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Releases / Re: [1.0] Orassans 🐱
November 03, 2018, 05:15:02 AM

this mod is super cool and nice, I appreciate the work here.

But IMO the insane power source sound out of place. It's like a cheat mod.

I'm not using it, so it just stick here in  corner of my research tree and add a few more icon in my power tab, but i'd bet it would be better to have it somewhat balanced. just my thought.
IMO, the cost of performance would probably be light, as the game already calculate stuff to know if it hit a pawn or not. It's also just now and then, not a thing that need to be check every few tics.

Could be just having your pawn check line of fire when he is aiming, and stop before he shoot (at half aiming time or whatever, maybe skilled pawn could stop up to 0.1s before shooting and low skill only 1s before shooting) if he see a friendly pawn in a direct line of fire. Put a little sign over his head to show he stop fire, then the player just have to pause, check why, and adjust the battlefield by either moving his pawn, or aim at somebody else, or keep firing regardless. With a toggle like discussed before.

That leave the possibility of friendly fire here - especially with low skill (as they doesn't check right before shooting), and with usual bullet that go behind the target or too far on a side.

That could make the fight more enjoyable instead of the "pause every frame" we have right now with a full check manually of every line of fire in every single instance where a gun/turret is involved. We already have some stuff done for the hunting problem and the possibility to have pawn flee on sight (so if they are chased they have less chance to be killed by friendly fire while attacked in melee, as they would NOT be in melee).

We already take a good chunk of time to look at every battlefield, place cover, use them', use different kind of weapon, armor, pawn trait/skill, mood ... I highly doubt that having some help to deal with this kind of friendly fire would harm the gameplay in any way.

Quote from: BlackSmokeDMax on February 13, 2017, 01:09:58 AM
Is there a plan to get some of the A16 features into the game which are now missing?

Thinking of:
Button for making a copy of currently highlighted item

In game,
Select the building you want to copy and press (B).

My bad, I misunderstood (copy/moving).

Free tip : Early game you can drop and disable to haul one (or more, but one is enough) coldstone or glowstone on top of a crafting spot (where the colonist stand when crafting) to avoid the darkness mood debuff.

Side note : I am making medicine thing (for healing), but they require a skilled doc while using cook skill.
That's rather annoying, my cook aren't good as a doc, so they can't do it, but if I let my healer cook they will cook normal food too - even more annoying.
I have yet to try the turbine,

But if you want hight temp you can (in this order) :
-Use free heat from geyser (and maybe oil fissure if they do ? dunno)
-Use the heat you push off your freezer
-Use the heat from some station (cooking, smelting) by using a cooler


About terminator event (yes, again), I found that Terminator can eventually leave the map *before* the message about accepting/rejecting him pop up if the event happen near the border.
Would be neat to have something that check available point for this event, and avoid it to happen if it's in 10 range of the border (like, building radius).
I guessed so. I'm no english myself but I still use the english all the time when I'm modding, as it's far more easy to solve most trouble this way, but I can understand not everyone want to do it this way.

"Geothermal energy" tech is called "Renewable power III" and need a "hi tech research bench" (but no "Multi analizer").
If you want to build a "Hi tech research bench" you need to research "Infrastructure III" (color between blue and purple, somewhat near the down part of the tech tree, right under the geo tech if you use the research tree tab)

Your next step (for late tech) will be to unlock the "Multi analizer", you will find it with the research "Ergonomic III" (Purple, near bottom right of the tech tree)

Try to have more wealth (item inside a stockpile, more colonist, more costly gear on colonist, more building)

Leave debug mode ON and see if there is some error that pop up related to this (Like a raid or caravan that couldn't find a place, etc)

Edit : I had some trouble for a while with taming, with a message saying "can't do it man, i'm full". You got the point.
When I selected my pawn, he had like 7 berry and his gear (leather/cloth) on top of his knife. Game was telling me he was at his weight limit (34/35), but once I removed the berry and pickup again he was back to normal weight (14/35).

So, there is something weird atm with the weight system. They can somehow end up have the wrong weight, and that slow them down or disable some job.

Don't really know much about this problem beside this, so if someone have an idea about solving this ... I'm listening.

Are you trying to research thing like "Sentry turret" ?

They require, like some other end game research, a Hi-tech research bench and a multi analizer (both with power). If you don't have them you cannot research it. Check if you have them.
If you want to know what bench you need for each research, simply read the description.

If that's not because of this, I don't know.

An I5 6600 is wayyyy wayyyy wayyyy not enough to play on the biggest map size lmao. Even the faster out here won't do it with "no problem".

I must say, you shouldn't even think about playing over the normal size with this modpack with this one cpu, as later you will have even more lag.

I'm not saying this cpu sucks per see, but it's clearly not enough to deal with the hight amount of stuff that queue regularly.


I don't know what "advanced research table" you talk about. There is a primitive, normal, Hi-tech, and additional multi analyzer.
All of them are under the same tab, Misc (between sun lamp and medical facility)
you can avoid most the grass growing if you put separation between area with grass and area where you sow.

Plant grow by themself mostly if :

Biome allow it
There is another plant nearby
enough fertility

If you place a new ground there is no fertility and thus you can avoid this problem.

There is a version of this event that bring night with a sort of big dog - it worked fine for me
There is another that bring a cold/ice dragon - this one worked fine for me too
So, sound more a red/green problem only ? I guess

you talk about a "green" dragon. I never saw one but I can confirm that the special event that spawn a rare "fire" dragon have the exact same problem, unconscious & corrupt save

In case somebody happen to not being able to load a save because of this problem it's always possible to open you save with notepad++ (or something else) and remove the reference to the dragon.

research ergonomic III, the analizer will be with the other research building once it's done
I did the nuclear fallout event recently (including wasteland randomly spam here and here, no crop, instant kill outside, etc) and find it "challenging" in his own way.

However, zeon (another event) is straight up invincible, is it by purpose ?

(for people that have yet to get it, think about a mech slow but perma near invincible shield + long range weaponry + retaliate storm + summon melee mech + very hight health regen )

The message for this event hint to flee, but I find it really lame to be forced to lose a full map just because of one event, especially since it take quite a long time to make it trough regular event and grow a colony.

Removing combat realism would be done only in the case you would want to remake a full modpack, as this mod come with a lot, lot, lot of problems of compatibility. That's *way* too much work IMO. And I'm pretty sure the author of this modpack think the same about it.

What do you dislike with it ? Just curious.


I have yet to do it (out of silver to make elec part) but can't you simply just rebuild it ?
I think it works like the mineral deposit, and just have a fixed timer (mine extractor is 250 000 tic if I remember). So it's better to just let it go anyway, and if you don't want to haul the stuff yet just place it in a closed space and lock the door.
not sure it's a mistake more than just a convenient way to do it for modder. Can't tell myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if the game lack of way of checking time spend with power activated only (as nothing in vanilla do something like this).

if you read the message just before you would get your answer.

Or read this instead : if you want to have the "Allow deadman's apparel" option, install Outfitter ( However if you add mod to a modpack, it might add more problem so use it on your own.


Adding a mod is simple. just either download it or subscribe to one in the steam workshop.

From here, if you downloaded it you need another step, it's just to add the folder of the mod you want to add here :
Like you did when you installed this modpack.

then, you need to activate it in game - for both steam subscribe and direct download, doesn't matter-. You NEED to reload the complete game EVERY time you add/remove mod by stopping & restart the game  completely.

Then just play as usual. That's it; exactly the same as usual. If you still don't get it, ask google, any tuto will do it.


After a look at your link, all the error you get (I have them too) can be ignored, they are harmless.