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I'd love to be able to intercept raids while they're travelling to my base.
Not to add fuel to the fire here but they're definitely working on something. You can see a private branch being updated regularly on steamdb. Some speculate it's a multiplayer update, some think it's a regular DLC like royalty. Time will tell.
I'd like to see some variation in raider objectives. As it is at the moment they only seem to want to cause damage at random. I think it'd be neat if they targeted a specific pawn for kidnapping so you had to protect (or choose to surrender) that pawn. Or maybe they want to steal one of your legendary items or something.

I know people are going to tell me I'm wrong but I find caravans all round to be pretty tedious. I basically avoid them and use drop pods if I have to.
 I restrict my pawns to the infirmary using an area when they're sick. I have a pawn with a title that's sick and he keeps trying to reign from his throne, which he can't reach, so he just stands on his bed instead of resting.

Not 100% sure if this is a bug or just a quirk of circumstances but this log has been repeatedly throwing a lot of red at me so I thought I should post it. Log file attached.
I've had a similar issue with the horseshoes pin, pawns never seem to face it when using it, no matter where it's placed.
Bugs / [A16] Needs tab causes severe FPS drops
January 02, 2017, 10:57:12 AM
I get almost crippling lag when opening the needs tab of any pawn. Any other tab is fine, health and social and all that don't cause any issues, but the moment I click on needs the game slows down, sometimes to as low as 18 FPS, even when paused.  Some pawns are worse than others but I haven't noticed if it's related to a specific moodlet.

Occurs in an unmodded Alpha 16 colony that wasn't carried over from a previous version and persists after closing and reloading. I should also say that "Lavego" is the worst offender I've found.

Link for save file:
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
December 13, 2016, 04:59:53 PM
Different kinds of infestations but less intense than bugs. For instance, rat infestations that don't attack players but do set up nests near food stockpiles or corpse dumping areas.
Not sure if these have been mentioned yet but I'm having some major issues with mental breaks and addictions/drug binges.

I've got two pawns that keep having mental breaks (sad wander) despite not being particularly stressed burdened. They'll literally snap out of one break and go straight into the next, the stacking of Catharsis in addition to the bonus from a party doesn't seem to help at all. This might be related to their addictions/withdrawal symptoms as both pawns are addicted to Cocaine or Alcohol, but they've never used those and I've not even seen any on the map yet.

Also I have one guy constantly going on Luciferium binges despite me not actually having any Luciferium at all. I haven't even had a chance to start making drugs or beer yet.
Mods / [Mod Request] Pierson's Puppeteers
August 25, 2015, 05:41:36 PM
It's unlikely anyone will take this up as it's a pretty niche request, but why not.

So, Pierson's Puppeteers are a race of intelligent herbivorous aliens from Larry Niven's Known Space series. Details are on the Wiki page for a rough idea of what they look like and how they act.

I'd like to see them as rare wanderers/escape pod survivors that can join or be recruited to the colony. Rather than just giving regular traits and skills to some new art, they'd have features unique to their race that would be useful, such as a "tasp" which is a device they use to pacify other individuals and a powerful melee which they only use purely defensively (like when cornered) and never as a direct attack. Of course, they have flaws, like commonly being perceived as cowards and pacifists, so they'd generally be non-violent (except for the aforementioned melee), they eat no meat, only plants but don't have as much of an issue with nutrient paste as regular colonists.

Anatomically, they're quite different from most other Rimworld creatures. They have three legs (two front, one rear) and two "heads" with a mouth and an eye on each which they use for manipulation and as such have hands or arms. The brain being in the main body under a thick mop of hair. I think this would make for quite an interesting colonist when it comes to taking damage as it could lose a head and leg and still be able to move around and function. Maybe not as efficiently as a human, but more so than a human missing a head and a leg.

I'm not really one for using existing IP's but I'm a bit of a Niven fan so I thought it was worth a shot.