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Hmm... Does difficulty affects the drop pod event? I just started to play on basebuilder difficulty with recent patches  and first it was lot's of fish, now alomost 100 circuitry. I'm not sure what is it need for, but considering how many ingridients it is used to make some, I assume it was a rich gift.

DELETE all the previous mod out of the mod folder, before you unzip/copy the new ones.
Except "Core" of course. And if deleted don't forget to exctract it from game distrib.

Don't know if I'm super lucky or a bug it is. I got single "drop pods" with seasnake with total amount around 3*75. Butchering 4 seasnake give around 32 seasnake filets, which is a normal meat for cooking. I don't convert everything but if I calculate I got around 3*75*32/4 =  1800 meat, which equals to around 22.5 human corpses.

I'm not sure how it all works but it seems strange that seasnake has market value - 1.78, and seasnake filet - 2.5

Why the heck Nexusmods knows about 1.8c, and Ludeon Forum doesn't? Not cool, man, not even close to that... >:(
He just forgot to update text. The link is for 1.8c

Erm... 1.8b looks more like 1.9. There is no more starting loads of steel bars (as well as chips, glass, turret weapons and ammo). To build my first simple door I need spare parts and wood planks.
Now I don't know how should i start my ice colony. Carry as much as i can and then conservate myself in mountain? Impossible as there is no log walls. Looks like I have to deconstruct some relict walls first. After that (if my colonist don't freeze to death) I'm not sure if I have enough starting wood to build sawmill and make some kindling for campfire and then wood planks for stonecutter table.

Yeah I know it's hardcore pack, but I think it became too much hardcore in 1.8b.

I found a solution to the problem of automatic power shutdown. So... in 1.8b all tables can work with this ability  :D
Hmm... Was 1.8b released? I don't see any link.

Looks like butcher table is bugged as other structures require much less materials (less than 1.7?).

But surprisingly raw mushrooms are able to feed my 5 colonists, anyway I'd better start butchering dead raiders to get leather.

Comm console require 0 power. So on one hand it doesn't work without power source. On other it's possible to charge battery a bit and then turn off power station.

Upd. Strange costs again. Heater: 5 steel parts, 2 spare parts, 1 mechanism. Small heater: 8 steel parts, 3 spare parts, 1 mechanism.

I got a Vancidium butcher table, a Silver fishing pier. Both need "parts" i never saw before not bar's. Can't change building mats for these.
You did tried to right-click icon to change to material you have, do you?
I've built assembly workbench, made some steel parts and then can change material for everything I've researched (Crafting II).

The other question is the cost of building. For example butcher table (I'm playing in snow mountain so use steel): 64 steel parts + 1 spare part. not only it's a huge numver of raw steel, but also a lot of work to do (steel parts are made of spare parts and steel bars, spare parts are made of steel bars, steel bars are made of steel).

Mushrooms are not enough and I can't butcher anyone, so I guess everyone dies soon.

Just a question, did you even tryed to play your mod for testing ?

I got a Vancidium butcher table, a Silver fishing pier. Both need "parts" i never saw before not bar's. Can't change building mats for these.

When i enable god mode, and check other working tables, i see alot more of these "parts".
I think you need to overwork your Mod.
Not playable at moment !
You did tried to right-click icon to change to material you have, do you?

Just started myself and looks like status icons (something like colonist freezing) gone.

WOW!!! That's supergreat thing!

And I know how to make it uber-supergreat (if you ever have time for this) - show somehow buildings that are unlocked with each research. Either on big picture or in info box for selected tech.  ::)

Depleted uranium coffee machine? Sounds tasty!

Hope there will be descriptions for all new stuff. I still don't know what Onion router for.

And it looks that there will be so much production tables that maybe it's possible to make additional 1-2 category instead of just "Production"?

By the way - there are 2 industrial heaters now. Not sure if they both work.

And coal burning plant (fuel also, but not stated) IMHO eats fuel too fast. Something like 0.1% per second. So in 16 minutes of real time you lose stack of fuel or coal.

And in the long run I think temperature generation should be reworked somehow. In my current base I rely mostly on 6-8 campfires, while 6 heaters use lots of electricity, but give low temp.
Ducts are also questionable: 1x6 room with bed - door on one side and duct on other. "Outside" indoors have 18-21C, the room inside it 6-10C (Real outside temp is around -40/-60C).

Releases / Re: [A11] Miscellaneous w MAI (V 1.11.3 / 25.06.2015)
« on: June 29, 2015, 03:35:36 PM »
Hi! Rumors of ruins is a great feature but it's a bit unclear what does colonist selection affects. I think I had it twice and it was worth it to send colonist, but having him missing for several days was troublesome. So does it worth it to send more than one colonist and do his attributes/gear affects the result?

I'am working last three days on my new realistic production chain + chemical industry mods as expansion pack to Superior Craft.
Great! Will production buildings realisticaly generate heat? And have auto standby mode to not consume electricity while not in use?  ::)


I got this when i loaded up for the first time. New world newest version.
I'm not pro, but list of mods looks small. Haven't you forgot to update modconfig.xml?

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