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A long time ago I was active in EFnet, later GEN (german elite network) and nowadays I'm kind of out of IRC completely.

Although, twitch actually has an IRC server for their chat, so I'm able to watch streams on my TV via Kodi and chat with the people via an IRC client, WITHOUT having to use the clunky twitch site at all. But yeah, it's still not an IRC network. At least not in the meaning of it.
It's only an exploit until Tynan figures out a solution, and I'm sure he will. He's that sadistic. =)
I changed my tactics to widespread turrets everywhere, yes, they are ugly, yes, they explode real quick, but they do their job and are rebuilt fast too. Not to forget the occasional IED from time to time for attackers to run into.

There is just a kill box in the main entrance, built in a way that especially melee attackers get killed or heavily injured by turret explosion, and everything else is solved with hide and seek.

Lots of work that way, lots of maintenance and it costs a lot of material, but my tailors work hard to make it possible. And, it's fun.
What if the boomalope's internal organ system is designed in a way that an explosive death is guaranteed and cannot be circumvented?

Wait for rain and shoot from a safe distance.

Rainy season = boomalope hunting/slaughtering season!
Though I have to agree, that some of the missions early are close to impossible, there are still enough that are quite easy. I snagged myself an infinite chem fuel generator. Whee!

Did some of you check the travel times recently? They are much lower than before. So rescueing someone that crashed a few tiles away = not an impossible thing.

Rescueing a hostage is another thing, bring mortars and shells (snagged from sieges on yourself at best.)
In version 1.0, that event: Corpse Obsessed. I laughed my ass off.

Obsessed pawn runs to the cemetery, digs up an rotten corpse and places it on the dining table 'to display it to everyone'.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

That's so hilarious. Whoever had that idea, thank you!
1. a raid running straight through a large on-map by default hive of bugs.

2. a raid running past a crashed ship that had been activated before with lots of centipedes with rockets

3. a heatwave basically killing a raid that decided to prepare for too long

There is a feature now, that pawns will restack stacks of items, like meat.

Example: I got 100 meat, one is a stack of 75, the other is a stack of 25. Now my cook comes and takes 5 of the meat to make a fine meal, then another pawn comes by and takes 5 of the 25 stack and adds it to the now 70 stack of meat to fill it back up to 75 meat. Both stacks are in the same storage area.

This may be fine at first, but it really adds an additional job that is NOT required at all, especially when you set someone to priority hauling over everything else, and have him do other work after hauling is done. Adding that haul job every few seconds = not useful.

Dear Tynan, please add an option to disable 'restacking' on the storage settings itself.
Sticking around with that one since ... 1997. Used mostly in online gaming back then, as in Kingpin: Life of Crime, Unreal Tournament (99), Quake 3 Arena, RB6 - Rogue Spear, ... and so on, GOOD old times! You younger lads really missed the best times of online gaming!

Later on I changed it to something different, depending on game. But I mostly stick to that one in forums nowadays.
Some volcano eruption nearby and lava/magma flowing slowly into the map, burning everything. Dependent on where your 'colony' is you either are lucky or just doomed.

Off-Topic / Re: Your maniacally played games.
January 19, 2018, 05:41:44 AM
Just took a look at my Steam stats:

Factorio - 549h
GalCiv III - 364h
Fallout NV - 355h
Falout 4 - 348h
XCom:EU - 324h
X3:AP - 196h
Though I have to add, for Factorio and Fallout NV you can literally double the time since there was a time before I added these to Steam. For X3:AP you can even take these ~200h on Steam and multiplay them with 10 (minimum), from a pre-Steam time for it.

Additional, there's System Shock 2, which is always on the disk.
That's why going turrets and mortars is quite a bit important. Those EMP shells are life savers.

It's always a challenge early on. But manageable, except you're unlucky and the centipedes come with rockets.
General Discussion / Re: tornado sucks
December 11, 2017, 01:37:44 AM
Quote from: Morrigi on December 10, 2017, 10:27:48 PM
I agree. As someone who lives in tornado country, the typical natural warning for tornadoes in real life is a very severe thunderstorm and often the sky turning an eerie greenish color. In terms of game mechanics, there should be some kind of event warning before it happens (maybe make it give occasional false positives during thunderstorms) and there should be an on-map shadow of a funnel cloud before it touches down, since we can't exactly see the sky very well.

But this is not Earth. Different rules may apply here.

It's even fun when you start on a map and after a few days in a tornado goes right through an 'ancient danger' building ... but hey, that's RNG for you.

Accept it as it is, it's adding fun.
Did you, by chance, use your storage room as a temporary 'prisoner' cell (since it's often the only quick accessible closed room, especially early game, when having the chance to capture someone), and not removed the prisoner's sleeping spot? If yes, then all the food there is 'reserved for prisoners'.

Maybe take a look.
General Discussion / Re: Mortars: any good?
July 06, 2017, 09:37:08 AM
Let me put it that way: I use mortars as soon as I researched them.

Sometimes, they wreck a siege with a lucky hit, sometimes they wreck an incoming raid with a good hit, and sometimes they just waste their ammunition.

If you want to use them: do so, if not, don't. I'd love to see them in later versions too, not perfect yet still devastating if they hit. It's a good balance.

Regarding shell costs: buy them off traders, saves lots of hassle.