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Thank you for the hard work. I have kept the mod for the backpack as they don't cause many issues except they need manually emptied from time to time because of Job change or they are stopped from doing what they where doing.

I have not looked at the backpack.

3rd issue with carts is creating a drop area just for carts, by colony grabs them to drop off, but they all just started going around in circles with the cart in the drop area doing nothing else.

I guess I might as well see if the backpack does anything useful. I am really trying to like this mod.

have fun.

Edit: It looks like the Backpacks do haul more stuff and no issues yet. To me that is good news, will test more, but the carts need to go.

The bug is fixed where your colony won't do other things. GOOD

My first issue now is that they keep dropping the cart, going long distance to get the cart, then dropping it again. A whole lot of time is spent going after carts and dropping them places despite having a zone set to critical close by just for carts.

2nd Issue:
The cart seldom gets used. Once in awhile they will pick up 3 chunks instead of one, but most the time they grab a chunk and the cart is empty. I was hoping with the cart, they always would grab more than 1 item, but that is not the case even if the items are close together.

This coupled with them constantly dropping and picking up carts over a distance does not make the Mod extremely useful. They spend a whole lot of time going after carts which could be half of the map. They don't drop the cart in it's storage spot where it's close by. They very seldom put things in the cart, just once in awhile.

It's a good concept, but overall with my colony traveling long distance to get a cart, then sometimes only picking up one item and not using the cart, this mod does not actually help hauling items faster.

Thank you for the Mod, but for now I have to pass.

I'll give it another go. Thank you for the quick response.
I don't understand the Mod. No errors, everything worked, as in making the carts and one backpack. My colony though stops hauling items altogether. I can right click and haul it that way, but they go idle unless I send them to an item.

Removing Hauling as any priority will stop them from being idle and go to a work bench or whatever their suppose to do.

Also with the cart they ignore the other items next to the item I send them to.

I was thinking the Mod might make them pick up multiple items, not stop them from Hauling altogether. They just go around with the car and look at clouds, visit graves and do anything else but work.

It could be I am just doing something wrong, but I had to remove the mod.
The concept is cool if I understood how it was suppose to work.

Have fun.