good part of the mod content (manufacturing) and focus on something else.
How is that fair to the modder?

If anything, nanomite costs should be cut down to half, and nanomites added as requirement to other items, spread it across the board. This will balance the mod in harder difficulties, and make it actually possible to manufacture weapons and armor, before loot drops make it redundant.
If anyone plays easy and think it's easy, well. Easy is easy. That's what it means. There is also the case with that ultra-lucky mountain map, with everything right there ripe for the picking... that doesn't count.
the vanilla game has some serious undesirable progression/balance issues. many elements are not even given a chance to make it into the life cycle of your game.

basically, you get up a defense and food supply. then you increase the number of turrets and spam build a ton of hydroponics. game over.

long before you get into a bunch of other parts of the game. at no point in the game's progression does things like colonist gear ever matter (except the very beginning when your turrets aren't up yet, but you can't improve that the either). turrets trump the gear progression.

 also since the vanilla economy is so slow, you will have a safe colony with tons of food and turrets long before you get enough money together to get cool stuff like bionics and power armor. the game progression is in a sad state right now.

i was hoping tynan would make some changes to make that end game gear more of a thing. like wearing it would counter the high expectations debuff or something. and i am hoping that enemy raids and turret rooms isn't all this game amounts to, because that gets bland.

maybe instead of exploding mai when battery dies... maybe she just powers down and needs assistance getting to her charge pad.

maybe there's a way to code it so a normal colonist could select her when she is powered down, with the "recharge" option (like arrest/rescue/capture)?? and the colonist would take her to her charge pad??

Not sure if these have been reported yet, but some minor balancing observations:

Nanotech helmets seem to occasionally appear on pirate raids. Specifically, pirate raids -- the kind that are normally low-tech with simple armored vests, melee weapons, and basic firearms. Might want to check on that.

the pirate faction isn't a "low tech" faction. they carry good vanilla equipment.

further, if you want to talk about economy balance, you should acknowledge the vanilla game has a problem here too thanks to melee changes.

the pirate faction brings massive profits in vanilla right now due to the faction often being comprised of more than 1/2 melee fighters, which leads to lots of plasteel/silver/uranium weapons, and a ton of power shields. they sell for a lot to the trader.

in alpha 8, not every pirate would have armor vests and good range weapons. but now, every single melee user 100% has a power shield (replaces armor vest slot). and sells for a lot more than a vanilla armor vest to boot... that is guaranteed loads of cash in your pocket. plus they seem to really love plasteel melee weapons. and you know that is profit.

the oversight comes in when the combat trader doesn't have enough cash to buy all your junk melee weapons and shields. then your game gets cluttered with a ton of useless storage you can't find a seller for.

As for the surgery issues Shhfiftyfive, two bionic arms + 2 bionic eyes makes everyone more or less a perfect surgeon, if you're really paranoid about death-by-surgery ( which frankly isn't that common ) you can either save scum it or simply bionic up someone you don't care about losing first and then use them for all further surgeries.
no. not a perfect surgeon. in fact. i'll repeat... you will need your dr to be near level 5 skill with the bionics before you reach that success.

a level 1 dr with bionics is an extremely poor choice for a surgeon. trust me. i have done extensive save scumming as a result. instant fatalities from botches surgeries are more common that you would believe.

the problem is right now tynan hasn't released a patch to fix the lack of skill gain for dr's... i wish tynan would announce a 9f, because a dr with burning passion.... not gaining skill... not a fun game.

i've been waiting for tynan to release 9f before i test the latest version of this mod.... i'm pretty sure 9e has dr's not gaining exp and such. and i'm not really interested in starting a new world with useless pawns that fail surgery. the surgery success chance drastically changes based on your dr skill. level 1 dr with bionic arms and eyes is still only about 60% success. level 5 bionic dr is well over 100%. problem is 9e won't let you get to level 5. you have to recruit prisoners who are already dr's... i hope he is making a 9f and not saving that for alpha 10...

Outdated / Re: [MOD PACK] (Alpha 8) Epyk Pack 1.18y[More balance!]
« on: March 04, 2015, 08:45:47 AM »
If I might ask, which mod added Android as a possible trait?
Misc w/ MAI from haplo

EdB, not sure if this has been addressed in newer version than what i'm using...

the vanilla game added a "pause on load" feature in the vanilla options menu.

so if you toggle this on as well as the older EdB interface option that does the same thing... the result is that it counters the option, and you actually start unpaused. 2 negatives make a positive.

i can't say i understand why my pawns were behaving that way. i just know that removing the printer fixed it.

not a huge loss to me i guess, since by my calculations, things that i would have wanted to replicate were asking for more steel than i was prepared to part with. i think other mods allow crafting said items for much cheaper instead.

i'll try it again in my next game and see if it causes same bug and report back if it does.

not sure if i can repeat this, but the nano printer/scanner has on 2 different games caused my pawns pathing to break and turn my game into a sluggish mess.

like after i finally build the printer and scanner, the pawns who are hauling things as they normally do, they will get stuck in place and wig out trying to decide what to haul next. like they will for a split second try to latch onto a new hauling job, but then it will cancel. and that will repeat.

i'm not sure the deal. my guess is maybe something with having a stockpile on the ground in front of the printer (where a normal pawn would work at a workbench sorta thing). if so you should edit the mod so stockpiles and such can't be placed in front of it.

what i witnessed.... so if a bunch of haulers are all trying to take on a job to haul a shirt to the available stockpile spot in front of the printer.. they all wig out. you can see the white dot on the floor appear and disappear (that destination dot you get to let you know where a pawn is headed).

i deleted the printer. i guess i could have deleted the stockpile spot in front of it to see if that fixed it but i didn't.

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